Going Home: The Mountains of Utah

Living far away from home. It makes you reflect on and realize the things that truly matter, the things that make your heart sing, and the places from which you seek refuge and comfort.

This post comes from our blog intern, Monica!

The mountains are my comfort. They are walls of an ancient kingdom, surrounding the valley in which I was raised. Day after day, for over twenty years, finding inspiration was instant — all I would have to do was look up. I grew up roaming fields of wildflowers, hiking amongst crisp leaves and skiing on fresh blankets of snow. The mountains have always been one of my closest friends. We’ve grown together, flourished even, with seasons of the earth changing like the seasons of life.IMG_0226IMG_0219Each season brings a refreshingly mystical ambiance, but there is a little extra magic this time of year. That magic is everywhere and, although I may be a little biased, it is especially abundant in the mountains. Because of the high elevation, the leaves turn more quickly, with the colors changing practically overnight. Although the temperatures dip a bit lower, autumn feels warm. Not the kind of warmth that sets in around mid-July — the kind of warmth that lights a fire within my soul, unmatched during any other season, the kind of warmth that can’t be dulled by chilly weather. The kind of warmth found only in my home, the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.


The mountains are a paradox — constantly reminding me of how small I am, while commanding me to stand tall and strong. They have taught me to appreciate the simple pleasures of life, to see beauty in things that others may not, to never stop exploring. Their beauty is endless, changing around every peak and hill. The mountains are my muse.


I’m a big believer in stepping outside of my comfort zone to learn, grow and explore. Although moving away from all I’ve ever known has pushed me to grow, I’ll always find comfort in the place where it all began. Finding myself in a place I’d lived for ages all started by simply going home.IMG_1312

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  1. What a beautiful post. I find inspiration near the sea. It is what I can call home, I think. But my heart does smile in a beautiful forest (this is a pleonasm sorry, there are no ugly forest!). These pictures are breathtaking and your words warm like Autumn.

    Just a note: I know that now is very popular to add gifs to the posts but when it is such a meditative post like this and the pictures are so naturally beautiful I find them distracting.

  2. Thank you for a wonderful post and for sharing your beautiful photos. There is nothing like ‘being home.’ I recently spent time going back to my home. Spending time at the lake where I swam as a child, where I find great comfort in the familiar, where I married my husband. Even though I am not always there, knowing of the beauty and history of that place comforts me.


  3. I used to live in Salt Lake City, and nothing makes me miss it more than seeing these beautiful shots of the mountains. They never stop taking your breath away! They’re my endless inspiration. <3 Such a great post!!

  4. This place is BREATHTAKING and the photography is stunning. You are so lucky to call it home! I can feel your love for the mountains in your words & it warms my heart. No matter where you go or how old you are, home is always a special place.

  5. The place from which I sprang is the exact opposite to your majestic mountains – the level expanses of the Netherlands, with skies big enough to get lost in, and waters like melted mercury mirrors, ever reaching to touch either side of the horizon.

    But just like you, the older I get, the more I value circling back to the places we used to call home. The comfort of knowing that, no matter what, that landscape will always be there for us to renew our faith.

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