Locals Only

The year was 1975. The place was California. The scene was for locals only.

We use the word inspiration a lot. We feel inspired by something and it causes a reaction in us, most notably excitement. But what is inspiration, really? Is it merely the act of becoming excited? Or something more?

When I saw the “inspiration” for our latest styling story, Locals Only, my heart skipped a beat. My eyes widened and I let out an audible “oooof.” I immediately felt connected to it. I was more than excited. I wanted to learn more.

After finding myself racing down the inevitable rabbit holes of online image-searching, I came across a collection of photos from 1975 called Locals Only. I clicked a few more buttons and found myself more deeply enamored by the pictures there. The photographer — Hugh Holland. His muse — skateboard culture in California, circa mid 1970s.

He first stumbled upon his subjects skating Laurel Canyon’s carved-out ditches. He immediately became infatuated with the skaters’ agility and finesse, and began to document them for the next three years. From the canyons to Venice Beach and all the way up to San Francisco, Holland captured this emerging phenomenon and its cool California style to match. The blonde-haired, tube-sock-wearing youth were beginning to skate everything from drained pools to empty parking lots. Skate tricks on the boardwalk in order to impress girls in bikinis quickly became commonplace. The vibe was cool and playful, oozing with that California soul.

It was an era like no other. It was, quite simply, inspiration in real time.








Thank you, Mr. Holland, for capturing such a youthful and magical time in California history.

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  1. I love these. My folks were in their 20s in the 70’s – how I would have loved to see this era through their eyes.
    I’ve been finding inspiration in little home details, rearranging my succulent pots, moving artwork around the walls, turning my daughter’s room a different direction and buying a new vase. Little details help reignite my creativity this time of year.


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