Hydrate Faster With Pickle Juice

Drinking a bit of pickle juice is proven to help hydration and prevent muscle cramps. Believe it? We do. 

Call me crazy, but I swear this works.

Have you ever taken a bite out of a pickle and been instantly refreshed? Maybe I’m biased because pickles are one of my favorite snacks, but there is some solid truth behind the talk that pickle juice is an effective rehydration tool. Allow me to explain…


How often is it that you finish off a jar of pickles, then sadly stare at the leftover juice inside, only wishing for the crunchy counterpart to magically appear once again? This is me, 100%. But I also enjoy the juice…maybe even as much as the actual pickle. I’ll admit that one of my soccer coaches growing up coerced me into giving pickle juice a try — not just for the salty taste, but because of its benefits for athletes.

Before each game, my coach would instruct us to drink pickle juice to stay hydrated throughout the match. The salty taste means lots of sodium, which you would think might only dehydrate one more, but it’s packed with a ton of electrolytes that are crucial for the body’s performance. As we sweat, water and nutrients are excreted through our pores. The sodium in pickle juice can help retain water, preventing dehydration during a workout or game. It replenishes the nutrients that are lost, and I personally prefer drinking pickle juice pre- and post-workout over other sports drinks that contain a lot of sugars. The body appreciates the acetic acid in the pickle juice more so than citric acid-laden sports drinks.


Pickle juice is also proven to prevent and get rid of muscles cramps faster than water. Studies have shown that pickle juice can rid cramps in 85 seconds! The vinegar in pickle juice is believed to activate nerve receptors in the throat and stomach, which then send out signals that disrupt the cramping of other muscles. Fun fact: the Eagles (think football) claimed that drinking a bit of this juice helped them beat the Cowboys in 110-degree weather.

I believe it.


If you’re curious about the powers of pickle juice, try drinking some before and after your next workout. You only need a little…a couple ounces will do the trick!


Shoutout to the Gary Ducket pickle boys for supplying me with pickles! Locally made in Philly…look for them if you’re in the area!

+Have you ever drank pickle juice before a workout? Did it work for you? Let us know in the comments below! 

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5 years ago

That is a very interesting proposition of yours, I’ve never actually heard of these benefits and I have never seen anyone drink pickle juice. That is such an extraordinary tip that I will sure try it next time!

5 years ago

I LOVE pickle juice!!

5 years ago

One caution though: those with problem stomach/dogestive problems, its acid can cause flareups.

5 years ago

Yes this works. I get a lot of muscle cramps and keep the juice handy to almost instantly stop them.

5 years ago

I’ve been drinking pickle juice for years and i swear by it. I also love apple cider vinegar. I drink that stuff right out of the bottle! ;)



5 years ago

it works. it also helps to deal with hangover – ask Russians =)

Katy Lohn
5 years ago

You would… You and your pickles.

5 years ago

I’m guessing you would have the same benefits from drinking the juice from sauerkraut…i’ve been trying to eat a lot more fermented vegetables as they are great for your digestion. I have some pickle and cabbage sauerkraut, and will definitely start drinking the leftover juices.


5 years ago

I second Pat. A friend of mine drank a glass a day and had severe stomach issues that started in middle school from the harsh acids.