Rock Icons

Let these timelessly stylish rock icons inspire this year’s Halloween ensemble. 

Every year, All Hallow’s Eve beckons us to ornament, decorate…embellish ourselves. And, with that, the usual suspects — vampires and painted witches — will be in attendance. But for us, we are channeling our inner-rock god. Legendary, stylish and ever-so-cool, these five men will be our guide.

Keith Richards, Jim Morrison, Mark Bolan, David Bowie and Freddie Mercury…all iconic in their own right. All pioneers. All rock n’ roll. All the time. So join us, and “costume” yourself in their legendary style. And the fun part? You can wear these outfits time and time again.

David Bowie – Has ever a man reinvented his look as often and as originally as he? David Bowie is glamorous, dapper and daring… \all at the same time.




Jim Morrison – Scandalous and edgy, sensual and cool…The Doors’ frontman is the epitome of rock style.




Keith Richards – Known for his effortlessly cool style, The Rollings Stones’ iconic guitarist has once said his famous look actually originated from his girlfriend, Anita Pallenberg’s, closet. “There was some page in Vogue, and I was a fashion icon. I was actually wearing Anita’s clothes…I pick up whatever’s around and put it on. […] I said to Charlie (Watts), ‘Look at that picture in Vogue and you’ll see the buttons are on the wrong side of the shirt. All I did was put on Anita’s clothes.’ ”





Mark Bolan – Oh, that hair, that makeup…that utterly perfect glam-rock look!



Freddie Mercury – A true performer, a voice like no one else, and style to boot…Freddie is an all-time great.



And now we’d like to announce a little (ok, big! BIG!) surprise for you. We are releasing — exclusively — Pearl Charles’ new video for her single, “Minds A Mystery,” off her new self-titled debut album. You may have recognized Pearl in our last two rock icon costumes as Mark Bolan and Freddie Mercury, and now we’re excited to show you Pearl as a rockstar herself. Check out the psychedelic and blues-rock video below.

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7 years ago

I’m in love with the David Bowie outfit, but I really like all of them. A very special idea to style as a rock icon!

7 years ago

Amazing inspiration! So iconic~

7 years ago

No women rock icons?

7 years ago

There are interesting jobs online

7 years ago

YOU NAILED IT – Great Job!

7 years ago

You guys should do a Joan Jett or Stevie Nicks inspired costume!! Or even Cherie Currie

fp joanna
7 years ago

Hi R and Wendy! Check out the female muses we did last year:
xx, Joanna

7 years ago

These are SO good. Obsessed with the David Bowie one especially!

7 years ago

Keith Richards stole his look from Brian Jones. Brian was the true style icon in the Stones!