Secret Beauty Weapon: Fat & The Moon’s Mermaid Mask

Meet a beloved beauty product that’s got both your skin AND hair covered…

Sitting pretty in my beloved beauty cabinet is a jar of Fat and The Moon’s Mermaid Mask. I’m a longtime fan of their natural beauty products – not to mention their awesome packaging – and could not wait to try out this gem and share it with you all.

This versatile mask can be used on your skin and hair, leaving both feeling fresh, hydrated and smooth. But don’t just take it from me. I turned to Rachel Budd, the wonderful creator herself, to tell us a little more about what makes this mask so special – and just how to use it.


Inspired by a raw dessert that went oh-so-wrong, this Mermaid Mask does your hair and skin oh-so-right.

Irish moss, honey, rhassoul clay and aloe vera hydrate and bask your bod in nutrients brought to you by animal (honey), vegetable and mineral. For the face, this mask tones and moisturizers at the same time with the combo of soothing Irish moss and drawing properties of the clay.


For centuries, Moroccan women have used rhassoul clay as a cleanser for both their bodies and hair. Rhassoul clay has a mild magic. It cleanses but doesn’t strip, delivers minerals but doesn’t leave behind a buildup.

Irish moss is a nutrient-rich seaweed that puts the mermaid in this mask. The mucilage that comes from adding water to Irish moss nourishes the skin and hair like a lozenge would soothe a dry throat. The Irish moss is what makes 1 tablespoon of this mask go so far – the consistency after mixing a tablespoon with hot water should be thin, enough to activate the mucilage our skin drinks up!

Honey lends an antibacterial hand, so it’s a perfect mask for pimples and dry skin combos. For the hair, Mermaid Mask softens while adding body, and dare I say an unearthly glow?

To get your own Mermaid Mask party started, take 1 tablespoon of dry mask and mix well with 1 cup of hot water, let thicken (the mask should be more of a runny texture, not like a mud) then apply to hair and/or face and leave on for a minimum of 20 minutes, then rinse off. The mask mix will stay fresh in the fridge for one week.


Thank you, Rachel, for sharing with us today – and for creating this incredible mask!

Get your Mermaid Mask here, and be sure to follow Fat and the Moon on Instagram!

Follow Brigette on Instagram, and have a look at her blog Hummusbird!

+We want to know your secret beauty weapons! Tell us in the comments! 

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8 years ago

I love their packaging! would be a perfect addition in any bathroom or vanity.


5 years ago

But you didn’t outlast the ingredients

5 years ago

Outlist the ingredients

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