The Five: Best Albums to Get You Ready For a Night Out

Going somewhere tonight? Here are our favorite five albums to get you ready for a night out on the town!

To say that music not only inspires, but also sets a tone, is not a surprise…actually, maybe it’s a matter of fact. Music has the ability to affect moods, arouse thinking and sometimes just simply excite. And that, beautiful people, is what this week’s “The Five” is all about: getting excited for a night out. Endless amounts of “party” mixes are swirling around out there, all with one goal in mind: to get you energized. They pump out songs by artists like Drake, Lady Gaga and various DJs — dance and club songs and remixes saturate the playlist. I appreciate the genre but sometimes I have a hard time listening to it outside of  the “party” atmosphere. So our list is going to be a little different. We’ve curated a lineup of our five favorite albums to get you ready for a night on the town, but can also listen to anytime you’d like (no high-heels required). No matter your destination, these albums will get you groovin’! Follow The Five on Spotify here.

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Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers: The self-titled, first album for the group was recorded in Hollywood in 1976.  Dubbed ‘heartland’ music, with a classic rock & roll sound with a side of blues, this record is perfect for any night-out situation. “American Girl,” “Breakdown,” and “The Wild One, Forever” will have you singing in no time.

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Stevie Wonder, I Was Made To Love Her: Now this is one feel-good record. Stevie Wonder’s voice always puts me in a good mood, but his 1967 release of I Was Made To Love Her is on a whole other level. A child prodigy, Stevie was signed to Motown label, Tamla, at the age of 11. He’s released more than 30 US top ten hits and has been nominated for a Grammy 25 times, more than any other male artist. I Was Made To Love Her is a soulful and friendly record, perfect for dancing around your apartment, twirling and singing…(or maybe that’s just me). Stevie’s voice on this album is younger but he tackles soulful hits such as “Please, Please, Please,” “I Pity The Fool” and “Respect.”

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A Tribe Called Quest, The Low End Theory: One of my favorite bands from when I was a teenager, A Tribe Called Quest, still gets me moving. Their authentic sound marries jazz and hip hop; their lyrics are smart, abstract, and funny. The group, consisting of MC/producer Q-Tip, MC Phife Dawg (Malik Taylor) and DJ/producer Ali Shaheed Muhammed, formed in 1985 and is regarded as one of the most influential hip hop groups to date. Low-key and bass-heavy, the 1991 release of The Low End Theory is Tribe’s second album and much more focused on social issues than the previous record.

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LCD Soundsystem, This is Happening: Is there a better song to get you excited than “Dance Yrself Clean?” The eight-minute song starts muted and timid but becomes a tidal wave of power three minutes in. Just like the aforementioned song, the entire album is absurdly fun, upbeat and amusing. The dance-punk group formed in New York City in 2001 and was fronted by James Murphy. I say “was” because the group disbanded in 2010, after releasing only three records. This is Happening was written entirely by Murphy. Put this album on, and try to sit still…I dare you.

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Bob Marley & The Wailers, Exodus: Bob Marley is always a good idea. When you’re prepping for a mellow night with close friends, Exodus is primo numero uno. The record, produced in 1977, includes hits like “Jamming,” “Exodus” and “One Love/ People Get Ready,” but also boasts beautiful songs such as “Natural Mystic” and “Three Little Birds.” The laid-back production sets the perfect tone. So throw the record on and set the needle — Exodus is just the start of your night.

+I know we all have that go-to album or artist that we listen to when we’re getting ready. Now I’d love to hear who your favorites are! Please share in the comments!

Keep your eyes peeled for the Holiday Vintage Loves collection (a sneak peek pictured at top) coming soon!

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I love all of these! Great diverse picks. I almost forgot about the amazingness that is LCD Soundsystem!

Listen to Age of AQUARIUS (1121) by Eleven Twentyone #np on #SoundCloud


Your Friendly Neighborhood on Soundcloud– great vibes to start a fall weekend