Tricks To Naturally Lengthen Your Eyelashes

This post originally ran on July 9, 2013, but we’re bringing it back to help you serve up a lash-tastic new you…

Mascara serves as an easy way to brighten up our eyes on a day-to-day basis. Which made us stop and think about eyelashes…and then wonder… what actually MAKES eyelashes grow (or appear that way)? Lashes naturally regenerate every 6 to 12 weeks, but if you’re in a hurry and want them to look and feel fuller, there are a few things you can try. And they’re natural! Results may not be immediately evident but, practiced regularly enough, your eyelashes should appear to lengthen and grow.

Luckily, many of the applicators/accoutrements mentioned here are common enough that you’re likely to already have them in your home, save for an eyelash curler (which can be purchased at any drug or makeup store). A quick tip about eyelash curlers: always curl gently, and use prior to applying your mascara to avoid weakening, crimping or breaking your lashes.

Olive/Coconut/Castor Oils

At bedtime, wash your face. A clean “slate,” free of makeup, is your best bet. Pour oil of your choice (or a mix of coconut and castor oils) into a small dish, about 5 drops’ worth. Dip a cotton swab into oil (without saturating it) and rub along your lashes. Get as close to the base (where your lashes meet your lid) as you can without getting in your eye. Repeat in other eye and leave overnight. Once you wake up, wash your face again. A nightly routine incorporating this method should result in thicker and longer lashes in just 2 to 3 months!

Lip Balm

Yes, using lip balm on your lashes can make them appear curlier. It is said that flavored balms work best, but consider doing a test patch before going full-on with any product near your eyes! Rub lip balm gently along your lashes through to the base. You can do this before bed or before mascara is applied. Then, curl your lashes with an eyelash curler several times after the balm is applied, but before mascara. This should help boost that curl!


The simple practice of brushing your lashes daily can help stimulate growth. Makeup-free mascara wands work best — gentle strokes through your lashes for no longer than 5 minutes should do the trick of removing loose lashes and strengthening those that remain!

AND! Instead of tossing your used mascara wands away, consider washing them with a mild soap and donating to #WandsForWildlife, where they will be used to clean insects and contaminants from our little woodsy friends.


+ Here for more natural eyelash products!


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7 years ago

I could totally use a little help in this department.

7 years ago

Great tips! Definitely going to try the olive oil. Love the little sparkles by the model’s eyes too!

7 years ago

The eyelash curler is a bad idea. It breaks off lashes in the long run~
The other things are definitely worth a try.

7 years ago

if you do use the eyelash curler, be gentle and make sure to use it BEFORE the mascara in the morning, otherwise you can put a crinkle in your eyelashes :)

7 years ago

Castor oil is a great natural substitute for Vaseline to lengthen eyelashes. It works really well too!!

7 years ago

bag balm has worked wonders for me!! keep those lashes hydrated. :)

7 years ago

grapeseed oil works too! like olive oil, it will take some time, but it works.

7 years ago

Coconut oil works too!

7 years ago

very cool! those prescribed lash enhancers scared me when it said it can discolor your eyes….there’s a natural remedy for everything imaginable :)

7 years ago

these are all new to me. never thought of vaseline… but since I have it at home, I’ll probably make use of it. well, thanks again. you really do wonders! :)

7 years ago

Or you can use coconut oil on your face and eyelashes before u go to bed..I have been doing this for a year now and i have very good lashes because of it. Read up on coconut oil on I’ve never been happier with my skin or eyelashes.

7 years ago

what mascara does she use? her eye lashes are so beautiful!

7 years ago

i tried that when i was in fifth grade. i applied it twice a day for a couple months.
Now im in high school and my mum and her stubby lashes are jealous and every girl keeps asking me if im wearing mascara.
Its worth it, honestly.

7 years ago

woowww ur eyelashes rock girl

7 years ago

will the oil on your lashes cause styes? im scared to try that if its a possibility

7 years ago

I’ve been trying to thicken & lengthen my lashes. I’ve been using castor oil. I take an old mascara wand & clean it really really well, & then just dip it into the oil & apply the oil onto my lashes as I would mascara, every night before bed. I haven’t been doing it very long, & I haven’t been doing it every night; so I can’t say that I’ve seen an improvement. But castor oil, or any oil (olive oil, jojoba, coconut, vitamin E oil, etc.) really, is good for your lashes because it strengthens them, therefore you get less lash-loss, which is good.

Great post! Will try the lip balm to get my lashes curlier.

7 years ago

Nice tips…Thanks for sharing numerous tips for lengthening of eye lashes….will try also.

7 years ago

Wow, great tip, I never tried this before…although I do brush my lashes, but not everyday…one thing I have tried and it works for everyone :))
are these lashes >
They are really good.

Trinity stommel
7 years ago

I might try lip balm!! :)

jazz pollard
7 years ago

Wow its a good tip for getting longer lashes…These are natural too and doesn’t have any side effects too so its good to go for natural tips instead of using those fake lashes…I found some eyelash enhancers at that are much more effective and no side effects at all…

7 years ago

Wow! Amazing tips and tricks. I was looking for it and see I got! I will definitely give it a try. I will go with that lip balm trick. Thanks for the post!

7 years ago

Hey, I am using castor oil and Vaseline for my eyelashes and they are doing fantastic. Just you have to show some patience and that’s it. Between, nice post!

7 years ago

Great article! Very useful tips, if you are having thin and short eyelashes.

7 years ago

Hi my name is Erin Hawkins and I am the owner of blog. I love your blog as well as the clothing line! I just wanted to share my link with you, where I took your advice about naturally lengthening my lashes :) thanks!

7 years ago

The Vaseline, lip balm and olive oil work.
But don’t curl your lashes cause they can get damaged and may fall off.