The Ultimate Guide to FP Me/FP Me Fall Challenge

Get the most out of your FP Me experience, courtesy of a few seasoned FP Me users! And read on to learn how you can win a $100 gift card!

This post comes from our Blog Intern, Monica, and our Engagement Intern, Cassi!

Our FP Me community has become something of a home sweet home. A place for people to share, connect, nurture, grow and learn. Many women within the FP Me world use it as a go-to in exploring personal style, as well as that of their fellow FP Me friends, and finding some pretty amazing photography, to boot. FOr those of you who are new to the community, or want to learn more, interns Cassi and Monica have compiled a checklist of how you can get involved and take some stellar FP Me pics!

Starting October 27th and running through November 10th, we are hosting a FP Me Fall Challenge, inspiring you to inspire us with great fall images for a chance to win a $100 gift card and a chance to be featured on the FP Instagram. For more details, click here!


1. Choose your favorite style!
Find an outfit or item in stores or online that really moves you. Step outside of your comfort zone, and have fun! And look to the FP Girls — Meadow, Lou, Sandy, Ginger and Candy —  for inspiration.

“For me, picking an outfit starts with one piece of clothing that I’m excited about, and it’s built around that. ” -Madeline (@Madagascar from FP Me)


2. Location, location, location
Find an AWESOME place to take your photos, whether it be in front of a faded plaster wall or a sunflower field! All it takes is a little research. Use social media to search hashtags and location tags, or plan a mini road trip with your friends for some on-the-road exploration. Incredible settings lie everywhere — so get up, get out and get shooting!


“For me, location plays a big role in my picture-taking. I love going on adventures and traveling so I try to emulate wanderlust in my pictures. I feel inspired to take cool pictures when I’m in a cool place. The best pictures I take are when I’m enjoying myself and my surroundings!” -Rachel (@FPRachelShapshak on FP Me)

3. Snap the photos!
Choose your camera: You can get fantastic images no matter your equipment — your phone, a point-and-shoot camera, a film camera, an instant camera or a DSLR. Use what you’ve got!


Go with friends: Most things are better in two’s. Bring a friend along to photograph you in your new duds. Dabble with different poses — walking, still, head-to-toe, cropped, profiles — since you can upload multiple images to any applicable FP Me product.

Photo tips: If you’re taking indoor shots, find a well-lit space with a lot of natural light. If you’re taking your photos in the great outdoors, try taking them during “golden hour” (golden hour is one hour after sunrise or one hour before sunset), or on an overcast day for the best lighting. Lighting makes all the difference in setting the mood and tone of your images.

4. Editing
You can edit your photos with either phone or computer applications, depending on your preference. Our favorite phone editing apps include VSCO, Snapseed and (of course) Instagram! It’s often best to start with a high-quality (non-pixelated) photo file.


VSCO: We love the F2 and S2 filters! If you want to splurge, try  the “Limited Edition” filter pack! Be sure to save your finished image in the largest file size possible or save as “Actual Size” to retain image quality!


Snapseed: Snapseed has been a staple on my phone for years. It can help you better fine-tune your images, adjusting specific spots within your photo and giving you a huge variety of editing options, from filters to transformation tools.


Instagram: We love IG because of the ability to create and publish your photography and connect with a community! There are so many options for editing, but our favorite filters are “Aden” and “Valencia”.

5. Upload & Tag
Make sure you check out the basics of FP Me, our guide to help you upload! Upload your FP Me photo to your profile, either via the Free People iPhone app or your desktop. You can upload directly from a trend page or product page. Next, tag the products you are wearing. You can do this by locating the product name in the search bar. Become a part of the trend by choosing a featured online trend and hashtag. Using trends **link out and hashtags will give your photo more exposure and, therefore, more people to get to know! For the FP Fall Challenge, hashtag #FallingForFPMe before November 10th for a chance to win a $100 gift card to Free People, PLUS the chance to be featured on our Free People Instagram!


Get the look: Night In Paris BeretLoyal Light Knee SockSlouchy Vegan ToteAgneta Clog


Get the look: Sherpa Bonded Denim CoatEmbroidered Fable DressCanyon Fringe PendantMccall Heel Boot


Get the look: Tatiana PulloverHigh Rise Roller SkinnyCompass Cuff BeanieGarden Route TieRiders Kilty Brogue

6. Be A Part of the FP Me Community!
There’s so much you can do! Get to know your fellow FP Me users. Invite your friends to join and share in your inspiration. Comment, like and explore to connect and grow with the FP Me community!


“I have connected with so many creative and authentic people. It has been an awesome place to find style inspiration as well as share some of my own ideas. Everyone who is a part of this community loves Free People; that in itself is common ground, giving people comfort in expressing their style and being unique.” – Tessa (@Tezzamb on FP Me)


A big thanks to our FP Me girls, Tessa (Instagram & FP Me), Madeline (Instagram & FP Me), and Rachel (Instagram & FP Me)

We can’t wait to see what YOU create and upload to FP Me!

+What’s your favorite part of FP Me? Let us know in the comments! 

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8 years ago

Neat idea, maybe i’ll try that out!

8 years ago
8 years ago

I agree, location is everything, and not just when it comes to photography :-)

8 years ago

Definitely doing this! <3

8 years ago

What is that first white dress in the set of 3?! so stunning

8 years ago

I would love to know what graphic design software y’all use:)?


8 years ago

if I can’t afford the clothes but only dream of wearing them, can I create a mood fashion board through polyvore but with only FP clothes ?

8 years ago

Love everything! Great style and quality.

5 years ago

Great style and great photos.