5 Weekend To-Do’s, Inspired By Our New Vintage Collection

Looking for something to do this weekend? Our new Vintage collection might just show you the way to a good time! 

Another weekend is soon upon us — hooray! But, therein lies the always-lingering question, “what should we DO?” If you are anything like me, you find yourself nearly every Thursday in this inevitable predicament. Come Friday, you’re scouring event calendars, sending mass texts, checking movie times. Guys, don’t fret! As I was scrolling through the incredible new Vintage Loves collection, Studio Sirens, this week, I felt more than encouraged. Studio Sirens inspired ideas for me like The Fleet Foxes or a Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young concert. So, here we go, five things to do this weekend…


Get the look: Vintage 1970s Love T ShirtVintage 1970s Bell Bottoms

Play music.

Is there anything in the world more freeing than being immersed in live music? What if YOU’RE the one creating the sounds? I’ll go ahead and answer with you…nope, not really. This weekend, let’s play music! It doesn’t matter if it’s a vintage keyboard, drums, your boyfriend’s guitar, or a music shop’s bongos — just get out there and try it. Or why don’t you engineer a jam session in your living room with friends?


Get the look: (left) Vintage 1970s Jumpsuit,Vintage Leather Biker Hat (right):Vintage 1970s Denim Shortall

Add to your vinyl collection.

Record shopping is a refreshing thing, but sometimes it can seem a little daunting. So, what do you say…wake early on Saturday, spin your favorite record, read a music blog (like this one!), and head out the door with your renewed excitement for music. Grab a coffee on-the-go and march yourself to the nearest record store. Take your time, browse…look at the sleeves, pull the record out, thumb the sale bin. Converse with the shop owners and ask them questions… sometimes you’ll find that they are the most intriguing people with (very) amusing stories.


Get the look: Vintage 1970s Yamaha Tee, Vintage 1970s Bell Bottoms


Get the look: (left) Vintage 1880s Cadet JacketVintage 1970s Bell Bottoms, Vintage Leather Belt (right) Vintage 1920s Lace Shirt

Take a walk in your neighborhood…and really look at everything.

Holy ground, stomping ground, community…whatever we call it and as much as we love it, how often do we really go out and explore it? I recently had to walk a few extra blocks to my car the other day and realized the hill on which I live is actually quite pretty…when I opened my eyes to see it. Beautiful trees and art deco homes line the streets, while the scent of jasmine fills the air. So often we find ourselves racing through our familiar neighborhood without taking notice. This weekend take a leisurely walk (sans cell phone) around your neighborhood and allow yourself to be taken aback. Tip: Walk slowly, look up, seek out nooks and explore just a little further than where you were planning to go.


Get the look: Vintage 60s Seqin Mini Dress, Outerbanks Ankle Boot


Plain and simple…just go do it. When was the last time you hauled your friends to the bowling alley, rented those awesomely retro shoes, ordered a dirty martini and bowled the night away? I know, me too…way too long. Well, how ’bout it?…meet you there?


Get the look: FPV 1970s Velvet Tank, Vintage 70s Wideleg Pants, Outerbanks Ankle Boot



…with friends…by yourself…at a show…or in your room. Just dance. It’s the weekend, for goodness’ sake.


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+What are you doing this weekend? I’d love to add to this list — leave your ideas in the comments!

Photos by Graham Dunn. Photo assistance by Collin Levin. Modeled by Julie Beekman. Hair by Tony Vin. Makeup by Jenna Kristina.

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8 years ago

Playing some board games with a bunch of good friends!

8 years ago

I Love love love the striped pants in the first picture!