Book Club: M Train by Patti Smith, Final Discussion

Join the final discussion of M Train by Patti Smith…

We all have dreams. Whether we remember them or not. Some fleeting on cat feet, soft and wispy, leaving behind a flash of an image barely discernible in the early morning light. Others more defined. Goals we strive towards, blinders on, determined hearts beating from our chests as we reach and stretch in an effort to reach them. In a sense, M Train by Patti Smith is a book of dreams. Dreams of what once was, dreams of what could be. Dreams in a more literal sense, movie reels of cowboys and their counterparts (side note: did anyone else picture Sam Elliott every time The Cowboy popped up?) leading Smith through the maze of her own slumbering sub-conscious.

Fittingly, I turned the final pages of this simple and surprising book while sitting in a cafe in a small town in Pennsylvania. It’s one I don’t expect to visit again, fleeting but worth remembering for the murmur of conversation that filled the air. Locals chatting with locals, an inquisitive shopkeeper inquiring if the waitress still had that boyfriend (she did), coffee being poured, the chime of silverware against plates and bowls. As I sipped my third cup of coffee for the day, I thought of Smith. Of a woman so known and easily recognized, who’s accomplished so much but just as easily admits to what didn’t come to fruition. Dreams allowed to pass, to just exist as what they were. Beautiful visions of an alternate future, present, and past.

Did you read M Train? What are your thoughts? Please share in the comments!

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7 years ago

I have yet to read something by Patti Smith, maybe I’ll start with this book :)
Victoria | Chronicles of a Mermaid

7 years ago

I love reading and it sounds like such an amazing book!! My dreams aren’t always remembered but when they are it’s all i think about all day!!x

7 years ago

M Train is one of the best books I’ve read in a while. It is a book that sucks you in. Just as Patti talked about being transported into Murakami’s world…we are transported in to hers. Her writing is so rich. So hypnotic. So full of life. I love her enthusiasm for all things. In a day where most people are ashamed to talk about their passions, Patti is a light in the darkness.
x Kirby