The Playlist Every Thanksgiving Party Needs

Let the good times (rock ‘n) roll with our Thanksgiving playlist! 

I’ve taken part in many an interesting Thanksgiving celebration…from absurdly chaotic (and downright fun) family reunions to Friendsgivings spent watching football and chomping Whole Foods take-away. I even spent one lonely Thanksgiving eating cereal while on the phone with my family hundreds of miles away. But no matter how different (or secluded) the festivities might be, I could always count on one thing — music.

Holiday music is celebratory, therapeutic and nostalgic…all at the same time. My heart always seem to grow softer a little softer as the holidays roll around, and a good playlist is the perfect companion. You won’t find “Christmas” music on this list; rather, good background tunes to accompany a friend-filled dinner or in your car traveling to see your family. So enjoy this mix for your Thanksgiving holiday — turn it up loud and dance in the kitchen as you cook, or play it soft as you go round the table sharing what you’re grateful for.

Get in on the action by sharing what song you’d like to see added to the mix. Happy Thanksgiving all!

Photo by Tina Deleon.

+Follow the Spotify playlist here and share your song recommendations in the comments below!

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8 years ago

Love the playlist! Having music in the background is so relaxing. Its also helpful when your not sure what to talk about with family members.


8 years ago

SO GOOD! Following on Spotify :)