FP LOVES: Go Behind The Scenes & Get To Know The Girls (Video Included!)

Some of our favorite FP Me users from across the country gathered in Philly to star in our FP Loves Campaign!

The FP Me FP Loves shoot felt like a dream. We met one another over a breakfast of fresh scones, croissants, fruit and mimosas, after which the hair and makeup team worked their magic and made us feel like a million bucks. Next came the styling — one of my favorite parts of the day! With the help of that incredible team, as well as an entire room of FP clothes to choose from — not to mention a wall of countless shoes, it felt like wonderland. We were so inspired to add our own personal touches when outfitting. Thanks to the creative team, we took over the studio set, modeling and dancing the day away. As our day drew to a close, I realized I had made four new best friends.



LOOK 4 1096edit

Name/Location/What do you do?

Monica / Philadelphia / BLDG25 blog intern

Why do you love FP?

I love that FP brings people together for more than just fashion! I’ve met so many fantastic people from every facet of Free People, whether it be FP Me, FP Escapes or here in the Home Office.  

What was your favorite outfit of the day/why?

I loved Michelle’s flowy dress and vegan leather jacket combo — it moved so effortlessly and fit her style to a T.

How was your experience with the shoot?/Best moment of the day?

Every moment was enchanting — I couldn’t have asked for a better day. The highlight was meeting the other FP Me girls and hanging out, dancing, eating, laughing and playing dress-up with old and new friends!

What are your 3 favorite FP pieces/why?

Oh my goodness, it’s so hard to choose just three! I have to pick the Skyline Chunky Beanie, Sequin Ballet Brief, Constellations Weekender!



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LOOK 5 1403edit

Name/Location/What do you do?

Tessa Barton / SLC, UT / photographer, musician, artist and adventurer

Why do you love FP?

Free People echoes everything I love — a colorful lifestyle that allows one to express herself through style while also feeling confident and comfortable. 

What was your favorite outfit of the day/why?

No question — I am a sucker for sequins! I got to wear the Magic Garden Party Dress. It’s a dress that speaks for itself, like being in a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that you found sifting through piles of vintage. 

How was your experience with the shoot?/Best moment of the day?

The shoot was amazing…so inspiring to be with so many different creative souls and seeing the clothes transform through each person’s point of view. My favorite part of the day was our impromptu dance party — we all looked ridiculous but it was a blast! 

What are your 3 favorite FP pieces/why?

Bell bottoms any and all! – these are legendary and never go out of style. Everyone should own a pair, and none fit better than FP’s.

The Cecile Ankle Boot– they go with EVERYTHING! 

Sweet Thing Tunic– you can dress it up or down — it’s comfortable yet sweet! 

The Hooded Quilted Coat – talk about one-of-a-kind amazingness that makes any outfit a 10, while keeping you warm in the winter! (Heart eyes!) 


Free People

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LOOK 1 0016edit

Name/Location/What do you do? 

Michelle Collins / Brooklyn, NY / Office Assistant/Blogger Assistant

Why do you love FP?

Free People is who I am without trying, I love that I can embrace myself and find things that match my style. 

What was your favorite outfit of the day/why?

The First Kiss Dress — I have it in another print and I love the flow of it every time I move. 

How was your experience with the shoot?/Best moment of the day?

The experience was great (as usual). My favorite part was dancing with the girls (for the camera) and the group shots.

What are your 3 favorite FP pieces/why?

Vegan Leather Pull On Leggings I get the leather look without any animals being harmed in the process 😀

The Solid Low Back Cami I love the low back…all about the low back. 

FP One Lola Maxi Set I love crop top sets…I could wear them all year! It shows the right amount of skin. 



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LOOK 2 0003edit

Name/Location/What do you do?

Lauren Engel / New York City /graduate student and Free People Stylist.

Why do you love FP?

I love FP because of its variety. If you want to be 70’s inspired, you’ll find something.  If you want to rock a city chic look, you’ll find something. That’s the beauty of the brand — there is something for every type of woman. 

What was your favorite outfit of the day/why?

Probably the set, because it was the outfit I styled myself and I feel the most like myself when I’m wearing something I pick out. The fit and color are amazing! 

How was your experience with the shoot?/Best moment of the day?

Hmmm…I would have to say I loved when we got to dance around to Justin Bieber, because…Justin Bieber! And these girls are amazing. It was so great to spend an entire day with these beauties! 

What are your 3 favorite FP pieces/why?

Keep Me Tee dress

The Cross Coin Jacket 

The New Frontier Boot



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LOOK 3 0700edit

Name/Location/What do you do?

Christina Shields / New York City / Digital Content Creator/ Fashion Photographer

Why do you love FP?

I love Free People because of its community — empowering women to follow their dreams, travel and embrace a free spirit.

What was your favorite outfit of the day/why?

My favorite outfit was the fringed vest and flared jeans. This outfit brought out my inner boho style and is something I would love to wear, but don’t wear as often as I should! 

How was your experience with the shoot?/Best moment of the day?

I loved the day from start to finish. It was fun to step outside of a normal day and be in front of the camera!  We were able to style looks and then be photographed by the incredible FP creative team. I think the best part of the day was when we we danced for the video. 

What are your 3 favorite FP pieces/why?

I’m obsessed with Free People’s boot selection. Platform, over the knee, bootie, you name it — it’s amazing.  

The Port Royal Over The Knee Boot

Simply Velvet Slip

Bri Bri Leather Belt



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See more of the shoot here!

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