Free People & The Chalkboard Magazine Partner Up!

This month we kick off a collaboration with one of our favorite wellness sites, The Chalkboard Magazine. 

I think we can all agree that we want to be the healthiest versions of ourselves – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. We make valiant attempts to stay the course on the road to natural well-being. We read articles on the best all-natural beauty regimens, research the healthiest vegan dinner recipes, and practice meditation according to our tailored Google searches. It’s a hard road, one with many turns and moving parts. We slip and sometimes get lost on the journey. But it’s ok! That’s when I am grateful to turn to The Chalkboard Magazine.

The Chalkboard is uber-popular and pioneering juice brand Pressed Juicery’s editorial platform for readers interested in all things wellness. The site researches, rounds up and reports the newest and truest in healthy living. “With a mix of expert insights, healthy recipes, natural beauty picks and toxin-free living ideas, our team’s goal is to inspire you to live well. Our features focus on everyone from health experts to style stars, food bloggers to our own juice cleanse customers. Learn and be inspired by others as we set out on this wellness journey together,” TCM states.

Today, I was able to catch up with the Chalkboard’s Creative Director, Suzanne Hall, for an afternoon coffee in Venice Beach. Upon meeting her, I was taken aback by the shine of her natural light. Kind-hearted, quick-witted, and endlessly smiling, Suzanne excitedly talked of spreading the good word about wellness. It was easy to imbibe her passion and soon I was completely enamored with the idea of health and wellness…all over again.

Keep reading to learn more about Suzanne, The Chalkboard Magazine and Pressed Juicery. Check back in on Saturday as we begin our exchange with TCM, featuring various stories from the site.


The Chalkboard is a hub for all things health and wellness-based. How did it come into fruition?

The Chalkboard is “a guide to living well.” We’re an LA brand and highly attuned to the design-oriented culture we’re immersed in here. We’re actually Pressed Juicey’s lifestyle site, and we began with the goal of informing our customers about all there is to know about juicing and everything that goes along with it. That said, we love to present wellness in terms of the way it can improve our lifestyles in every way — mind-body balance, gorgeous green living, clean eating — all without sacrifice on that design ‘front’. It’s the same experience you get when you walk into one of Pressed Juicery’s gorgeous shops.

What can readers expect from The Chalkboard?

Our readers rely us on for both the latest and the most lasting in natural living. It’s important to me that we highlight things that feel both stylish and practical. The truth is, more of us are likely to stick to healthful living if it feels like a value add to our lifestyles! I love delving in to the natural beauty world — gorgeous products that are great for you. And to share the wellness habits of stylish celebs and tastemakers we admire.

Photo by Nutrition Shipped via TCM.

What does a typical day look like for you, as the Editorial and Creative Director?

There is no typical day! Beyond the daily green juice, coconut oil-infused coffee, and gallon of water, everything around here changes from week to week. Not a day goes by I don’t discover a new product, wellness protocol or food trend popping up somewhere here in California or right in my inbox. For me, it’s all about making sure only the most compelling, useful and beautiful discoveries make it on to the site!

What are some of your favorite articles featured on TCM?

So hard to choose! The Chalkboard has truly become an encyclopedia of wellness resources for me. I pass on useful links to friends daily depending on what’s going on in their lives and depend on it myself when I need to recall condition-specific information. I love some of our green beauty round-ups most. Perfume is a product some us forget can carry harmful ingredients — therefore, this round-up is truly incredible.
Our curation of cookbooks for clean holiday cooking (and gifts!) is pretty amazing as well this year. Eating healthfully can be totally luxe — this collection of books is proof.

What’s next for The Chalkboard Magazine? Any exciting new projects you can give us a sneak peek of?

The holidays are here and taking over! Every year, we love putting together our holiday gift guides. They’re packed with great finds from luxe artisan home goods to crunchy natural staples — we love listing out those often overlooked holistic gifts, alongside up-and-coming artisan items that thrill to give or get.

Photo by Kat Page

Ok, Suzanne, time for the fast round of questions. Answer quickly and candidly!

What’s the best part of your day? That first break after a productive rapid-fire email session in the morning and the goodness of the day spanning ahead. That, or the moment my husband pours me a glass of wine if we’re at home for the evening.

Favorite way to unwind? Chatting it out with one of my best friends.

Coffee or tea? Good espresso — with grass-fed butter and MCT oil! So good for metabolism, brain health, energy, great skin. (Check this out.)

What would the soundtrack to your life be? Some soulful, sweaty southern gospel choir.

How would you describe yourself in three words? Energetic, clear, loving.

Favorite Pressed Juice? Greens 4 — packed with watercress, one of the most nutrient-dense foods on earth.

Favorite weekend escape? Just returned from a weekend in Big Sur — amazing.

In your opinion, where can you find the best all-natural meal in LA? Cafe Gratitude, hands down.

You could never live without… my journals, my loved ones, and all my weird wellness drinks.

What does “being free” mean to you? Extreme gratitude and continuous education.


Thank you, Suzanne, for a wonderful afternoon and for sharing your words of wisdom! Follow The Chalkboard Magazine on Instagram and keep up with Pressed Juicery. Photos from The Chalkboard Magazine.

+What health and wellness articles are you most interested in? We’d love to have your input!

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