Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of November 16–22

See how the stars are aligning for you in the coming week…

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October 23–November 21

The sun and Mercury align in Scorpio this week, combining vitality and communication, self-awareness and mental focus. You’re able to express who you are and what you’re thinking with plenty of energy, and you could also clarify something about yourself in your head. Next, Mercury moves on to your worth house, turning your attention to what you value in life. In the next few weeks, you might enter into financial negotiations, examine your material needs, define your personal priorities or ponder the state of your self-esteem. With Venus sparring with Pluto, you may become fixated on thoughts about a past love, or feelings of compassion for someone could compete with a darker view of them. You could crave control over a person or a relationship, but you’re better off loosening your grip.



November 22–December 21

A sun-Mercury meetup in the last house of your chart could shine a light on something in your subconscious this week, enabling you to work through it and move on. Finish looking back over the past year, and seek closure on any mistakes or hurts. Let go of regrets. With Mercury moving on to Sagittarius next, your mind will become more active and you’ll be more inclined to express what you’re thinking. You might also become a bit restless and get the urge to travel. A Venus-Pluto battle could spur a disagreement with a friend or a group, with money, values, possessions or priorities as the likeliest sources of contention. But as the sun enters your sign, the accompanying energy surge should revitalize and recenter you. Happy birthday!



December 22–January 19

The sun and Mercury join forces in your network house this week, enhancing your communication with friends and groups. This planetary combination can help you to express your identity and your ideals and establish a role for yourself. After Mercury sneaks into your seclusion sector, you’ll become more circumspect and feel more in tune with your intuition. Introspection and private study would be appropriate uses of this transit. With Venus in your ambition angle battling Pluto in Capricorn, your appeal with higher-ups may be temporarily marred by your compulsion to be in control, or personal changes could shift the nature of your reputation. As the sun enters the last house of your chart, your year begins to wind down, and you may need more rest and time alone.



January 20–February 18

The sun and Mercury come together at the top of your chart this week, helping you to shine publicly or professionally and to express your objectives. This is a good time for planning your career and talking to superiors. Mercury segues into your group zone next, nudging you to reach out to people and talk things over with friends. It may also be time to turn your attention to a new interest or goal. After the sun follows Mercury into your group zone, you’ll feel increasingly social. With Venus and Pluto feuding, you may be looking to the future and longing to expand your world, but turbulence in your psyche — perhaps from buried anger or a painful loss — could tarnish your vision. Consciousness will lead to healing.



February 19–March 20

A sun-Mercury meeting in your exploration house this week inspires you to broaden your horizons in every way you can — through travel, learning experiences, new people and unfamiliar ideas, cultures and beliefs. Opening your mind and expanding your vision will increase your enthusiasm about the future. With Neptune turning direct after its five-month retrograde phase, you may feel like you’re being pulled out of a fog back into real time. Or a dream that’s been incubating inside you could start to feel more pressing. After Mercury and the sun cross your ambition angle, you’ll become more focused on goals, professional progress and your public standing in the coming weeks. In the meantime, a Venus-Pluto quarrel could put stress on a relationship, and accepting the inevitability of change should make it easier.



March 21–April 19

A sun-Mercury alliance in your sharing sector this week helps you to confide in someone you trust, understand what’s going on inside you, tell another person what you need from them, delve deeply into something and get to the bottom of it and foster emotional and/or sexual intimacy. You should be able to think and talk about weighty matters now without veering toward a lighter subject. A Venus-Pluto disagreement could disturb your rapport with someone — and a power imbalance, an authority figure, a change in your life direction or a need to get a firmer grip on your goals are likely sources of conflict. But with Mercury and the sun segueing into your expansion house, setting your sights on learning, travel, new experiences and people will lift your spirits.



April 20–May 20

With the sun and Mercury meeting up in your relationship angle this week, one-on-one interactions should be very fruitful. If you need to explain yourself to someone or work through a conflict, this is a good opportunity. After that, both planets move into your depth sector, nudging you to delve into your psyche, probe a complex subject, have profound conversations, share yourself and what’s yours and trust someone enough to grow closer. Your ruler Venus is squabbling with Pluto in your outlook zone, though, so you could be fixated on a belief that makes it difficult to work out an issue with someone. Or your changing perspective or involvement with a cause might affect your ability to be humble and practical and get along with people.



May 21–June 20

The sun is aligning with Mercury in your efficiency zone this week, helping you to get organized, do detailed intellectual work, begin a new project, decide the best way to do something, come up with a practical plan, start a healthy habit or sharpen your skills. After those two planets cross your partnership angle later in the week, the emphasis will shift to one-on-one interaction, so start making a point of reaching out to individuals. You’ll find conversations stimulating and should be able to communicate clearly. But with Venus and Pluto quarreling, you could have strong feelings for someone and want more control over the relationship. Or you might want to enjoy life and feel weighed down by something or someone. As a flexible Twin, you can move past this.



June 21–July 22

This week’s sun-Mercury encounter in your fulfillment zone encourages you to express your feelings, your personality and your creativity. Playfulness, humor, affection and originality are all enhanced by this transit. Creative writing might be an especially satisfying outlet. If you’ve been hesitant to share what’s in your heart, hopefully you’ll be inspired to do so now. After that, Mercury and the sun segue into your efficiency house, calling for you to get down to business in the coming weeks. Your focus will shift to your job, daily duties, health and overall productivity. The current Venus-Pluto squabble hints that a powerful individual, an intense interaction or changes in a relationship could unsettle you, and you may need time at home to relax — either alone or with someone you can be yourself with.



July 23–August 22

Your ruler the sun joins up with Mercury at the bottom of your chart this week, coaxing you to reflect on your personal life and the past and to express your innermost thoughts and feelings. Quiet time at home will help you to tune into your emotional state and, if you’re not inclined to confide in anyone, you may want to journal instead. Venus is clashing with Pluto now, which could darken a cheerful mood or a pleasant interaction. Try not to let stress keep you from appreciating the love in your life and the beauty in your surroundings. Later in the week, Mercury and the sun move on to your joy sector, giving you a mandate to express your individuality and enjoy life to the fullest.



August 23–September 22

This week’s sun-Mercury meeting enhances your thinking and your communication. You should find it fairly easy to express your point of view, glean information, come up with ideas, get in touch with people and engage in fruitful discussions. You’ll probably feel more decisive so, if you’ve been analyzing something to death, this might be a good time to reach a final conclusion. After both planets cross your foundation angle, your attention turns to more interior matters — and home, family, feelings, memories and comfort become bigger priorities. A Venus-Pluto skirmish suggests you could become fixated on something — or someone — you want that you’re convinced will make you happy. Intense desire could end up being painful for you, so try not to take it too far if it’s not meant to be.



September 23–October 22

The sun and Mercury come together in your worth house this week, encouraging you to figure out what’s most important to you, express your values, ask for what you need, make a decision concerning finances or possessions and consider how to make the most of your resources such as innate talents. Later in the week, those two planets move on to your cognition-and-communication sector, bringing added energy to your thinking and your interactions. But with Venus in your sign squaring off against Pluto in your foundation angle, for now you may have to deal with what’s going on inside you or in your home or family. Big changes, emotional turbulence or an issue from the past could mess with your peaceful mood. Aim for acceptance, not control.

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