Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of November 2–8

See what the universe has prepared for you this coming week…

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October 23–November 21

Mercury enters Scorpio this week, helping you to think about yourself more objectively and convey your message with personal flair. A connection between Mercury and Neptune suggests your creativity will be heightened and you’ll be able to express love and empathy. This is a good time for coming up with imaginative ideas and sharing your feelings. A sun-Pluto collaboration echoes the themes of personal insights and powerful self-expression. A Venus-Mars meetup in your group zone will make you want to be around people now. You’ll get something out of socializing, teamwork and professional networking, and you might become attracted to a friend or friend-of-a-friend. But with Venus sneaking into your spirit sector at the end of the week, you may start to prefer solitude—or private time with someone close to you.



November 22–December 21

With Mercury ducking into the last house of your chart this week, you’ll be more in touch with your subconscious and your imagination in the coming days. This is a good period to hole up and study or reflect on the past year. Your intuition is strong, and you can learn a lot from your dreams. A Mercury-Neptune encounter further emphasizes the importance of spending quiet time by yourself, indulging in rest, daydreams and creative thinking. Venus and Mars are coming together in your ambition angle, helping you to gain favor with higher-ups and achieve your goals. You should be able to blend getting along with people in authority and going after what you want with boldness and initiative. After Venus segues into your group zone, you’ll start to feel more social.



December 22–January 19

With Mercury moving into your hopes-and-humanity zone this week, your thoughts turn to shaping new goals and being in touch with friends and peers. The next few weeks are conducive to professional networking, group presentations, talking things over with people and examining your affiliations. Mercury is cooperating with Neptune, highlighting the subtle influence that you can have on others now—and vice versa. People can open your mind if your thinking has been too rigid, and you can have a similar effect on them. Communication should feel more fluid. A Venus-Mars alignment in your exploration sector implies you’ll be attracted to unfamiliar subjects, places, people, experiences and beliefs. Later in the week, Venus crosses your ambition angle, increasing your appeal with authority figures and helping you to work well with others.



January 20–February 18

Mercury climbs to the top of your chart this week, prompting career planning and communication with higher-ups. This is a good time for studying your industry of choice, evaluating your life direction, talking to your superiors and assessing current goals.  Mercury is clicking with Neptune in your fulfillment zone, facilitating creative work, imaginative self-expression and intuitive insights about your boss or your professional path. With Venus and Mars joining forces in your depth sector, you may be extremely attracted to someone and experience intense intimacy. Or a personal relationship could undergo a transformation. You could also get the support you want, be strongly affected by another person or work through an issue in your psyche. When Venus moves on to your exploration house, the appeal of difference and unfamiliarity will increase.



February 19–March 20

As Mercury moves into your expansion house this week, you’re encouraged to look at the big picture. Learning; abstract thinking; philosophizing; travel; envisioning the future; exploring various ideas and beliefs; and conversations with people who are different from you are all emphasized by this placement. Mercury is harmonizing with Neptune, suggesting you’ll be open to a new perspective that strikes a chord inside you. You’re also apt to feel connected to foreign places and people and may express an interest in serving a cause. A Venus-Mars meeting in your relationship angle makes companionship extra important to you. It should be fairly easy to find the right balance between assertion and compromise. You’re likely to seek equal partnership now. After Venus arrives in your sharing sector, trust, closeness and sexuality will be highlighted.



March 21–April 19

Mental Mercury lands in your depth sector this week, prompting you to probe your psyche for hidden truths, confide in someone close to you, reflect on heavy matters, solicit financial support, engage in a research project or get to the bottom of something. Mercury is gelling with Neptune in your spirituality-and-solitude house, further stressing the themes of introspection and healing. You may need to delve into the past in order to release a fear or heal a wound and find peace. Talking with someone you trust can be as helpful as private reflection. A Venus-Mars alliance in your efficiency zone implies you’ll be able to combine hard work, positive energy and pleasant interactions with your peers. After Venus crosses your relationship angle at week’s end, harmonious rapport and affection seem easier to come by.



April 20–May 20

With Mercury crossing your relationship angle this week, dialogue, consultation and feedback take on new importance in the coming days. You may enjoy the stimulation of a spirited debate or the satisfaction of clarifying your position. A Mercury-Neptune alliance inspires you to express your ideals, convey your message to a group or lose yourself in boundless conversations with friends. You could experience a spiritual, platonic connection with someone new. This is also a good time to communicate your intention to be of service to others. Venus and Mars are linking up in your fulfillment house, spurring you to be yourself, enjoy life and pursue your heart’s desire. Romance and creativity are both emphasized by this planetary configuration. After Venus enters your duties sector, working on relationships and liking what you’re doing become priorities.



May 21–June 20

Mercury lands in your efficiency house this week, prompting you to do detailed thinking, pay attention to your health, solve problems, engage in practical mental work and consider ways you might improve your habits, skills, schedule, diet, fitness and job. Mercury is meshing with Neptune, helping you to express your creative ideas at work and envision a meaningful life path. Clever work and effective communication could facilitate a career shift. But with Venus and Mars meeting up at the bottom of your chart, you also want to enjoy the comforts of home. This is a good time for tackling a redecorating project, being with family and having people over. When Venus moves on to your joy sector at week’s end, your desire to express your personality and have a good time grows.



June 21–July 22

After Mercury lands in your fulfillment zone this week, expressing your creativity and your feelings will become easier. Pleasure reading, humor and games are highlighted, but Mercury’s alignment with Neptune may send your mind on a quest for spiritual truth and connection with something beyond yourself. Mystical meanderings could lead you to adopt a whole new perspective, as boundaries become pleasantly blurred in your mind. A Venus-Mars meeting in your cognition-and-communication house further emphasizes your thoughts, your attitude and your self-expression. But it also hints at positive interactions with people in your everyday life and possibly a short trip. You’re quite persuasive now, so put this power to good use. When Venus descends to the bottom of your chart at the end of the week, family and home acquire fresh appeal.



July 23–August 22

When Mercury enters your foundation angle this week, your attention turns to family, home life, the past and your innermost thoughts and feelings. Notice what memories pop up and try to make a connection between those events and what’s happening in the present. A Mercury-Neptune encounter further encourages delving into your psyche in an effort to change and heal. Insight from a parent or someone else who knew you as a child will be especially helpful. A Venus-Mars sync-up in your worth house enables you to act on your priorities, deal with finances and possessions and go after what you need without overstepping. Impulse spending is the main drawback to this planetary meeting. After Venus moves into your cognition-and-communication sector, pleasant thoughts and interactions and beauty in your everyday life gain importance.



August 23–September 22

Mercury moves into your cognition-and-communication sector this week, stimulating your brain and promoting conversation. This is a good period for getting in contact with people, gathering information and engaging in fruitful discussions. A meeting between Mercury and Neptune implies you’ll feel able to express empathy, clear up misunderstandings and see someone in a new light. You may feel quite attuned to a particular person, but be careful not to idealize him or her. Venus and Mars are joining forces in Virgo, so you’ll have both the law of attraction and a drive to succeed working for you. You can find just the right blend of magnetism and assertion to get what you want now. After Venus segues into your worth zone, the theme shifts to attracting money, possessions and resources.



September 23–October 22

Mercury’s entry into your resources house this week turns your attention to finances, possessions, self-worth and personal values. Think about what’s most important to you, what you need and what you already have going for you. A Mercury-Neptune collaboration prompts you to connect such thoughts with your job and what you do every day. Consider how you might earn money doing something that helps others. Or evaluate your priorities and assess whether they’re reflected in how you spend your time and how you take care of your body. A Venus-Mars meeting reminds you how important it is to spend time alone replenishing your spirit. The pull of imagination, dreams and rest is strong now. After Venus enters Libra at the end of the week, you’ll start to feel more social, agreeable and attractive.

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I love these so much! It’s the only horoscope worth reading.


I do NOT read horoscopes. Yet…

The universe likely works in ways we just have no other way to explain yet.

I like that she’s looking at a broader astrological analysis with things that affect everyone (Mercury in retrograde sucked!).

And, while the advice is still relatively general (within reason), its quality and thoughtfulness is MUCH higher than the usual schlock I avoid.

So, I’ve even gone so far as enter a weekly reminder to read this one. Now, that’s saying a lot!

Tracy Allen

Thanks for reading the horoscope! I like what you said about the universe working in ways that we can’t explain yet. I was also a bit skeptical about astrology until I started studying it and found that it seems to work. To me, it’s not something to believe in or not believe in. It’s simply there for people to use if they want to. I’m glad you’re getting something from it:)…..Tracy