Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of November 30–December 6

What does the universe have planned for you this week?

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November 22–December 21

You’ll be interested in new amusements and fresh forms of creativity this week when Mercury in Sagittarius gels with Uranus in your joy sector. Innovative ideas, quirky fun and unusual attractions are favored. You’re able to think up unique approaches that stimulate your mind and please you. But Mercury is quarreling with Jupiter, so you could get ahead of yourself, and overconfidence might lead you to aim too high in terms of what you hope to achieve. Be careful how you speak to higher-ups, because you could come across as arrogant. A Mars-Pluto battle may make teamwork, professional networking or group activities difficult, and shifting finances, material resources or priorities are potential root causes. Only engage if you can find a constructive way to do so. Focus on integrating your identity with group efforts. With Venus moving into your spirit house, you may not feel as social as expected in the next few weeks, but taking care of loved ones will be satisfying.



December 22–January 19

Mercury is vibing with Uranus this week, connecting introspection and a fresh perception of the past. You may find it useful to meditate, keep a journal or write down your dreams, and you could experience a valuable personal revelation if you set aside time for quiet contemplation. If you say something to a family member that you’ve been repressing, it will have a liberating effect. But a Mercury-Jupiter fight suggests that thoughts arising from your subconscious may clash with your conscious hopes and beliefs. Try to expand your outlook without exaggerating the validity of one truth over another. And with Mars challenging Pluto in Capricorn, be mindful of your interactions with authority figures, as your ambition and desire for control are in overdrive. Avoid becoming combative or assuming you’re being attacked. Do something bold that will force you to change. As Venus enters your network zone, you’re apt to feel sociable for the next few weeks — perfect timing for the holiday season.



January 20–February 18

A group presentation, brainstorming with colleagues or other peers, talking things over with friends and formulating new goals can all go well this week, thanks to Mercury in your network zone meshing with Uranus in your communication sector. Adaptability, an open mind and inventive thinking will help. But Mercury’s disagreement with Jupiter hints that you might expect too much from an individual — or perhaps you’re thinking in broad terms but could benefit from focusing on one thing or one person. You may end up overstating or overestimating what you’ll get from people now. A Mars-Pluto squabble indicates you must tune into what’s going on inside you if you are to avoid trouble. You may be trying to do something new before dealing with a lingering issue in your psyche that could hurt your cause. As Venus ascends to the peak of your chart, get ready to charm authority figures like your boss or a parent in the coming weeks.



February 19–March 20

Career planning, communication with higher-ups and articulating your goals can dovetail with changing your finances and your confidence level, thanks to a fortuitous encounter between Mercury in your ambition angle and Uranus in your worth house this week. Speak with authority, take a different approach to using your talents and resources and think up new ways to make money. A Mercury-Jupiter skirmish suggests that your expectations of what you can gain from a particular individual are rather high. Or maybe your authoritative tone won’t go over so well with someone who plays a mentor or teacher role in your life. But working together with a partner can help you to shine, thanks to the sun in your ambition angle collaborating with Mars in your merging zone. With Venus hanging out in your exploration house for the next few weeks, you’ll take great pleasure in broadening your horizons through travel, adventure, different people and varied cultural experiences.



March 21–April 19

Following your curiosity wherever it leads you will be stimulating this week, when Mercury in your exploration house jibes with Uranus in your sign. Studying, traveling, exchanging ideas and beliefs and expanding your mind in any way that appeals to you can augment the process of redefining yourself. You may learn something that changes you or find meaning that you’ve been seeking, so view life through a wide-angle lens. A Mercury-Jupiter disagreement hints that you have a lot to do, and all this abstract thought could be distracting you from everyday matters. And a Mars-Pluto squabble might make partnership challenging, particularly if what you’re trying to do together doesn’t align with the direction you’re headed in your life or in your career. But a sun-Mars meeting indicates an optimistic outlook can help. As Venus enters your sharing sector, closeness, sex and trust are big draws in the next few weeks.



April 20–May 20

This week, confiding in someone, looking inward and doing some deep thinking about a dark topic can free up something in your psyche and give you insight into the past. Contemplating or sharing something you’ve kept hidden— perhaps even from yourself — could get you unstuck. But a Mercury-Jupiter quarrel hints that you may be hoping for a very positive response from someone or an overwhelming sense of happiness, and what you get could fall short of your expectations. It’s also possible that you mean to be focusing intently on one person or subject, but you’re sidetracked by an urge to cast a wider net and enjoy life to the fullest. You’ll accomplish plenty if you partner with someone or concentrate on one thing. A Mars-Pluto battle might affect your productivity if you become obsessed with a particular point of view. Venus is crossing your relationship angle, encouraging you to compromise and foster equal relationships in the coming weeks.



May 21–June 20

Your ruler Mercury is in your relationship angle and syncing up with Uranus in your network sector this week, encouraging both dialogue and group discussions. You might end up talking to someone new with whom you identify, and you could also develop a new interest or objective from a conversation. Perhaps best of all, you might make a new friend. But you should know that Mercury is fighting with Jupiter in your foundation angle, so you may become extra emotional. Talking something over could trigger an urge for peace and stability, or your inner confidence could upset the balance in an exchange of thoughts and ideas. Meanwhile, a Mars-Pluto battle hints that doing as you please could trigger turbulence in a close relationship, or pursuing a love interest might lead to an intense experience — good or bad. With Venus arriving in your duties corner for a three-and-a-half week stay, work on improving a relationship.



June 21–July 22

A fortuitous encounter between Mercury in your efficiency zone and Uranus in your ambition angle this week implies that analytical thinking, detailed planning, communicating with coworkers and doing rigorous mental work will help you to make progress on a goal or in your career. You could gain more freedom or create an opportunity to advance. However, due to Mercury’s battle with Jupiter, you need to make sure not to think too broadly, abstractly or unrealistically and not to overstate your case. Working from home or on your home could be quite productive, but a Mars-Pluto skirmish hints at potential conflict with family or someone you live with. Avoid getting into a power struggle, and understand that the dynamic between you and others is shifting on a subtle, subterranean level. With Venus showing up in your fulfillment house and hanging around there for most of the month, your desire to enjoy life surges, and romance, creativity, fun and self-expression are highlighted.



July 23–August 22

Creative brainstorming can produce inventive ideas, personal thoughts can lead to insights that change your perspective and self-expression will feel stimulating — perhaps even exciting — this week, thanks to a Mercury-Uranus collaboration. Speak from the heart, play around with ideas and read for pleasure. But because of a Mercury-Jupiter disagreement, you need to be careful not to get overconfident or greedy and not to overestimate your resources. A conflict between Mars in your thinking-and-talking house and Pluto in your efficiency sector warns of other possible speed bumps. Asserting yourself too much with coworkers could lead to trouble; trying to do too much could wear you out; and nervous energy or information overload could impact your job, health or daily life. Seek out a recreational activity or form of exercise that will distract your busy brain for a while and relieve stress. Venus’s arrival in your foundation angle signals a few weeks of enjoying family, home, comfort, decorating and entertaining.



August 23–September 22

This week’s meeting between Mercury in your foundation angle and Uranus in your depth zone signifies that reflecting on the past, talking to family, contemplating your feelings and voicing your innermost thoughts will be psychologically freeing and can help you to move forward from a loss or crisis. But with Mercury also challenging Jupiter in Virgo, it’s possible that you’ll get overwhelmed, expect too much or start thinking you have all the answers. A verbal conflict with a family member or someone you live with is another possibility. Or focusing on a memory may seem out of alignment with your growth process and futuristic vision. A domestic project — particularly one that involves dealing with your possessions — can make you feel productive. Guard against risky impulse spending and arguing over values. With Venus traveling through your cognition-and-communication sector for the next few weeks, you should start to notice the love and beauty in your everyday life.



September 23–October 22

A Mercury-Uranus encounter spans your communication and one-on-one houses this week, indicating that dialogue will facilitate change in a relationship. Thinking, talking and listening could all give you insight into an individual, a particular bond or relationships in general, and you may decide that you need to take a different approach. Mercury is clashing with Jupiter in your subliminal sector, though, so your conscious thoughts may not jibe with your unconscious hopes and beliefs. And when you’re trying to communicate and learn, your mind may wander into the past or the future. A Mars-Pluto clash is likely to affect you even more, and your efforts may be undermined by intense emotions, a family or domestic crisis or destructive patterns. Don’t force anything, focus on what you can change and express yourself honestly. As Venus leaves Libra, the coming weeks call for you to appreciate what you have, try to attain what you need and represent your values in your relationships.



October 23–November 21

Mercury in your worth house is clicking with Uranus in your efficiency sector this week, enabling you to negotiate, define your values and priorities and consider your finances, self-confidence and resources — and ideally, all of this will be in keeping with your efforts to change your habits, schedule, skills, job responsibilities and attitude toward work. With Mercury battling Jupiter in your network zone, avoid exaggeration and overly idealistic thinking. Your corulers Mars and Pluto are also feuding, and the biggest danger is that unconscious aggression and irritability will provoke destructive communication. You may be frustrated from grappling with an issue from the past or facing a demon in your psyche and could reach a crisis point in your head. But if you push yourself to confront what you’ve suppressed or repressed, you can generate a powerful shift in your mindset. As Venus enters Scorpio, where she’ll linger for most of December, you’ll start to feel more sociable, attractive and agreeable, and your warmth and charisma will be alluring.

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