Thank You for the Little Things

It starts with gratitude…and so important to count our blessings as often as we can.

What makes this time of year so beautiful is that we all seem to contemplate these things a little bit more – and outwardly express them to the ones we love.

We often think of gratitude in a macro sense – we’re grateful for the incredible people in our lives; for the Earth, the moon, the stars. Today, I want to give thanks to a few of the little things. The beautiful experiences that, although may only last a few moments at a time, are what keep me smiling day in and day out. These little moments are what string together the events of our lives.


I’m so, so thankful for that soreness in my cheeks. That soreness that comes from a fit of laughter induced by the ones I love. With that soreness comes a shortness of breath…tears in the eyes…abs that feel they’ve just endured the toughest workout. When laughter’s in the air, not a care exists.


I give thanks to the feeling that is being submerged in the ocean…the cool pressure on my skin; the slow movements taken on by my body; the sudden silence that totally engulfs me. The beautiful realization that, for those few moments, it’s just me and the deep, deep blue.



I’m grateful for those first few moments after a cleaning and decorating spree inside my home. The whirlwind is over. Everything is placed just so. I plop down on my bed and smile up at my surroundings with a feeling of great contentment. I am home.


I thank the fresh, squishy moss that my feet have walked atop; I thank the beautiful ferns that have allowed my fingers to grace them. I thank both for living together so peacefully, greeting each new visitor with open arms.


I give thanks to the rooftops overlooking neighborhoods of my own. Climbing up with bare feet, stepping onto that familiar uneven platform. I extend my arms into the air as I look up, out, down. I’m right where I need to be.


I’m grateful for those times I’ve opened up a book and found pressed flowers inside – usually ones I’ve left for my future self. I’m taken by surprise every time.


I give thanks to those moments that occur on my new travels…those moments when it really truly hits me. “I’m here.”

+What little moments have you feeling thankful?

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8 years ago

beautiful! there are so many things to be grateful for, thank you for sharing.

7 years ago

Thank you! Thank you for giving me so many inspirations all the time. I like you.

7 years ago

I am thankful for these little reminders.