Holiday Limited Edition: Go Behind The Seams

Take a closer look at our favorite dresses for the holiday season. 

There’s always something special on, especially during the holiday season. This year, it’s embellished, sprinkled with shimmer and luster, dreamt up by a small cast of our most seasoned designers. The Free People Limited Edition Holiday dress collection celebrates our love of hand-touched design work and elegant detailing. They are nurtured from start to finish, and embedded in each is a genuine nod to its original inspiration. With the sheer dedication involved in creating this collection, it’s important to acknowledge the hands that created it. Go behind the seams with us as the designers explain how these dresses came to be.

Gemma’s Limited Edition Holiday Maxi Dress


Gemma– “I am always inspired by clothing from the Edwardian era. It’s always exciting when you find that rare vintage piece that takes your breath away. The original piece that inspired this dress was so old and delicate that it was falling apart with every touch, so I am happy that it has a new life in this limited piece.”


Gianna’s Limited Edition Holiday Dress


Gianna– “My holiday limited edition dress was inspired by two experiences – the first, a “Chikan” sari purchased in Lucknow, India. Though the region is famous for shadow embroidery, the geometric lines of this particular design felt especially modern and really grabbed my attention. The embroidery and hammered metal Mukaish embellishment are completely  hand-done. The second experience – that would be a magic road trip I took with my husband, arriving in Santa Fe, NM at the same time my holiday dress was to be finished. We drove north from sunny Marfa, TX into a late-night and full-on blizzard. The storm gifted me the opportunity to drape my dress in a succulent-filled solarium, contrasted by the fresh snow painting the landscape outside. To boot, our Airbnb supplied an amazing reggae music collection (and a Baez does Dylan album that I had never heard before) which completely defined the mood. I am eternally grateful for that collective moment, but also for the opportunity to provide hand-touched pieces to all the FP ladies out there.”


Ana’s Limited Edition Holiday Gown


Ana“I love the drama a great party dress can provide, but I also am loving simplicity right now…so this dress was my dream fusion of those two. The marriage of drama and simplicity.”


Jill’s Limited Edition Velvet Pantsuit


Jill“The velvet suit was inspired by Bianca Jagger, who is one of my favorite fashion icons. She had such amazing style and confidence and wore a suit like no one else. So I guess I was having a “what would Bianca wear?” moment when I was working on this Limited Edition. What would this really cool edgy woman want to wear on New Years Eve?”



+What design could you see yourself wearing? Let us know in the comments below! 

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I would want to wear every single one of them, they are all gorgeously beautiful!

I am IN LOVE with all of these pieces!! The holiday dress is my personal favourite:) Lovely post!!x

Love all of these, they are so gorgeous! The first one in particular is really dreamy!

Emma xo // The Wallflower Wardrobe

love all the photos and the style