Making Chai Golden Mylk with Mayde Tea

Kate Dalton, founder of Mayde Tea, shares one of her favorite rooibos chai golden mylk recipes…

Based in the subtropical idyll of Byron Bay on Australia’s east coast (also home to one of our favourite labels, Spell), Kate Dalton is a tea maker who moonlights as a model, which has to be one of the best ‘model-slash-somethings’ we’ve come across. When she’s not studying naturopathy or blending up organic loose-leaf concoctions for her brand Mayde Tea, the earthy alchemist spends her days surfing, practicing yoga and tending to her veggie garden. Here she shares a warming morning chai recipe to help you boost your immunity this fall, as well as her tips for living the good life.


Rooibos Chai Golden Mylk

1 tbsp Mayde Tea rooibos turmeric chai
1 cup organic coconut or almond milk
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp raw honey (or maple syrup for a vegan option)
1 tsp each of fresh grated ginger and turmeric
1 tsp coconut oil (optional)
Pinch black pepper
Pinch cayenne pepper

Simmer rooibos chai on the stove with a half cup of water for at least 3 minutes.
Add other ingredients and simmer for at least 4 more minutes.
Pour into a teapot with a strainer, or strain straight into a mug.


Hi Kate! What first sparked your interest in tea?
Hello lovely Free People! I have always loved herbal tea but, when I started studying naturopathy many years ago, I became fascinated by the healing power of nature and herbal medicine. I started making tea to help with my own health issues and found it to be the most gentle and beautiful way to encourage the body’s innate healing processes. I wanted to share this and be able to help others in this way.


Why is tea such an important tool for wellness?
I think it’s a great substitute for the less healthy things. For example, swapping coffee for green tea still encourages energy production, with so many antioxidants and without stress on the adrenals. Swapping rather than cutting out helps you to not feel deprived when you exclude things from your diet for any reason. Another thing I love is being able to trick your sweet cravings by having something like a liquorice tea—a treat that won’t actually raise your blood sugar levels, but in fact helps to stabilise energy by supporting the adrenals. Herbal tea is also a great, sneaky way to increase your water intake, especially in winter. I love the social and relaxation aspect of drinking tea. Sharing a big pot with some loved ones is the most beautiful thing for your soul.

Do you have any personal tea rituals?
I have a pot of my organic chai each morning. I used to drink a lot of coffee, so when I decided to go cold turkey I replaced it for chai and that habit just stuck. I drink my digest blend if my tummy is ever bloated or upset, and I always drink my serenity blend just before bed to help calm my nervous system and encourage a restful sleep.


Do you look for new teas and tea experiences when you travel?
I haven’t been able to do much international travel since starting Mayde Tea — business has been busier than I could have imagined! However, the herbs I source are from all around the world. Each herb has a particular altitude and climate it needs to grow to its healthiest. I’d love to travel to South Africa and see how rooibos is grown, and to Sri Lanka to see the Camellia Sinensis plantations, which is the black/green tea plant. Because my tea is made using a western herbal medicine background, I don’t know much about Chinese teas…I’d love to go to learn about them, too.

What’s your morning routine?
Chai, a quick beach walk and then yoga at The Farm Byron Bay. I usually catch up with a couple of friends I spot at yoga for a tea/coffee date, then it’s home for a big healthy breakfast of eggs, avocado and greens out of the garden. Then I get to work for the day.


What are some of your favourite wellness tricks?
I mostly buy my food from the farmers’ market; that way, I’m only able to buy fresh, organic, locally-grown produce to nourish my body for the week. If I do go to the supermarket, I use a general rule of just shopping in the peripheries, so all I’m grabbing is vegetables, fruit, eggs and meat. One of the most simple and effective pieces of advice I give to my naturopathy clients is mindful eating: sitting down to a meal and chewing and eating slowly. Your digestive system has millions of processes going on, so eating on the run is not the best type of multitasking to do.
I try not to be hard on myself about being perfectly healthy. If I don’t exercise for one day, it’s not the end of the world and, if I have a glass of red wine, I relax and enjoy it. I think having a healthy attitude toward food and enjoying it in the right environment is one of the most important things.


How do you like to move your body?
I practice vinyasa style yoga and walk up to the Cape Byron lighthouse with my friends or walk the length of the beach daily. Pushing myself in a gym is the last place you’ll find me!

What’s your approach to life?
Just being close to nature, including what I’m eating and where I’m spending my days. “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”- Lao Tzo

+What’s your favorite kind of tea? Share with us in the comments!

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Ms. Ainee C. Beland

I like Matcha tea and most green teas with chamomile and they must be tea bags and tag less. Otherwise most teas are suitable because I really enjoy a good cup of hot tea. Thank you for sharing.