Meet the Faces of Our November Magalog

The November Magalog is finally here! Get to know the faces that fill the pages of our Holiday 2015 book…

It has finally arrived…the November Holiday Magalog! Now that Halloween has passed, it’s time to look forward to what lies ahead — a season filled with warmth and light, gifts to give and get, and all the magic the holidays have to offer. This year’s book is filled to the brim with inspiration. Spread across each page you’ll find gorgeous holiday and cold weather wears juxtaposed next to poetic offerings, playlists and interviews. Want a closer look? Today we’re introducing you to the faces of November, some you may already know, some you need to know…scroll on to meet them.

Cleo_Wade_032 1

Artist and poet Cleo Wade wears the badge of editor in this month’s issue, sharing her thoughts on magic and the certain kind of sparkle this season holds for so many. When she’s not gracing the pages of our catalogs, Wade lives and works in NYC, where she lends her creative hand and mind to a variety of mediums, is a member of the all-female artistic collective, Conversations, and acts as editor-at-large for Voyage d’Etudes.

Jihae_Kim_561 2

South Korean-born composer, singer, and multi-media artist Jihae Kim speaks the language of music. After hopping from Nigeria, to Sweden, and finally to NYC to capture her dream of becoming an artist, Jihae launched Septum, her multimedia company dedicated to integrating music with social causes. This month, Jihae shares the perfect nostalgia-inducing holiday romance playlist, sure to warm your heart and get your feelings flowing.

Andrea_340 1

You’ll spy Parsons grad and NYC-based fine artist Andrea Mary Marshall‘s work scattered throughout the November book, but you’ve perhaps already seen her gorgeous and provocative self-portraits, sculptures and conceptual works. Born in Massachusetts, Marshall incorporates ideas of femininity, fashion and performance in her varied pieces, often using herself or one of her many invented characters as the focal point.


Whitney, a former model and actress, and Danielle, who spent her earlier days on Wall Street, are the two inspiring minds behind Sakara Life, a whole-food, plant-based food delivery service that has the potential to change lives. They believe that food should make you feel sexy, and that you don’t need to restrict, count calories, or tally points to live your best, healthiest life. They share their thoughts in the pages of the Magalog, and you can find four gorgeous recipes right here on the blog.

+ What are you most excited for in November? Please share in the comments!


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6 years ago

That first picture is just beautiful!

6 years ago

OMG Andrea’s coat!! I’ve been looking for something similar to that style and color for the longest, where is it from??

6 years ago

Beautiful! Really looking forward to more posts with tutorials for holiday makeup, hair, and outfit ideas like I’ve seen in the past!

6 years ago

The dress I bought for my friends wedding and modeled on IG looks so similar to this one! Maybe I will have to get both haha

6 years ago

does anyone know the name of the model in the very first photo?