The Power To Create

All we need are our own two hands…

Creation starts as a speck, a spark that exists somewhere in our aura and, when it catches light, the spark tends to explode…becoming an idea, a vision, an objective. It’s a force so strong that sometimes I don’t know what to do with it, hit by waves of inspiration that crash over my being, churning in me a desire to create. Something…anything. Like I’m ready to take on art in any form, even if it’s one at which I’m not very adept. It’s an adrenaline rush that seeps forth from my hands.


Hands are the extremities of power. They’re our vision creators…idea makers. Creating with our own two hands evokes a feeling both satisfying and complete. It had been a while since I felt the need to create, but the call was recently made while working on a holiday DIY. I was sitting in a little patch of sunlight in our office, encircled by glitter, crystals, dried flowers,  scissors, thread, wire, my camera, some water and my cell phone, which was blaring some inspiration in the form of music. I was in a zone, checked out from my surroundings, with the focus on only my hands. My eyes were present, but my thoughts…those were elsewhere. They were calm and happy. It was my own form of meditation, induced by creation. I snapped back after about 20 minutes, looked around and thought to myself, “wow, I’m MAKING something.”

It’s easy to fall victim to the computer-driven world in which we live, where everything seems attainable with just the click of a mouse and a few key strokes. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m guilty of this. But there’s something to be said for seeing a product made by hand. It felt so good to step away and get mine dirty (with glitter) again.


Maybe you’re familiar with this urge to create, too. When you feel it, you just have to do it. Amiright? Our hands have the power to create, so don’t forget to put them to use every now and then.

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8 years ago

I loved the words that you have written: very deep, very powerful. And the photos as well… they are extremely magical!

8 years ago

Wow- this describes how I feel as an artist so perfectly & my need to create! This is written so beautifully :)

8 years ago

It’s incredible how we can create such unique things without realizing their beauty!!x

8 years ago

Magical pictures and beautiful words!
Victoria | Chronicles of a Mermaid

8 years ago

Thank you for this very inspirational post!

8 years ago

such beautiful words…

8 years ago

I’m a silent reader and viewer but I have to say it that I’m a bit guilty of submerging in this computer-driven world too. My whole life I’ve been creating things, expressing myself through giving life to the projects in my head. Now, I’m in the place in my life where I have to make certain decisions, where I’ll be changing some things in my life and I feel this need of creation more than ever but at the same time my hands ale like tied up to sth. I do some projects but they are not those from the deepest abyss of my heart. I would like to do so much but some unresolved issues are holding me back. Perhaps my hands don’t know which project they should do first as there is so many in the line. And I’m quite sure that they will start to cooperate with the need when my non-artistic issues will be no longer active in my head. Sorry if it’s not the place where I should put this comment but I know what you mean by saying: ” When you feel it, you just have to do it.” But what when you feel it, you just have to do it but somehow you can’t. I’m ready to feel it (your quote) from head to toe again. Thank you for making my thoughts not afraid to be shared.
: ]

8 years ago

Totally needed this. It’s funny how just discussing creation brings forth creation.



8 years ago

I know that feeling… and I absolutely love it, it’s my favourite place..!