Random Acts of Kindness

It’s early Monday morning, and I notice someone behind me in line at the coffee shop is scattered and in a rush.

We find ourselves in situations like this, every single day. What do you do? How do you act? Do you turn your head and move on?

Next time, try this: let that person cut in front of you. Buy that person a cup of joe. I’m a true believer that small acts of kindness like this can change the world.

Paying it forward is an idea that I have been fascinated by for quite some time. Choosing to put forth positive effort plays a vital role in creating happiness within and around us. While reflecting on tradition as the holidays roll around, I’ve decided to make a push towards implementing such actions, and create a new tradition throughout my lifestyle.

So where to start? It’s easy. Make a list. I jotted down a bunch of different ideas that I thought would make someone’s day. Whether it was simply surprising someone with something special, or making their day run more smoothly, I made a note of it.


– Pick a bouquet and give it to a stranger who looks like he/she could use a smile.
– Bake something sweet and leave it for your postal carrier.
– Give up your seat on the bus/train/subway.
– Put some extra change in someone’s parking meter that is about to expire. It could save him/her a hefty parking ticket.
– Be patient in traffic. Let someone out in front of you. We all know that feeling.


– See someone who looks as though he/she is lost? Offer some directions if you can.
– Return that solo shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot.
– Spend the day smiling. Smile at everyone you see.
– Open doors. Hold them open for a large group of people.

This is just the beginning — the list could go on forever. When you put expend good energy to the world, I promise it will come back to you. I went into the laundry room the other night after work and found my clothes folded on top of the dryer. My day was made.

I challenge you to join this tradition and jump on the kind train with me. Let’s change the world. Let’s spread light.

+What are some ideas that you have? Let me know in the comments so I can add them to my list!

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5 years ago

This is just a perfect read for my Monday morning coffee. What a wonderful way to start the week. Thanks for sharing.

5 years ago

What a wonderful idea to start into a new week! I guess a simple smile for the people around you would already make a difference!

5 years ago

Whenever I notice someone dining alone I like to anonymously pick up their bill. The look on their face when the waiter tells them they’ve been taken care of is priceless. :)


5 years ago

Really enjoyed this post. Sometimes we all need a little reminder like this, especially on a Monday. :)


5 years ago

I love posts like these!! I had just watched Louise’s video which was very similar to this and seeing the reactions is so lovely!!x


5 years ago

This post has reminded me of the beauty of humankind. We are here to take care of one another and that in itself is a blessing. My day tends to be much warmer and positive when I smile at a stranger and receive one back. It is the tiny acts of kindness that truly make the world go round. Thanks! I love the way your name is spelled by the way :)


5 years ago

This was just what I needed to see. We need more of this in our life.


5 years ago

I leave £5.00 notes in random places. Not necessarily in plain site. Sometimes I will pick a random address and put money in an envelope with a note that says ‘buy something for yourself’ and post it. My thinking is that if I do things anonymously even better.

Saturday a lady was choking in a restaurant I didn’t hesitate to help, I was surprised that only me and the one staff member were the only ones to help.

5 years ago

Ah I am in love with the journal in the photo! May I ask where you bough it from?

5 years ago

Love to you!

5 years ago

I live in the south of the Province of Quebec in Canada and we are having very hot heat waves this summer.
When I saw the postman walking around with his two heavy mail bags, I instantly thought of how good cool water feels when it is that hot.
So I prepared a big glass of fresh water with ice cubes in it, and a clean wet washcloth with ice cubes in it and placed the whole thing on my front porch with a note saying ”For you Mr. Postman, on this very hot day”.
Eventually, the Postman was at my door and rang the doorbell. When I opened, I saw his smiling face and he said that people will sometimes give him water, but as far as the washcloth, this was a first. And he rrrrrrrrrrrrreally enjoyed it. Needless to say that I do it everytime it is very hot. Sometimes, the glass is left full, since I had no mail. Otherwise, the bell rings and I have a happy thank you. I always use the bright green washcloth and make sure it smell particularly good.
Zero cost, but a grateful gesture towards that person.

4 years ago

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I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Many thanks
Josh Gold

Founder of Thankband

3 years ago

Wonderful post, Thanks for sharing.

2 years ago

Thanks for the tips! This is great….

1 year ago

This was a great read. I was looking for ways to help my daughter to share kindness and be kind. You had some great suggestions in performing a random act of kindness. Something so small can make someone’s day. I recently came across an article about an organization that does so much good for people in need. https://www.ez.insure/2020/03/good-people-doing-good/. It is all based on people writing in about someone who needs help, and they use money donated to help others. It is so good to see people being good people and trying to do good. Thanks again for the post!