Travel Tuesday: Things To Remember When You’re Traveling Alone

“With constant travel, you will always find your true home.” 

This post comes from photographer/FP Me user, Saige Mateo

Traveling alone is a great way to get in touch with yourself and surroundings. I frequently travel solo to travel with no worries. My last roadtrip was from Colorado to New York, and it opened me up to a new perspective. 

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I was inspired to take a trip — by myself — from Colorado to Oregon…it was life-changing, to say the least. I had never been to Oregon before — I had no idea what I was getting into. A few of my friends moved there, so I was fortunate to have places to stay and garner guidance for my further travels. I was led to beautiful mossy forests, the kind you see in movies but were even more breathtaking. Standing in the middle of a never-ending forest and breathing in the fresh air…something so poignant that I felt obliged to write about it so as never to forget that moment. Every day was a new adventure, filled with hikes around waterfalls and barefoot walks on the foggy beach. Every place I went, I stopped and absorbed, being sure to take everything in.

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This experience allowed me to rediscover myself and what makes me feel alive. The feeling like that of catching up with loved ones brought an overarching happiness.

This trip encouraged me to make moves. Maybe even a possible move to Oregon. I find that, with constant travel, you will always find your true home.

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If you plan on traveling alone, here are  few things to remember:

Tips on traveling alone

– Always carry a safety kit in your car including jumper cables, flares, first aid supplies, reflectors, flashlights and an extra gallon of gas.

– Make sure to be aware or your surroundings, and try to fill up in a more populated gas station if possible.

– Rest when you’re tired! Pull over to a safe spot or rest area when you become drowsy.

– Bring lots of snacks. Snacking helps keep you awake and keeps you from feeling “hangry” on the road.

– No strangers! Do not pick up anyone on the road when you’re driving alone. Also, be sure to always carry a pocket knife and/or pepper spray for protection from people and animals!

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+Where have you traveled to alone? Please share your stories in the comments below! 

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I have never even thought about travelling alone, but your photos and your inspirational post make me want to rethink that. Maybe it’s time for a trip…

Gosh these photos are so gorgeous!

I’d say a good playlist is a definite must! Later on when I hear songs I can remember exactly where I was on the road when that song was playing. It’s great to be able to remember your journey that way. :)


This is inspirational as I never thought traveling alone could be so awesome. The photos are so amazing and thumps up to Saige for being a daredevil.

Amanda Kay

I LOVE traveling alone and have made multiple trips to volunteer at fun events I want to do while getting to meet new people. On those excursions I have learned more about myself than staying in my comfort zone. Great tips, love the one about packing an emergency kit in your car most people do not think about it until too late. Great blog Saige keep doing you

I have really enjoyed traveling alone, and would like to plan some more shorter trips to do so. I took a solo road trip from Michigan to Seattle, and loved it. For anyone jumping into solo travel, going on a volunteer trip alone (I took one to the DR) is a great option as well. You get used to the idea of traveling alone, but have new individuals to meet once you arrive! I also used to take solo day trips when I lived in Missouri — I would pick a historical site within an hour and a half drive… Read more »


What stunning photos! Beautiful! Solo road trips are amazing and as soon as I return ‘home’ I feel the open road beckoning me again. I love the idea that you find your home as you travel. Thank you for the lovely and inspirational post.

Heather Quinn

Ugh Saige I love your photos so much. So much talent in that tiny body. I traveled to Australia and Costa Rica by myself and learned more than I would’ve given someone else coming with me. Keep traveling and taking photos so we can all enjoy them! All the best.


Love travelling alone! You get to go to all the places YOU want to go to, and meet amazing people along the way, especially in hostels and on buses :) I’ve travelled alone though Europe, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, the US, Canada, NZ and maybe more I can’t think of right now… For anyone who’s scared, go for it! People are super amazing at helping out solo travellers, especially solo females haha.

Beautiful inspiring post, can’t wait to travel alone again such a beautiful feeling! :)



I travelled alone to Detroit to see The Kills and to Todos Santos / Oaxaca, Mexico for The Day of The Dead. It was an eye-opening experience and I really got to really “know” myself. Don’t be afraid, ladies. Just go and be free. Best of luck.

WOW…these are a lot of stunning pic’s!

Elisa |

Megan b.

It was only a 9 hour drive, but I traveled from my hometown in Kansas to Shreveport, Louisiana. I had moved to Louisiana for a change in scenery and it was the scariest thing I ever did. The drive was basically a solo karaoke session.


Yayyyy Oregon is the best!

I have done two solo road trips, one to the Southern California desert (from Bridgeport to Death Valley to Mojave to Joshua Tree to Palm Springs) and one up the Northern California coast (Mendocino up to Eureka). I camped alone on both of these trips. The first one was terrifying but SO rewarding. I became a different person afterwards. I highly recommend that every woman learns that she can be completely self-sufficient and alone with herself for at least a while.


I’ve always feel great while traveling alone. I do what I want, and enjoy meeting new people.


I travel exclusively solo, mostly to Europe and one thing that’s missing are photos of me, aside from the occasional selfie. Your pictures are….interesting.