Make Your Own Natural Whipped Bronzing Body Butter

Already missing your summer glow? Get it back the natural way with this easy body butter recipe!!

This post comes from our blog intern, Monica!

I’ve long been a fan of coconut oil, so much so that I’ve replaced my myriad of store-bought moisturizers with just one jar of the stuff. It wasn’t until recently that I starting experimenting with different coconut oil moisturizers, and adding ingredients for varying effects. This whipped bronzing body butter, in particular, is my favorite. It takes coconut oil to a whole other level, with help from naturally-occurring fatty acids found in shea butter, soothing aloe vera gel, nourishing essential oils and bronzing effects from cacao and cinnamon!

With the weather changing and the sun hiding earlier, it’s difficult to maintain the sunkissed tan most of us love so much. This body butter is filled to the brim with moisture, helping you to combat the impending drier weather while retaining any color you may be harboring from Labor Day.

When choosing essential oils, consider those that are good for your skin. Oils such as myrrh, neroli, rose, tea tree and geranium are fantastic for skin care.  I chose lavender oil — it is a great skin detoxifier, exhibiting bacteria-fighting properities that help reduce acne and inflammation while also relaxing sore muscles. Vitamin E oil will help preserve the bronzing body butter (which you can store in any cool place). If you live in a warmer environment, remember to keep your body butter refrigerated; otherwise, it may melt. It also makes for a perfect holiday gift! Now, let’s get making!


Natural Whipped Bronzing Body Butter

1 cup raw shea butter

½ cup coconut oil

1 tbsp cacao powder (you can use more or less, depending on how light or dark you prefer the bronzing to be)

1 tbsp ground cinnamon

½ cup jobaba oil

½ cup aloe vera gel

10 drops of essential oil (I used lavender)

1 teaspoon vitamin E oil

Step 1. In a double broiler, or bowl fitted over a pot, melt the shea butter and coconut oil, stirring occasionally. Let the mixture cool for 30 minutes.



Step 2. Add the cacao powder, cinnamon, jobaba oil, aloe vera gel and vitamin E oil to the bowl. Cacao powder and cinnamon serve as the bronzing ingredients in your body butter, so the amount you add can vary based on your skintone and preference. If you are looking for a darker and deeper bronzing effect, add in more cacao powder and cinnamon by the half teaspoon until you achieve your desired color. After you mix your ingredients, place the bowl in the freezer for about 20 minutes or until the oils have solidified.

Step 3. With an electric mixer, whip the mixture until it is light and fluffy. Place your body butter in a container of your choice and, that’s it — you’ve got yourself a bronzing body butter to slather on all fall and winter long!


+What are your favorite natural beauty products?

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8 years ago

Wow, that’s an amazing recipe! I will definitely try that!

8 years ago

This sounds like a great gift to make someone! Does it need to be refrigerated?

8 years ago

This recipe is awsome! I never thought I could make body butter at home before!!
Loved it.

8 years ago

Sounds cool! But a warning- some people may find they’re sensitive to the cinnamon. Patch test first!

8 years ago

That’s really interesting. I love that you can change the color tone so easily.

8 years ago

Does this stain bed sheets or clothes?

6 years ago

Can’t wait to try this! About how much did this cost you to make, and does it expire?

6 years ago

I made this and it does not tint my skin

5 years ago

How many 100g jars does this recipe yield? and How long does this last? Thanks!

5 years ago

Followed the recipe, but the cocoa powder and or cinnamon did not dissolve properly. Maybe better to add to hot shea butter/coconut oil?