New York Minute: Exploring Soho & Nolita

If you find yourself wandering about Soho & Nolita, here are a few places worth checking out!

If I were to be left stranded in any neighborhood in NYC, Soho would be my choice. A place once known for its many artist lofts and galleries hovering high above cobblestone streets has gentrified into a trendy mecca for shopping, dining and people-watching. Even though a good deal of the art scene has migrated over to Chelsea, a good deal remains — and so does its charm.

With the number of boutiques and restaurants popping up on what seems like a daily basis, it’s hard to pick the best of the best. I often find myself with a few free hours when I visit for work and, whatever neighborhood I end up in, I’m always googling fan-favorited spots where I can kill some time. A couple weeks back, I wandered through Soho and into Nolita and discovered some places well worth talking about. Next time you’re South of Houston, stop by some of our favorite spots below!

The Butcher’s Daughter

19 Kenmare Street


It’s a juice bar, cafe, provider of decor inspiration. Don’t let the name fool you…fruits and vegetables are the only cards The Butcher’s Daughter deals out. Fresh produce is prepared into delicious vegetarian dishes and served in a space full of reclaimed wood, decorative greens and natural light. Stop by The Butcher’s Daughter for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The avocado toast is out of this world.



Happy Bones Coffee

394 Broome Street


Just around the corner from The Butcher’s Daughter is Happy Bones, a creative space that supports local artists and serves up stellar coffee while remaining rooted in their New Zealand culture. Giving back to the community is important to Happy Bones, so a percentage of their profits goes to Free Arts NYC. Not to mention, they have a pretty fun Instagram feed.


239 Centre Street


If you need a place to catch up with an old friend, relax and/or get some work done, Maman is just the spot. This bakery and cafe prepares family-inspired recipes from the South of France and North America. Once you order, make your way to the back of the cafe for a room that’s covered in hanging botanicals and cast in a glow of twinkle lights. Make sure to check out the bathroom, too, each wall covered in decorative framed portraits. Try the Pistachio bread!



Free People Soho

99 Spring Street


(Image Source)

If you find yourself near the corner of Spring & Mercer Street, stop in to Free People Soho! Our fall displays will put you in the holiday spirit, as you’re outfitted by one of our talented store stylists!



(image source)

Warm is one of those boutiques where you’ll want to purchase just about everything. Much of the store is inspired by sunshine, travel and mountains, and the owners (who met in Hawaii while surfing) are all about hand-touched details. Pick up a book, coconut-infused perfume, or any other items that have all been kissed with a little warmth.

+What are your favorite spots in SoHo & Nolita? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. These are all of my favorite places, but this neighborhood is Nolita, not SoHo!

    Two Hands, Public and the Elizabeth Street Garden are pretty dreamy too.

  2. i would absolutely love to go to New York, such a dreammm. OMG imagine going to new york dressed head to toe in Free People… WHAT A DREAM

  3. thank you very much
    it is good, i like
    i would absolutely love to go to New York, such a dreammm. OMG imagine going to new york dressed head to toe in Free People… WHAT A DREAM

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