Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen: Your 2016 Horoscope Predictions

What does 2016 hold for you? Astrologist Tracy Allen deciphers the stars and predicts what the new year has in store for each sign.

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March 21–April 19

Your ruler, Mars, usually spends a couple of months in each house, but because he’s turning retrograde this year, he’ll be going back and forth between just two houses in your chart for the first nine months of 2016, putting a great deal of emphasis on those areas of life. He begins backpedaling in your expansion house on April 17, and for a month or so after that, you’ll need to be patient with educational challenges, travel difficulties and differences of opinion. As an action-oriented person, it may be hard for you to slow down, but it’s time to tap the brakes and try to gain perspective. Consider whether or not your personal beliefs are serving or hindering your growth. After Mars backs into your sharing sector on May 27, you may have some trouble with trust, closeness, sex, jealousy, give-and-take, joint resources, taxes, insurance, loans, grants, debt, research, secrets, grief, rage, obsession or psychological issues. Delve into the problem and aim to transform it. After Mars moves forward on June 29, the following month may entail an empowering death-and-rebirth process. You’ll be better off for having gone through this and come out on the other side, regenerated. When Mars revisits your expansion house August 2–September 27, you’ll feel lighter and have an urge to travel, grow, broaden your mind and welcome new experiences, especially on September 17, when Mars collaborates with Uranus in Aries. Seek a worthy quest during this time.

Bountiful Jupiter crosses your relationship angle on September 9, where he’ll be hanging out for 13 months, increasing the benefits and appeal of companionship. You might become drawn to foreign cultures and people, and you’re bound to meet more people in general, some of whom can open up a new world to you. One-on-one connections will lead to growth and knowledge. You’ll probably have more faith in humanity and more luck in love. A current relationship may improve, thanks to better understanding. And you could find love while you’re traveling.

With serious Saturn in your philosophy corner until 2018, you’re contemplating the meaning of life; constructing a moral framework for yourself; focusing on learning and synthesizing what you’ve already learned; searching for a connection to something beyond yourself; becoming more aware of patterns and abstract concepts; and possibly dedicating yourself to a path. It’s important to avoid hopelessness, dogmatism, extreme orthodoxy and the assumption that you finally understand everything. Your beliefs should guide you, not confine you. Endeavoring to be a more conscious human being will make you a more responsible citizen of the earth.

Uranus has been shaking up your sign for several years now, and for those of you born roughly between April 5 and April 15, you’ll really start to feel it this year. This revolutionary planet wants you to experiment with your identity and healthy forms of rebellion. You’re apt to become dissatisfied with the status quo and could feel both excitement and anxiety over the chaos of too many possibilities. Uranus will be retrograde from July 29 until December 29, hopefully quelling any disembodiment or instability. Get in touch with your innovative side during this period, but also strive to ground your brilliant ideas. Ponder what changes will have lasting value, and explore your personal potential without overreacting to revelations.

Neptune has been in the last house of your chart for a few years now and will be lingering there until 2025. This transit can trigger uncharacteristic melancholy and wistfulness in you full-steam-ahead Rams. If you feel lost in the existential void at times, try to find some sort of spiritual practice that centers you.

Pluto’s ongoing presence at the top of your chart is slowly—and perhaps painfully—shifting your life direction. Your industry of choice may be changing, and you feel compelled to get a grip on your career. Focusing on goals is not a bad idea in itself, but remember that gaining total control over your path is an illusory objective.

Venus graces your sign from April 5 to April 29, increasing your warmth, charm, magnetism and amiability and helping you to feel your most attractive. It’s fairly easy to get along with people, make a favorable impression and enjoy life now. This is your best opportunity to attract what—and whom—you want, so use it well! April 12 and 18 look especially promising.



April 20–May 20

Mercury will be retrograde in Taurus from April 28 until May 22, so some introspection would be in order during that period. Rethink a personal choice or reassess something about yourself. You may feel tongue-tied and misunderstood, so don’t force communication. It’s natural to be more circumspect now. If you need to come to a decision, try to hold off until at least May 22, if not June 8 (when Mercury makes its way back to the point where it started backtracking).

For the first nine months of this year, Mars will be segueing between your one-on-one and sharing houses, placing a great deal of importance on your relationships. Much of your energy will be directed toward others during this time. After Mars goes retrograde on April 17, your efforts to get to the bottom of something, get close to someone or transform the way you assert yourself may start to sputter. Trust, sex, give-and-take, closeness, jealousy, secrets, obsession, shared resources, grief or psychological issues could begin to move in the wrong direction. You might also have difficulty with such matters as research, insurance, taxes, loans, grants, debt or investments. Press pause and consider how something may have gone too far, degenerating into a vicious cycle. Face up to an old wound, loss or fear. If you’re dealing with painful emotions, you may want to consider psychotherapy, especially between March 5 and May 27 or August 2 and September 27. Mars backs into your one-on-one house on May 27, pushing you to learn how to air your grievances and work through conflicts. The momentum of a significant relationship may slow in June–July, you may project your frustrations onto others or you may reconnect with people from the past. Reevaluate your closest connections and consider which ones you should continue to pursue or maintain and which you should give up on. After Mars turns direct on August 2, you might choose to act on your conclusions.

Jupiter will be retrograde in your joy sector January 7–May 9, which could temper the happy explosion of play, creativity, romance and self-expression that’s been going on since last August. Hopefully, you’ve been learning to enjoy life more and finding the courage to be your authentic self. You feel freer to wear your heart on your sleeve and let your personality flower. The retrograde is an ideal time to revise a creative project. And the slower pace should give you a chance to ponder what makes you happiest, what gives you the most pleasure, what you truly want. You’re loosening up, but you don’t need to say yes to everything. But do stay optimistic about fulfilling your potential and continue to take chances. After Jupiter moves on to your efficiency zone on September 9, where he’ll remain until October 2017, you’ll aim to get more out of your day. Welcome bigger responsibilities, seek more meaningful work (but be willing to simply do more work) and strive to improve your diet, health, fitness, habits, skills and time management. This is likely to be a busy time.

Saturn’s visit to your depth sector continues until 2018, handing out difficult lessons about loss, intimacy and making relationships work. It’s appropriate in the next couple of years for you to work through your fears, probe into unresolved psychological complexes and leave them behind you. Endeavor to come to terms with other people’s needs and values and learn how to merge yours with theirs successfully.

Uranus has been doing his best to awaken your subconscious and bring about liberating shifts within you, while Neptune is luring you to be of service to the world. Your friendships and affiliations with various groups seem to ebb and flow as you seek more profound, organic connections. And Pluto may have generated a crisis of faith, leading you to conquer beliefs that don’t serve your growth and then give birth to a new vision.

Your ruling planet, Venus, graces your sign from April 29 to May 24, increasing your warmth, charm, magnetism and amiability and helping you to feel your most attractive. It’s fairly easy to get along with people, make a favorable impression and enjoy life now. This is your best opportunity to attract what—and whom—you want, so use it well! May 9, 10 and 13 look especially promising.



May 21–June 20

In case you want to plan ahead, here are the dates when your ruling planet, Mercury, turns retrograde in 2016: January 5–25, April 28–May 22, August 30–September 22 and December 19–January 8, 2017. Yes, that little trickster planet manages to squeeze four retrogrades instead of three into the upcoming calendar year! By now, you probably know the drill. Don’t make any life-changing decisions or major purchases (especially technology) during Merc retro, and avoid signing contracts. Expect the usual communication and travel snafus, and try to be patient.

From now until late September, Mars will be bouncing back and forth between your productivity and relationship houses, highlighting very different themes. Between April 17 and May 27, progress in a close relationship may slow, or you might renew ties with people from the past. There’s a danger of displacing anger and frustrations onto others now and thinking you’re encountering conflict when you may actually be instigating it, so try to be conscious of your behavior and the real motives behind it. Work on getting problems out in the open and resolving them. Evaluate your close relationships and ask yourself if you’re willing to continue on with all of them. You may decide to put more effort into one or end one, and both actions are best left until August–September. Between May 27 and June 29, you probably won’t be as productive as you’d like. Try to eliminate bad habits and time wasters and contemplate how you might do certain things more effectively. Assess the level of passionate engagement in your job and your daily life, and consider exactly how your time and energy should be spent.

With Jupiter currently in your foundation angle, your home or family may be expanding, you could be relocating, you might be enthused about decorating, and hopefully you’re enjoying underlying feelings of optimism, peace and comfort. You might also be learning about your roots, gaining a better understanding of childhood issues and the past in general or meeting people with whom you feel at home. You should have the support of your family now, and if you need something from them such as a loan or a favor, the best time to ask is between May 9 and September 9 while Jupiter is traveling direct. On September 9, this planet of expansion kicks off a 13-month visit to your joy sector, infusing you with joie de vivre and daring you to take more risks in your life for the sake of happiness. You’re likely to have more luck with love and creativity—and procreativity if you’re trying to conceive. Your enthusiasm for play, humor and affection will make you more expressive, and your personality can really blossom during this period.

Saturn remains in your one-on-one sector until 2018, testing your close connections and getting you to see them as a rather serious matter. A committed relationship, business partnership or best friendship may be growing more solid, signaling that it can stand the test of time. But if you’ve gone through a breakup—or if you go through one in 2016—rest assured that the relationship had truly run its course and the two of you were meant to go your separate ways.

Uranus in your group zone has also been challenging your affiliations, but in a more erratic way. People have probably been fairly unpredictable and even unreliable, and friendships may be coming and going lately. You need to give others as much leeway as you’d like them to give you. Neptune at the top of your chart is fogging up your view of your career path or life direction, and it’s no wonder that you’re confused about where you’re headed. Let go of old ambitions that aren’t relevant to the person you are today. Ponder service to your fellow living beings or the planet as a worthwhile objective. You might choose to pursue a metaphysical vocation now.

Venus graces your sign from May 24 to June 17, increasing your warmth, charm, magnetism and amiability and helping you to feel your most attractive. It’s fairly easy to get along with people, make a favorable impression and enjoy life now. This is your best opportunity to attract what—and whom—you want, so use it well! June 6 and 12 look especially promising.



June 21–July 22

Mars spends the first nine months of 2016 segueing between your play and work sectors, giving you alternating urges to enjoy life and get down to business. January 3–March 5 and June 29–August 2 will be periods of bold self-expression, fun, love and creativity when you feel like being yourself, showing your feelings and pursuing what pleases you. March 5–April 17 and August 2–September 27 will be periods of working hard at your job, checking things off your to-do list, getting healthy and fit and leading a productive daily life. You’ll find it somewhat easier to focus on the tasks and responsibilities that you need to attend to. But in between these periods, Mars will be traveling retrograde, making it more challenging to do what you intend to do. From April 17 to May 27, you won’t feel very efficient. Look at how you spend your days and figure out ways to better utilize your time and energy down the road. You may need to redo things and revisit problems during this time. This is a great opportunity to finally put a stop to a bad habit. From May 27 to June 29, romance, fun and creativity may not come so easy. You could feel your zest for life waning now. Try revising a creative project or rediscovering an old source of pleasure. Reconsider your pursuit of happiness. Are you chasing the right things and people? Wait until Mars turns direct on June 29 to act on your insights.

With Jupiter in your cognition-and-communication zone for much of the year, your mind and everyday life are probably pretty busy. Gathering information, learning, writing, improving your community and your self-expression, being in touch with lots of people, traveling and thinking optimistically are all emphasized. On September 9, Jupiter enters the part of your chart that is naturally associated with Cancerian matters. So the rest of the year could involve home improvements or a move; a growing family; learning more about your roots; understanding the past—and possibly a childhood issue—better; meeting people with whom you feel at home; an underlying sense of peace, comfort and optimism; and getting support from your family, such as a loan. The next 13 months can bring personal growth and a feeling of wellbeing, particularly if you get in touch with your emotions and memories and strive to understand yourself and how you got to the point where you are now.

Saturn will be lingering in your duties house until 2018, compelling you to buckle down and do what you have to do. Try to take care of your health and keep a steady schedule. Respect the limits of the body, and conserve your energy when you need to. Dedicate yourself to some form of self-improvement, and don’t cut corners. Refine your skills, and have the humility to do necessary work without acclaim. Become a more disciplined, responsible, patient, persistent, useful person. And don’t give in to boredom!

Thanks to Uranus’s ongoing presence in your ambition angle, you could very well be bored with your career, your goals or the direction your life seems to be heading in. Allow for more flexibility in the objectives you set for yourself. You may need to pursue a variety of aspirations in order to remain stimulated, but you should try to pair that freedom with the diligent work ethic that Saturn is instilling in you. Neptune has been dissolving old beliefs, and you may be in the process of becoming more spiritual or more confused. Studying a metaphysical or mystical subject, opening your mind to foreign ideas, religions and philosophies and opening your heart to people who may seem completely different from you will help you to feel connected to something beyond yourself. Pluto in your one-on-one corner has been transforming your relationships; try not to resist a change or ending in a specific connection or a shift in the general dynamic between you and others.

Venus graces your sign from June 17 to July 12, increasing your warmth, charm, magnetism and amiability and helping you to feel your most attractive. It’s fairly easy to get along with people, make a favorable impression and enjoy life now. This is your best opportunity to attract what—and whom—you want, so use it well! June 27, July 1 and July 6 look especially promising.



July 23–August 22

With Mars jumping back and forth between your foundation and fun corners for the first nine months of this year, you’ll alternate between focusing on home and family and getting out and enjoying life. You’ll start off 2016 working on your home or working from home and dealing with family matters or issues with someone you live with. Then from March 5 until April 17, you’ll start to feel more like playing and doing whatever you please. Your energy will be geared toward recreation, creativity, love and self-expression during those weeks. But when Mars goes retrograde in that house April 17–May 27, it could feel like a buzzkill. It won’t be nearly as easy to do as you please and get what you want. In that phase, you may want to revise a creative project, revive a previous source of pleasure such as a hobby and reconsider how you spend your free time. Perhaps you’re wasting some of your energy on people and/or activities that don’t make you happy. Try to reconnect with your true personality and find better paths to fulfillment. How can you direct your drive so that you’re expressing who you really are? A key question now: Is my heart really in it? From May 27 until June 29, Mars heads back down to the bottom of your chart again, and you may rehash an old family conflict, stay home and rest more, reevaluate your living situation, contemplate redecorating and start opening up an old wound from childhood. Your emotions may feel a bit unstable during this time, as repressed anger is likely to start churning inside you. Tune into your feelings and sit with them rather than reacting to them. Don’t implode; make a concerted effort to comfort yourself. You’ll gradually feel better after Mars turns direct at the end of June, allowing you to make some progress and possibly institute some changes.

Jupiter is still in your worth house, encouraging you to make full use of your talents; take reasonable, calculated risks to make more money; open up a new stream of income; try your luck at the lottery; grow your self-esteem; utilize all of the resources at your disposal; and aspire to be self-sufficient. If you’ve been overspending, Jupiter’s retrograde phase January 7–May 9 is a good time to review your budget and make adjustments. The planet of prosperity lands in your cognition-and-communication sector on September 9 for a 13-month stay. Positive thinking, travel, confident self-expression, writing, growing the circle of people you’re in touch with, broadening your mind and improving your community are all worthy aspirations while Jupiter visits this part of your chart.

Saturn’s presence in your joy sector is compelling you to commit to your personal fulfillment. You’re taking yourself, your love life and your creative potential more seriously and probably taking a more disciplined approach to your pursuit of happiness. You’re determined to get more out of life and express who you truly are, and spontaneous fun isn’t really the point of all this. You’re following your heart in a more resolute way now. You’re working for your happiness, conquering the fear of being yourself and manifesting the treasure that lies deep within you.

Uranus may be giving you the urge to gain more independence through education or travel. And he’s also shaking up your worldview and getting you to step back and look at the big picture with fresh eyes. August 16 would be a good day to get rid of an old belief that has constrained your identity and embrace a new mantra that fosters a truer self-image. Neptune in your depth house could be drawing you to a mystery, creating a longing for intimacy and possibly confusing you about trust and sharing. Sex without a spiritual connection may seem lacking now. Meanwhile, Pluto is compelling you to revamp your health, your work or your daily life so you can do what you’re meant to do.

Venus graces your sign from July 12 to August 5, increasing your warmth, charm, magnetism and amiability and helping you to feel your most attractive. It’s fairly easy to get along with people, make a favorable impression and enjoy life now. This is your best opportunity to attract what—and whom—you want, so use it well! July 20 and 31 look especially promising.



August 23–September 22

In case you want to plan ahead, here are the dates when your ruling planet, Mercury, turns retrograde in 2016: January 5–25, April 28–May 22, August 30–September 22 and December 19–January 8, 2017. Yes, that little trickster planet manages to squeeze four retrogrades instead of three into the upcoming calendar year! By now, you probably know the drill. Don’t make any life-changing decisions or major purchases (especially technology) during Merc retro, and avoid signing contracts. Expect the usual communication and travel snafus, and try to be patient.

The karmic north node of the moon is in your sign throughout 2016, portending beneficial connections that bring opportunities into your life. People will rely on you more, as the north node is rather like a beacon. You’ll gain confidence and receive recognition between now and May 2017.

Until late September, Mars will be segueing between your thinking-and-talking house and your foundation angle. From January 3 to March 5, your brain and your daily life should be busy. Get active in your community, do things with siblings or neighbors and assert yourself in conversations. Between March 5 and April 17, refocus your energy on working from home or on your home, dealing with family or domestic matters and doing something to give yourself a sense of stability or comfort. From April 17 until May 27, you could feel irritable while Mars travels retrograde in that part of your chart. Anger or hurt from childhood could bubble up, an old family problem could resurface and you may need to reevaluate your living situation. Don’t ignore your emotional state, but don’t overreact to it either. Try to sort through your feelings, so they don’t impact your behavior unintentionally. Give yourself some TLC, and carve out quiet time at home. From May 27 until June 29, you should rethink a course of action, a conflict with a sibling or a writing project. Expect some miscommunication, and don’t lash out. Consider your habitual modes of thinking and communicating and how you could change them for the better. The tension in your brain and your speech should start to abate after Mars resumes forward motion at the end of June. After that, you can attempt to make gradual progress in some of the areas mentioned above.

Jupiter turns retrograde in Virgo January 7–May 9, slowing the pace of your personal growth. If you’ve been saying yes to everything and trying to pack too much into your life, these months will allow you a bit of breathing room so you can reassess which opportunities and aspirations mean the most to you. You’ve been taking more chances in a quest to expand your world and explore new possibilities of who you can be. Now you should take stock of how far you’ve come since last August when Jupiter showed up in your sign. March 16 and June 26 stand out as days when you might really everything coming together. May 9–September 9 will be your time to wrap up what you’ve started and make the most of all that you’ve learned. On September 9, Jupiter enters your worth corner for a 13-month visit. During that time, you’ll turn your attention to growing your income, improving your self-esteem, maximizing your resources, making better use of your talents and aiming to be more self-sufficient.

With Saturn camped out in your foundation angle all year, you could be taking on responsibility in your home or family or dealing with a hardship in those areas. Try to come to terms with the past, family patterns and your sense of belonging to (as well as your sense of separateness from) your family. Organize your living space. Become more accountable for your own safety and comfort.

The solar eclipse in Virgo on September 1 prompts a notable personal reinvention that will help you to clarify your identity. This could mark a turning point that pushes you to leave the past in the past and decide you are going to be moving forward.

Venus graces your sign from August 5 to August 29, increasing your warmth, charm, magnetism and amiability and helping you to feel your most attractive. It’s fairly easy to get along with people, make a favorable impression and enjoy life now. This is your best opportunity to attract what—and whom—you want, so use it well! August 17 and 27 look especially promising.



September 23–October 22

Mars charges into your worth house on January 3 for a two-month stay, pushing you to take action regarding your finances and possessions. And then from March 5 until April 17, he’ll be progressing through your thinking-and-talking sector, getting you to think on your feet and assert yourself verbally. But from April 17 to May 27, he’ll be backtracking in that part of your chart, which could trigger mental agitation, argumentativeness and misunderstandings. Revise a writing project, rethink a course of action or reconcile with a sibling or neighbor. Examine the way you typically think and talk and consider what you might want to change. Mars moves back into your worth house on May 27, where he’ll remain retrograde until June 29. During that time, you should get rid of clutter, reevaluate your financial strategy, contemplate how your self-esteem impacts your behavior and avoid fighting over money, values and possessions. You should also guard against impulse spending that month. In July, you might implement changes that you decided upon in June, and in August and September, you can get back to working on issues related to your talking and thinking. At that point, you’ll feel better able to express yourself and think straight.

Jupiter is finishing up his trip around your chart, remaining in the last house until September. You’re learning things from your dreams and experiencing private revelations and spiritual and internal growth. Something inspiring may be swirling around in your imagination. You could make a selfless sacrifice for the benefit of someone else. Or you might seek a spiritual guide and gain an underlying sense of faith. On September 9, Jupiter moves into Libra for a 13-month stay, inspiring a personal journey. You’re called to be optimistic; take chances; seize opportunities; say yes to more; expand your identity; travel; get to know yourself better; seek out unfamiliar ideas and beliefs, foreign cultures and different people; study; honor how free you are; and open yourself up to all the possibilities of the world that can inform who you’re becoming. Note that November 24 and December 26 may require you to dial it down a bit, but in general, Jupiter in Libra translates to tremendous growth.

Saturn, on the other hand, is making you more focused, discerning and serious-minded. Your thinking is becoming more disciplined, but it may also be more cautious, self-defeating, insecure and negative. Use Saturn’s containment more to your advantage by organizing your ideas, concentrating on particular studies or writing and developing a more mature attitude. Speak responsibly, making sure you know what you’re talking about and saying it the way you intend to say it. Be honest and straightforward, not passive-aggressive. Like the retrograde phase of Mars, Saturn is making you much more aware of how you think and talk.

The lunar eclipse in Libra on March 23 represents a personal turning point, and although you may feel highly emotional, this shift can be a positive one. Try to recognize what seems like too much now, because it’s probably time to let go of something—or possibly someone.

Uranus in your others angle can make it seem like people are entering and exiting your life rather hastily, and it can definitely cause you to encounter more unusual and volatile people. One or more close relationships could seem unstable, taking on a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. It’s also possible that you’ve formed a partnership that is unconventional in some way. Neptune will remain in your wellness corner until 2025, coaxing you to make the mind-body-spirit connection and maybe getting you interested in alternative health. A daily spiritual practice can help ease stress. With Pluto hanging out at the bottom of your chart, there’s a death-and-rebirth process going on inside you that will irrevocably move you away from the past and compel you to transform your foundation. Family issues or a domestic crisis may be preventing peace and quiet, and repressed rage could be disturbing your emotional state. Try not to gloss over such difficulties, and accept the inevitability of change.

Your ruling planet, Venus, graces your sign from August 29 to September 23, increasing your warmth, charm, magnetism and amiability and helping you to feel your most attractive. It’s fairly easy to get along with people, make a favorable impression and enjoy life now. This is your best opportunity to attract what—and whom—you want, so use it well! September 7 and 19 look especially promising.



October 23–November 21

Your co-ruling planet Mars spends several months of 2016 in your sign, pushing you to be proactive about tackling your agenda. From January 3 to March 5, he’s moving forward in Scorpio, allowing you to make significant progress. You have the energy, passion and assertiveness to get a lot done now. Just be careful not to steamroll people. Work independently if your drive and determination seem to be affecting others. January 18 in particular is a day to do everything in your power to manifest a dream. Between March 5 and April 17, Mars moves forward in your worth house, prompting you to take action related to finances, possessions, talents, values, self-worth and material needs. After he turns retrograde in that house on April 17, you should declutter, examine how your self-worth affects your behavior, reassess your financial strategy, try not to argue over money and things and watch out for impulse spending. Then Mars backs into Scorpio on May 27, where he’ll remain retrograde until June 29, signaling that you need to revisit your personal agenda and get in touch with your inner will, neglected passions and bottled-up anger. Try not to displace aggression and explode or implode. Accept the slower pace and a certain degree of frustration. Try to home in on a fiery sensation within you and stoke the flames. It’s natural to feel apathetic during this period, and it’s appropriate to question what you’re doing. Inquire into your own motives, try to locate the source of your willpower, contemplate what drives you and the route you take from intent to action. As Mars gets back up to speed in July, you’ll feel your energy releasing, and you should try to reengage your will more appropriately than before, based on what you discovered during the retrograde phase.

Jupiter is in your group zone, expanding your network, supporting your friendships and raising the potential for learning from your various associations with others. Let people inspire you to aim higher in the objectives you’re setting for the future, and have faith in teamwork. Pursue humanitarian aims and join charitable organizations. When Jupiter segues into the last house of your chart on September 9, your internal faith takes on a new importance, and you may seek a spiritual guide, as you’ll be more attuned to the metaphysical world. You might grow as a result of selflessness or sacrifice, and you’ll feel more connected to a higher power. Jupiter can unlock the doors to your unconscious, open up your imagination and heighten your intuition.

With constrictive Saturn in your worth house until 2018, you could be feeling the pinch in your income or budget. Saturn is compelling you to get your finances in order—something that will be to your benefit in the long run. Control your spending; keep a detailed budget; take stock of your resources, recognizing all of your assets; examine the basis of your self-esteem; and clarify your personal values and needs. Try not to be overly self-critical, and don’t dwell on limitations and lack.

Omnipotent Pluto is empowering your mind, but he’s also generating deep, dark thoughts and possibly trouble with a sibling or in your community. He’ll be retrograde from April 18 to September 26, which could quell a crisis brewing in your head and cause you to become even more private and introspective. Try not to force yourself—or be forced into—any big decisions during that time.

Uranus is still in your efficiency corner, giving you an urge for more freedom and variety in your job or in your daily life. And he’s probably throwing a wrench into these areas to shake them up and instigate change. Despite your strong will, it’s been challenging to control your schedule, health, energy level, habits and work, and this fact has compelled you to be flexible. With Neptune in your happiness sector, you’re longing for inspired creativity, romantic love, a joyous and playful spirit, personal fulfillment and an exquisite experience of uniting with someone who fills your heart. Don’t doubt that you deserve to be happy and loved.

Venus graces your sign from September 23 to October 18, increasing your warmth, charm, magnetism and amiability and helping you to feel your most attractive. It’s fairly easy to get along with people, make a favorable impression and enjoy life now. This is your best opportunity to attract what—and whom—you want, so use it well! October 1 and 5 look especially promising.



November 22–December 21

Mars lingers in Sagittarius for a total of nearly five months in 2016. Usually he visits a sign for about two months, but this year, he’s turning retrograde. This action-oriented planet backtracks less than any other planet, spending more than 90 percent of his time moving forward. In January and February, he’s challenging you to finish things up and work behind the scenes without expecting much credit. He arrives in Sag on March 5, giving you the momentum to further your own interests and prove yourself. Operate independently if possible so you don’t end up dominating others. This is a time for toiling to accomplish your own goals. But after Mars goes retrograde on April 17, you could become frustrated by a lack of progress and get mad at yourself. The next several weeks call for you to go back over what you’ve done and plug some holes. Question what you’re doing and figure out what motivates you. If you feel uninspired and you’re postponing doing things you thought you wanted to do, try to tap into your passion and ambition and contemplate how best to channel your energy. Mars sneaks back into your subliminal sector on May 27, increasing the odds that you’ll work against yourself. Confront self-defeating patterns and repressed anger. Try to catch yourself when you’re behaving in a way you don’t intend to, and endeavor to understand your hidden motives better. After Mars goes direct on June 29, the tension inside you should start to ease, but you may still feel a bit frustrated until Mars moves back into your sign on August 2, helping you to fully engage your will and direct your energy with intention. You’ll have until September 27 to tackle your personal agenda, and you’re likely to accomplish plenty. Note that you could get off-track on August 26, and September 17 should be an inspiring day.

Jupiter is at the top of your chart, amplifying your aspirations and hopefully bringing some professional or public recognition your way. When Jupiter goes retrograde from January 7 until May 9, pause to consider your list of goals and pare it down to the most meaningful ones. Jupiter will only be in that house for another four months after turning direct in May, so you’d do well to focus your ambition. On September 9, your ruling planet moves on to your hopes-and-humanity zone for a 13-month visit, bringing new people into your life and encouraging you to set your sights on fresh interests and objectives. Professional networking, friendship, philanthropic aims and teamwork are all favored.

With Saturn in Sagittarius until 2018, you’ve been unlearning inaccurate aspects of your self-image and structuring your identity more definitively in an effort to achieve success in the world. In the process, you may have felt tired, isolated, overworked and perhaps even uncharacteristically gloomy. Without the false appearance of an outworn persona, you seem unprotected, but you’re developing greater strength rooted in the integrity of your true self. For those of you born in the first half of December, you’ll finally feel the effects of this Saturn transit more acutely in 2016. The taskmaster planet will be retrograde March 25–August 13, giving you a chance to assess your growth and recalibrate if necessary so you can continue to develop. A couple of years from now, you’ll be more mature, responsible, authoritative and self-possessed.

On a lighter note, Uranus in your self-expression corner has been busy stimulating your creativity and prodding you to be spontaneous, enjoy life and love with abandon. Romances may seem to start suddenly or end abruptly, due to Uranus’s spur-of-the-moment nature. Neptune in your foundation angle may mean you’re taking care of a family member or your living situation is in flux. And there’s a vague vulnerability or discontent inside you that you need to soothe. Pluto could be tearing down and rebuilding your finances and pushing you to be less wasteful. Try not to get too anxious over what you have or what you need; this is a long-term process.

Venus graces your sign until January 23 and then again from October 18 to November 11, increasing your warmth, charm, magnetism and amiability and helping you to feel your most attractive. It’s fairly easy to get along with people, make a favorable impression and enjoy life now. This is your best opportunity to attract what—and whom—you want, so use it well! January 12, October 26 and November 5 look especially promising.



December 22–January 19

Mercury will be retrograde in Capricorn January 8–25 and December 19–January 8, so expect crossed wires and questionable judgment during those periods and plan ahead. You may feel somewhat inarticulate and misunderstood, but be patient. These are opportune periods for introspection when you can review personal matters and rethink decisions.

Mars will spend much of 2016 going back and forth between your network and solitude houses, so you may alternate between feeling social and feeling reclusive. In January and February, you should focus on teamwork, professional networking, group activities and humanitarian efforts. Then starting on March 5, direct your energy more toward working behind the scenes and wrapping things up. After Mars turns retrograde at the end of your chart on April 17, your momentum is apt to slow significantly, and the odds of shooting yourself in the foot go up. So you need to take a hard look at self-defeating behavior and try to get to the bottom of your motives. If you’re feeling apathetic, try to tap into repressed anger—where some of your energy is bound to be trapped. Don’t give in to guilt and despair. Examine what you’ve been stuffing down inside you to avoid dealing with it. Rest assured that everyone will be fighting an internal war of sorts during the Mars retrograde. Try to maintain as much self-awareness as possible, since you might do things you didn’t intend to for reasons you don’t understand. It’s appropriate to retreat and grapple with old wrongdoings and wounds and harbored animosities. If your ambition has gone underground, endeavor to find the roots of your drive and repair them, so to speak. When Mars backs into your network house on May 27, you might reconnect with friends and professional contacts from your past. Avoid becoming overly reactive with people and getting into arguments. Review your friendships, affiliations with organizations, new interests and goals, then consciously direct your actions as well as you can after Mars resumes forward motion on June 29. Mars lands in Capricorn on September 27 and hangs around until November 8, giving you a major energy boost so you can tackle your personal agenda and further your own interests. Work independently if you can, because you’re likely to come on quite strong during this phase, especially on October 19 when Mars joins forces with Pluto.

Pluto’s ongoing presence in Capricorn will be felt most acutely in 2016 by those of you born roughly between January 5 and January 8. Thanks to the death-and-rebirth planet, you’re slowly reinventing yourself, whether you want to or not. This intense personal transformation is a private, internal process that is creating a compulsion to control things. You may feel the urge to control yourself, your success, your interactions, your environment—even other people. With Pluto turning retrograde April 18–September 26, it would be a good idea to press pause and contemplate how this big shift is going and how you feel about it.

Your ruling planet, Saturn, will remain in the last house of your chart until 2018, also emphasizing your inner life. You’re getting closure on something; learning not to self-sabotage; taking your dreams, imagination and spirituality more seriously; working through issues in your subconscious; developing a disciplined practice that centers you; starting to experience the erosion of your old identity; requiring more rest; disengaging from others’ expectations to some degree; and beginning to see your role differently. Try not to fear the isolation and endings that accompany this transit. Use Saturn’s retrograde phase from March 25 until August 13 to reflect and release.

Jupiter is in your exploration zone, inspiring you to travel and study, welcome mind-opening experiences and interact with people from different backgrounds who can teach you more about the world. Jupiter can infuse you with faith and optimism, broadening and brightening your vision. On September 9, the planet of expansion crosses your ambition angle—the part of your chart that’s associated with Capricorn matters—and this 13-month transit will further amplify your aspirations and hopefully bring career opportunities and public or professional recognition.

Venus graces your sign January 23–February 16 and November 11–December 7, increasing your warmth, charm, magnetism and amiability and helping you to feel your most attractive. It’s fairly easy to get along with people, make a favorable impression and enjoy life now. This is your best opportunity to attract what—and whom—you want, so use it well! January 30, February 7 and 10 and November 19 look especially promising.



January 20–February 18

With Mars spending the better part of 2016 taking turns in your ambition and network sectors, your focus will shift back and forth between goals and groups. In January and February, you’ll be striving to achieve your aims and to gain public or professional recognition. But starting on March 5, teamwork, professional networking, socializing and humanitarian endeavors become more important. Mars goes retrograde there on April 17, which could cause problems with friends or organizations with which you’re affiliated. This is a good time for reconnecting with people, reviewing your newest interests and objectives and evaluating where certain friendships and ties to groups are headed. You may be able to avoid interpersonal conflicts by trying not to misdirect your frustrations and by being aware of others’ tendency to do so during the retrograde. Mars backs into your ambition angle on May 27, calling for you to reconsider your goals. Make sure not to step on an authority figure’s toes in June by pushing too hard. If accomplishment is elusive now, it’s not because someone is preventing you from succeeding. Question the validity of the objectives you’ve set for yourself. Figure out what motivates you, what you’re passionate about, what you’re most driven to accomplish and why. Maybe you need to reformulate your goals so they’re more aligned with who you are today and what really gets you fired up. After Mars begins to move forward again on June 29, you can gradually implement changes and finally see some progress. With Mars back in your network house August 2–September 27, start working with others more and make things right with a friend if you’ve quarreled. Mars lands in Aquarius on November 8, where he’ll be boosting your energy until December 19. Go after what you want during this period and prove what you can do. Work alone rather than force your personal agenda on others.

Jupiter will stay in your sharing sector for the first several months of the year, encouraging you to help someone get what they want or support someone in their efforts to make money. Your sex life and psychological wellbeing have hopefully benefited from Jupiter’s stay here, and you’ve probably gained something from outside resources, trust and interdependence. When Jupiter segues into your exploration zone for a 13-month visit on September 9, you’ll be inspired to break out of a rut or routine and broaden your horizons. This is a time for optimism, vision, faith, travel, learning, new experiences, exploring foreign ideas and beliefs and meeting different people. Opening up your world in such ways will allow you to grow past the boundaries that you’ve unconsciously set for yourself. Freedom, risk and adventure are all favored now.

Saturn remains in your group corner until 2018, compelling you to network, turn your attention to new interests, join organizations, come up with new dreams, collaborate with other people and contribute to causes. You’re figuring out your role with others, becoming more accountable to humanity through various commitments, trying to gain approval from society and clarifying which direction to take next.

Uranus is in your mindset house, bringing changes with your siblings and in your thinking. Your general attitude and everyday life may seem to be all over the place, keeping you on your toes. You’re looking at life with fresh eyes. Some of your discoveries have been exciting; others have been disconcerting. When Uranus turns retrograde from July 29 to December 29, your anxiety should ease a bit. The speed of your thoughts and your daily life will slow down enough for you to catch your breath, consider what you’ve learned and reorient yourself.

Neptune may be depleting your funds, weakening your self-esteem and causing confusion over material needs, possessions, assets, values and finances. Try not to deceive yourself or allow yourself to be deceived, and don’t surrender to a fear of lack and loss. Focus on attracting what you want, using your talents for a higher purpose, creating a more profound definition of wealth and centering your self-worth in your soul.

Venus graces your sign February 16–March 12 and December 7–January 3, 2017, increasing your warmth, charm, magnetism and amiability and helping you to feel your most attractive. It’s fairly easy to get along with people, make a favorable impression and enjoy life now. This is your best opportunity to attract what—and whom—you want, so use it well! February 29, March 2 and December 25 look especially promising.



February 19–March 20

The karmic south node of the moon will be in Pisces throughout 2016, reminding you that you need to lean on others sometimes. Get past your ego and admit that you need help, try to avoid extreme neediness and dependence. Recognize that your path of growth lies in your relationships with others now. A solar eclipse in your sign on March 8 is like a supercharged new moon, pushing you to reinvent yourself in a big way. Those of you born within a few days of the 8th will feel it the most. Ponder how you might release part of your old identity and move forward with a healthier self-image that can change how you interact with others and how you’re perceived. The Pisces lunar eclipse on September 16 is likely to exacerbate your emotions, but with Mercury retrograde at the time, expressing how you feel may not lead to mutual understanding. Take note of what’s pushing you over the edge, and contemplate letting something or someone go. But don’t do anything about it right then; wait until the dust settles and you can think more clearly. Spend quiet time by yourself to de-stress.

Neptune remains in Pisces until 2025, emphasizing the best and worst of your sign. Fishes born in the last few days of February and the first few days of March will feel the effects the most this year. Neptune is making you ultra imaginative, intuitive and spiritual but also ultra spacey, sensitive and escapist. Try not to hold onto the negative energy that you take in. Avoid being a martyr or a victim and wallowing in hopelessness. Don’t get lost in your dreams. Convert them into a map for real life. And use Neptune’s retrograde phase from June 13 to November 19 to make sure you’re on track—not wandering aimlessly.

With Mars jumping between your exploration and ambition houses from January 3 until late September, your efforts will segue from learning to doing and back again. In January–February, you’ll be emboldened to take a trip, fight for your beliefs, pursue new experiences and relationships with unfamiliar people and get out of your routine. From March 5 to April 17, you’ll be working hard to achieve your goals and gain recognition. But when Mars turns retrograde, your progress will slow. Modify your frustration when you’re around authority figures. Don’t push for success; ask yourself what success means to you. This is a period for evaluating your goals and deciding which of them you should continue to pursue and which you should cast aside. Get in touch with the source of your ambition, figure out what motivates you and contemplate the direction you’re headed in. Is it time for a course correction? After Mars backs into the preceding house on May 27, watch out for differences of opinion and travel and education problems. Consider how your beliefs—conscious and unconscious—affect your behavior and what you can do to change that dynamic. Do your best to gain perspective in June. Mars resumes forward motion on June 29, gradually permitting you to get back to growing and achieving.

Jupiter in your relationship angle is highlighting the importance of learning from others and increasing the benefits and appeal of companionship. You’re meeting more people and hopefully having luck in your love life and your close friendships. A significant relationship may be improving, as you get to know each other better. When Jupiter moves into your sharing sector on September 9 for a 13-month visit, you’ll begin to learn more about trust, give-and-take and intimacy. Aspire to understand the inner workings of relationships and of your own psyche, and have faith in mutual support.

Saturn will be in your ambition angle until 2018, compelling you to earn your success the hard way and work to become a leader, an authority and a mature, responsible person. Make an effort to grasp what is expected of you by your boss, your parents, society—and you. Conquer your fear of failure and put your abilities to the test.

Venus graces your sign from March 12 to April 5, increasing your warmth, charm, magnetism and amiability and helping you to feel your most attractive. It’s fairly easy to get along with people, make a favorable impression and enjoy life now. This is your best opportunity to attract what—and whom—you want, so use it well! March 20 and 26 look especially promising.

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Thank you for this Tracy and Free People!!

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Thank you for the 2016 horoscope…let’s see what happens next!
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thank you great reading and free people…hoping and wishing .x

6 years ago

the 3 i read are al kind of depresing :( hope there is a lot of good en joy in this year to :)

6 years ago

What a cruel and depressing horoscope. Could you have made it any worse?!

6 years ago

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Hey there!
I really enjoy reading this blog! Especially this entry! It’s very interesting to re-read your horoscope in the middle of a year! I love reading my daily horoscope on and when something special is happening I write it down in my diary and also print out the horoscope for this date! So I am always getting better in understanding the real statement out of the horoscopes!
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