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“CorePower Yoga roots an intensely physical workout in the mindfulness of yoga, helping students to change their bodies as well as their lives.”

This post comes from Kathryn Smith, Area Lead Yoga Instructor for CorePower Yoga in Denver, CO.

“As I reflect on the transition of seasons, as temperatures shift down the mercury and life rushes at a heightened holiday pace,  I am even more grateful for my CorePower Yoga practice, as I am again reminded of the two really powerful results of allowing my practice to become a necessary part of my day: more energy + more self-awareness.

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“Energy is just like our muscles — the more energy we use, the more we gain. Often, when the temperatures get colder and our social calendars fill up, we save any down time to stay in, catch up on domestics or be still. CorePower Yoga – not only its physical postures, but also the practice of mindfulness — is a powerful fuel for our lives. By stepping on our mats and moving, moving our bodies and moving our energy, we produce more than had we not done anything at all. Our energy is expanded, and our connection to self is strengthened. This gives us, in the season of giving, self-awareness.

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“Self-awareness is the ability to acknowledge what is best for any situation: our careers, our personal life, our families, our interactions with the world and our interactions with ourselves. Now, more than any time, we need this. The way we view ourselves and our place in this world creates a powerful relationship — it brings clarity to our purpose. Whether it’s the transition into a particular yoga posture, or the arrival at one that we have been attempting for weeks, months, or even years, we strengthen connection to self.  That strength follows us off the mat and helps us handle life’s transitions in the process.”

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CorePower Yoga will be opening their first studio in Philadelphia, PA on December 4 — directly across from the Free People store on Walnut Street! They will also be carrying a selection of FP Movement product, beginning in February!

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If you’re in the area, please stop by and say you’re a friend of Free People’s! Or better yet, sign up for a class, and make that connection to self! It could be one of the best gifts you give yourself this holiday.

Photos courtesy of Luke Gottlieb.

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