Make: Glitter Crystal Ornaments

Make beautiful crystal ornaments that make the perfect little gift! 

When it comes to holiday traditions, collecting ornaments — and the ornaments themselves — can be very symbolic. They can serve as family heirlooms, or be presented as a simple gift, representing a specific time or memory. As determined as I sometimes become in my search to score the perfect one, ornaments can be just as — if not more — fun to make! This year, I decided to find a few beautiful crystals and convert them into ornaments, integrating a little of my favorite shine, aka glitter! Read on to learn how to make these festive crystal pendants…


So first, crystals. Crystals have been used to enhance, protect and heal our being since ancient times. They possess so many meanings and strengths; if you want to give these ornaments away as gifts to friends or family, it’s fun to pick out crystals specific to their personalities! To learn more about crystals, check out these posts here and here.


If you’d rather base your choice strictly on appearances, I found that amethyst, quartz and citrine work great. They come in longer shapes that are best for wrapping and hanging on a tree.

You’ll also need:


Glitter (any kind will work! I used a mixture of black, silver, iridescent, amd our very own Glass Glitter!)


Thin bendable wire in silver or gold (can be found in the jewelry section of most craft stores)

Super glue

Glittering  glue


Step one:

Take a piece of wire and loop it over the top of the crystal, leaving a little bit of space between the actual crystal and wire. Secure the wire to the sides of the crystal with super glue.


Step two: 

Take more of the wire and wrap it around the top of the crystal. This will further secure the wire that was super glued to the sides.


Step three:

Cut another piece of wire and string it through the loop you made in step one, tying the ends together at the top. This will create another loop so the crystal is hangable.


Step four: 

Paint glittering glue to the bottom half of the crystal, or just along the flat facets.


Step five: 

Sprinkle glitter over the glue and wait for glue to dry completely.




They looked so cute hanging from the alternative Christmas tree we made last week!



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8 years ago

That looks so magical! I really love the crystal quartz so this is perfect for me!

8 years ago

This is so beautiful!

8 years ago

Can’t wait to try this!! Where do you get those rings?

8 years ago

This is so cute! love it :)


8 years ago

So beautiful! But how did you get the wire to stick to the crystal with super glue without gluing your fingers to the crystal! My wire wouldn’t stay put. Also how did you secure the wire you wrapped around the top?

8 years ago

very cute idea :) you could also use these as pendents on a necklace!

xoxo, Biene

7 years ago

Awesome job with these ornaments! The glitter is such a cool idea. They really light up the room with their extra sparklyness. Gonna try this for next Christmas. Where’d u get these crystals btw? I absolutely love them!