How To Make An Easy DIY Photo Backdrop For Your NYE Party

Have a projector? You’re one step closer to throwing the ultimate NYE party!

Let’s face it. One thing that should never be absent from a party, especially a New Year’s Eve party, is a photo booth. Dedicating a fun space in which to capture special moments is an easy way to make your party more festive and entertaining. There’s no use in dishing out cash for a professional photo booth when making one yourself is as easy as finding a white wall and getting a little creative. If you haven’t quite figured out how to transform that place into picture-perfect NYE magic, we’ve got a pretty dreamy project for you, and a trip to the craft supply store isn’t even necessary!


If you already have a projector, you’re set. If not, that’s cool, too — think resourcefully. Friend? Friend of a friend? Your local camera store may also have one available for rent.


Next, find some dreamy photographs with lots of color — they’ll look great when projected onto a white wall. Sunsets and landscape photos work perfectly.


I transferred my images onto a USB drive — the projector I was using had one, which made the process so much easier!


Set the projector up on a small table or a chair, and project your images onto the wall. There should be a slideshow setting on the projector — choose that, as it will allow for your photos will alternate. So you can almost create multiple backdrops in one!



I said a trip to the craft store wasn’t necessary but, depending on whether or not you want to incorporate props into the experience, you may decide to pick up a few things.


I decided to paint a few eyes to represent the things that I was “looking” forward to in 2016, but feel free to add whatever props you’d like! Balloons and confetti poppers would be fun, too.




Have fun, and happy 2016!

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That’s actually look pretty cool with all the visual and all the overlays on you. Love it <3 xo

SUCH A GREAT IDEA!! I just got a projector, can’t wait to use it!!

Such a wonderful idea, especially when you can play with the shadows as well! Love it!

this is an extremely cool idea! now i just need to get my handy on a projector :)

xoxo, Biene