Feel Your Best Throughout the Holidays

The holiday season = what a wonderful rollercoaster of emotions.

First you’re excited. Then maybe a little anxious. Then you’re energized, then stressed, then excited again – it’s all part of what makes this time of year so special. But experiencing so much at once can sometimes leave us feeling a little depleted when all is said and done. This year, make it your business to feel your best all the way through – from the very first holiday song to the very last hot toddy. Here are a couple ways to stay feeling your best throughout the season.


Make a list. I am not the type to plan ahead. At all. Ever. But this year I decided to list every person for whom I’m getting a present, and jot down one or two ideas for each one. I’m not going to go crazy and figure out what EXACTLY I’ll get them, or where I’ll get it, or when I’ll do it, or how much it will cost – you have to do the kind of planning that works for you. For me, just knowing that I have a running list of gifts/recipients puts my mind at ease — this makes the physical act of buying gifts seem second-nature.


Keep up the self love. One reason we seem to feel somewhat sh*tty after the holiday whirlwind: during that whirlwind, we’ve put on the backburner things that keep us feeling healthy, happy and at ease. Workouts, yoga, meditation. Even if you can’t dedicate as much time to these as you normally do, make sure you show them some love. Really, you’re dedicating time for self love. Taking time to care for your body, mind and soul will keep you feeling like yourself – like the best version of yourself – all throughout the season. And when the holidays come to an end, you’ll still feel like you.


Bring your own dish. For those of us with restricted diets, special occasions can bring with them a tiny albeit dark cloud of stress and anxiety. Will there be anything there I can eat? Should I say something to the host? Should I just eat beforehand? If you’re visiting a place where dinner and dessert will be served, get in touch with the host beforehand and offer to bring your own dish. Desserts are always the most difficult for me, since I can’t eat sugar, wheat or dairy. Fortunately, there are so many delicious recipes out there that are free of all of those things – and I mean so delicious that you won’t understand why people eat refined sugar to begin with. Experiment in the kitchen until you find a real crowd-pleaser. Come party time, you’ll feel so much more at ease knowing that you can indulge with everyone else.

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Get your rest. Ample sleep offers us a ton of benefits – lots of energy, optimal immune function, and uplifted mood, just to name a few. All of these benefits will keep you feeling on top of the world, so make sure you get lots of rest during the holidays. If that means leaving a party a little early or saying no to your friend’s brother’s office celebration, that is A-OK.


Enjoy yourself. In all truthfulness, the holidays are about spending precious time with the ones we love. Even if your homemade pie burns in the oven, your dress rips, and you forget your cousin’s present at home, no one will care. The love will always be there. At the craziest of times, when your head is spinning and you feel like you might explode, look around and remember gratefulness. You are loved.

+What do you do to feel your best during the holiday season?

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7 years ago

I’m vegan, so I definitely always bring a little lunch box whenever I’m invited to lunch/dinner. Once you get over the awkward part of explaining why you brought your one food to anyone who doesn’t already know it, it really is great not to have to worry about there being something you can eat!
Victoria | Chronicles of a Mermaid

7 years ago

Self love is what I am working on the most this year. Don’t let the holidays stress you out and make you sick! Just be chill.

7 years ago

I usually meet with people and just try to relax during this season! Otherwise it’s just too stressful!

7 years ago

Love this post, I definitely find it important to keep up my self love including my yoga and workout routines!
Kelly xx

7 years ago

What are the names of those shoes in the first picture? SO CUTE!