Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of December 28–January 3

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December 22–January 19

Communication could be complicated this week, with talker Mercury in Capricorn battling doer Mars in your ambition angle. Your words and actions may not match up, or you might provoke someone who has authority over you. So try to be extra conscious of how your words and actions can be interpreted. Thanks to the sun in your sign gelling with Neptune in your cognition zone, your intuition and a take-the-high-road mindset will serve you well. After Mercury moves into your worth house, you should think more about your values, priorities, finances, possessions and resources. Meanwhile, Venus is sneaking into your release corner, coaxing you to loosen your grip on personal desires and social connections and love selflessly and privately. But with Mars arriving in your network sector, some of your energy should be devoted to teamwork, group activities, philanthropic efforts and pursuing new goals.



January 20–February 18

With Mercury in your subliminal corner challenging Mars in your beliefs house this week, you’re apt to say something you didn’t intend to or argue your point of view a bit too forcefully. A difference of opinion can turn into a full-blown argument all too easily when these two planets are quarreling, so try to decide in the moment what’s worth fighting over. Mercury arrives in Aquarius later in the week, helping you to express yourself better and think about personal matters with more objectivity. And with Venus waltzing into your network house, your friendliness will increase and you’ll feel more able to deal with people pleasantly. Mars ascends to your ambition angle this week as well, prompting you to strive to achieve something. Get to work on something that matters to you, and operate independently if possible.



February 19–March 20

The sun in your network house is clicking with Neptune in Pisces this week, giving you a chance to blend seamlessly with others while still being very much yourself. However, Mercury — who’s also in that house — is squabbling with Mars in your sharing sector, so you could disagree with people over a matter of control, trust, money or sex. Or you may be trying to get to the bottom of something, but what you’re hearing from friends doesn’t jibe with your suspicions. Mercury slips into your subliminal corner after that, highlighting your intuition and perhaps persuading you to be quiet. Venus’s arrival in your ambition angle implies your appeal with higher-ups will get a boost and you’ll have an easier time attracting success. With Mars segueing into your exploration zone, it could be time for a trip or another adventure.



March 21–April 19

Mercury is at the top of your chart, and he’s hassling your ruling planet, Mars, in your relationship angle this week. So you might instigate an argument when speaking with a tone of authority or you could be thinking in terms of what you want to accomplish and feel like someone is working at cross-purposes. Talking to higher-ups may be especially tricky. In that scenario, listen to what your intuition tells you about how to shine. After Mercury moves on to your network house, your thoughts will turn to new hopes and objectives and being in contact with friends. Meanwhile, Venus segues into your exploration zone, encouraging you to enjoy places, ideas, beliefs, people and experiences outside your usual purview. And with Mars arriving in your depth corner, it’s time to devote some energy to research, sharing, transformation and sex.



April 20–May 20

A Mercury-Mars skirmish this week suggests that you may be thinking in broad, optimistic terms while your actions are more methodical and cautious. Or perhaps, if you have a lot to do, you’re irritated by the tasks and your mind is elsewhere. And you may have a strong opinion about how things should be done. Try to turn a conflict into a learning experience if you can, and be open to different points of view. After Mercury crosses your ambition angle later in the week, your attention may shift to career planning and your life direction. Venus is moving into your sharing sector, intensifying a relationship or helping you to attract the support that you want. Closeness and trust become extra important and, with Mars entering your partnership house, you’re prompted to assert yourself with other individuals. Don’t go it alone in the coming weeks.



May 21–June 20

Your ruler, Mercury, is in your sharing sector and clashing with Mars in your self-expression house this week, so deep thinking and intimate conversation may conflict with an impulse toward self-gratification and fun. A close relationship could become a battleground if you get irritable and cannot recognize your feelings and modify your behavior. Another possibility is that you intend to concentrate on something or someone and veer off course to chase a whim. Afterwards, Mercury segues into your expansion zone and prompts you to take a broader view of life. Your mind turns to travel, new experiences, abstract ideas, a wider circle of people and seeking truth, meaning and learning. With Venus crossing your one-on-one angle, you’ll feel more able to relate, compromise and express affection. But Mars’s move into your efficiency house prods you to also work hard and get things done.



June 21–July 22

Pay close attention to your underlying emotions this week, because feisty Mars in your family-and-feelings angle is quarreling with verbal Mercury in your relationship corner, and your best chance at avoiding a conflict is to be extra aware of your moods. You’re a naturally moody sign and, with Mars hiding out at the bottom of your chart, compulsive behavior stemming from irritability that you don’t fully understand is common. You might also project your feelings onto others and thus encounter combative people. Soon after, both Mercury and Mars segue into different houses, easing the tension. Your thinking will deepen, encouraging research, introspection and intimate dialogue. But your energy will start to shift from home and family to fun, creativity, love and happiness. Venus’s arrival in your productivity zone coaxes you to do work that you enjoy and to value your health.



July 23–August 22

You could get overstimulated this week when Mercury in your productivity house battles Mars in your mindset corner, pitting one line of thinking against another. You might be trying to concentrate on something, but impatience will pull you off track. You’re identifying strongly with your ideas and opinions now and may become argumentative, especially if you feel criticized. The likelihood of conflicts with siblings, neighbors and coworkers is particularly high. Ask yourself if there’s enough at stake for you to fight. It will feel soothing to simply enjoy a natural feeling of closeness with one person and, when Venus enters your joy sector, you’ll become more inclined to have a good time, be creative and love whom you please. As Mercury crosses your relationship angle, communication should improve, and Mars’s move into your foundation angle pushes you to tackle a domestic project or work from home.



August 23–September 22

This week’s Mercury-Mars squabble could signify a conflict between self-expression and possessiveness. For instance, you might have a disagreement over ownership of a creative idea. Or you may have a concept of fun, happiness or love but don’t have the means to manifest it. Watch out for impulsive spending that stems from thinking that a particular possession will make you happy or will express your identity. Placing spiritual value over monetary value and enjoying companionship with no set expectations will prove rewarding. With Venus arriving in your foundation angle, the pleasures of home and family take on added importance, and you may get into the mood for decorating or entertaining. With Mercury and Mars entering your productivity and communication houses, though, everyday life could become rather busy, and you may be full of ideas you want to act on.



September 23–October 22

With Mercury in your foundation angle challenging Mars in Libra this week, your actions may not sit well with family or part of you may be driven to go, go, go while part of you feels quiet and reflective. There may be pressure building up inside you that needs to be expressed, and it could come out rather explosively if you feel provoked. If your mind is drifting back to the past, pay attention to the feelings attached to memories and how those feelings may be influencing your actions. A conflict with relatives could be rooted in old patterns. As Venus changes signs, love and beauty begin to permeate your mindset, interactions and environment, making daily life more pleasant. And Mercury’s arrival in your joy sector heralds creative and romantic self-expression. Meanwhile, Mars’s move prompts you to tackle issues connected with finances and possessions.



October 23–November 21

A skirmish between Mercury in your cognition-and-communication sector and Mars in your subliminal corner could cause problems for you this week if you can’t get a handle on subconscious anger. You can inadvertently make the wrong impression or slip into regressive behavior patterns. And irritability that’s lingering beneath the surface is apt to affect your conversations and interactions, perhaps leading you to voice thoughts that you had no intention of sharing. After Mercury segues into your foundation angle, you’ll be more in touch with your innermost feelings and should feel better able to convey them. And with Mars entering Scorpio, your drive will increase, enabling you to assert yourself more effectively, tackle your personal agenda, further your own interests and prove yourself. Venus’s move into your worth house encourages you to appreciate what you have and attract what you need.



November 22–December 21

A disagreement between Mercury in your worth corner and Mars in your network house this week implies that your priorities, values or thoughts about money, possessions or personal needs may differ from the actions of a group. It could be hard to coordinate what’s best for you and what’s best for others. Negotiations and transactions will probably be difficult. You may feel like people are encroaching on your territory, and you may resent group pressures. But after Venus enters Sagittarius, you’ll find it much easier to get along with people and get what you want. Your charm, attractiveness and appeal will receive a welcome boost, and Mercury’s move into your cognition-and-communication sector will sharpen your thinking and your ability to get your message across. Mars is also on the move, prompting you to work behind the scenes without credit for awhile.


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