French Made

Take a lesson in French etiquette with Sabrina Nait!

This post comes from our assistant in-house videographer, Christian.

When has France not been our standard-bearer for taste and fashion?

Those minimal stripes, textured designs and perfect accessories all scream timeless, classic and still somehow eternally forward.

LOOK 3 17520-layers

Get the look: Giselle Wrap , Off Duty Lieutenant Hat, Levi’s Fall Mist Slouchy Flare, Modern Muse Print Blouse

But while throwing on a few smartly selected pieces can have you channeling your inner Brigitte Bardot, it’s that famed, time-honored French etiquette that can be tougher for those of us on this side of the pond to master these days.

Lucky for us, Sabrina Nait took some time from shooting our French Made story before heading back to the City of Light, to give us a little lesson in Franco-decorum for the modern girl.

(Well, her version, at least…)

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7 years ago

What a cute look! Definitely stealing the look for sure, it’s so pretty!

7 years ago

Sabrina is one of my favorite models!!!

Love this

7 years ago

Wonderful style, wonderful video!

7 years ago

She’s gorgeous!