Listen Up

When was the last time you truly LISTENED?

In a world filled with so much stimulation, we can sometimes become numb to our own senses without even realizing – namely, the sense of hearing. We hear words as they’re spoken, music as it’s played, background noises off in the distance. But when was the last time we truly listened? There are so many sounds – beautiful, calming sounds – surrounding us at all times. And these sounds contain the power to bring us deeply into the present moment. All we have to do is pay attention.

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Listen to the sound of your feet on the earth. Whether heeled boots on cobblestone or bare feet on moss, allow these sounds to ground you; to connect you with your body…the earth…the life all around you.

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Touch something. Anything. Open something. A window, a cabinet, a glass bottle with a tiny screw cap. Notice the sounds these materials create. Find comfort and ease in all you hear. Refrain from judging these sounds or forming conclusions based upon them. Let your thoughts rest. Use awareness instead.

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Take in the sounds born of Mother Nature herself. Wind rustling through leaves, rain drops falling onto pebbles. Allow these sounds to infuse life into your being. I’m alive. I am here. It is now.

When the day comes to a close, listen to your own exhale as you peacefully let go of all you’ve experienced. As you pull your comforter up towards your chin, listen to the way it sounds. Gently move your head to one side or the other, taking in the sound it creates atop the pillow that supports it.

Make a point to listen as often as you can. It will surely take work for this kind of listening to become second nature, but the beautiful part is that the reward is instantaneous. The moment you decide to listen, you’ve opened yourself to a whole new world. The world of right this moment.

In what other ways do you practice mindfulness?

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7 years ago

i do chakra meditation :) after 21 days of continual practice, I feel the benefits :) less worry, anxiety automatically.

7 years ago

Lovely post and amazing writing, such a great idea.

7 years ago

love this sm