The Beauty Product You Need Now…Like, Now

An exclusive interview with Daniel Moon, LA hairstylist and creator of Major Moonshine Glitter Gel, the newest must-have beauty product.

When it comes to hair, I am extremely low maintenance. I don’t brush on the regular and opt for an unkept side braid when “doing” my hair. But that doesn’t dismiss the fact that I love glam hair. Jerry Hall’s luxuriously long side-swept curls, Blondie’s feathered platinum bob, David Bowie’s structured and fittingly outrageous cut and color…they all inspire me and have me tilting my head in thought and quietly asking myself in a high-pitched ponder, “caaan I?”

Well, though I may not have the looks (and locks) of Jerry Hall, the bone structure of Blondie, and definitely not the creative guts of Bowie, I do have a way of bringing out my inner glam. Enter Major Moonshine Glitter Gel, made by LA hairstylist Daniel Moon. Hair sparkles and shines with the easy-to-use glitter gel, and add the perfect dashing touch to any look (glam or casual…and especially on NYE). Even I, with the unbrushed knotted long hair, will be flying my glam flag thanks to Moonshine.

Keep scrolling to read an exclusive interview with the creator himself and be inspired to try Moonshine Glitter in your hair this NYE! And for a tutorial check out this feature Jana wrote last month!


Get the look: Drenched in Sequins Mini Dress, Bianca Sequin Skinny Scarf


Get the look: Sparkler Mini Dress

How did you begin your career in hair? 

It began when I was in the U.S Marines. I was cutting hair on a ship with a year left. Needed a plan, quick. My girlfriend was in hair school and I got pics on the regular. I couldn’t be just a number any longer, so I enrolled in beauty school when I was still enlisted. I left the Marines on a Monday and was in school on a Thursday. With an outgrown military cut, I was handed a doll head and was told to knock myself out. Life is cool.

When did you realize you were interested in hair color?

When I saw what a highlight could do to a girl’s eyes or how a multi-color change could make you like you were in a band…I thought it was beautiful.

How did Major Moonshine come to fruition?

I was asked by a client, “Danny Moon, you’ve made every color in the book. When are you going to make gold or chrome hair?” My response was, “give me a second and I will.” And I did. Gold and chrome have reflective characteristics. I figured, if glitter is like sand, and melted sand makes glass, then I can make magic. That’s just what it is and we get to wear it.

What’s one thing you want our readers to know about Major Moonshine?

It will change your life.


Get the look: Farrah Dress

Can you share any tips and tricks on how to best apply?

Best applied with a firm make-up brush, tint brush or small paint brush. The beauty of Major Moonshine is the control of the glitter gel. Glitter is known to be messy. I make it neat. You can also apply with your fingers for an on-the-go situation. Major Moonshine is a style thing, an attitude just like Free People. Wear it within a group or alone, and let everyone fall in love with you on their own time.

What are your favorite color combinations in Major Moonshine?

I like OxyCotton Candy Pink with Penny’s Lane Copper. This makes a rosegold when heavier on the pink side. Mermaid Green with Ocean’s Kiss is great because one color is a hightlight and one color is a low light. I think of it like hair color. Glitter strands of sparkle or a face frame of light. (Glitter hairline).

Where do you see Major Moonshiners wearing your product?

I see Major Moonshine being worn everywhere. A whole new scene can be created if we “casually get creative.” I love how David Bowie always just had a dash of color and sparkle. Glam is here and ready to be mixed in with all of our styles. As for the now, spring/summer is approaching quick and Major Moonshine can be worn all day, every day. Pool parties and disco nights have nothing but invitations for sparkling dancing darlings.

If you could describe your product in three words, what would they be?

“Sharing is Caring” or “Create Your (Own) Universe”. You choose the girl you are.



Hey LA readers, you can find Danny at Andy Lecompte Salon in West Hollywood for highlights, rainbow locks and ice cream platinums. Follow him on Instagram! Thank you for sharing, Danny!

+How will you be wearing Major Moonshine Glitter Gel this year?

Photos by Melodi Meadows, modeled by Courtney Paige Nelson.

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8 years ago

Ohh.. I love this idea. A bit glam on your hair.. Amazing!
Nazlıgül | on my own way

8 years ago
8 years ago

Thank you for writing this post.Happy new year!

8 years ago

What an interesting story and background!

8 years ago

Fantastic article, thank you!

7 years ago

Great post Joanna, this a very interesting product, Mr Daniel Moon had a great idea here, its very applicable to different looks. Cheers!