Makeup Tutorial: Ring In 2016 With Glitter Lips + Brows

As the ball drops, make your mark with this fun glitter makeup tutorial! 

OK, we may be slightly glitter obsessed this season…glitter hair, a sequin soaked face…what’s one more sparkly makeup tutorial? Glitter lips and brows is where it’s at. It’s over the top and totally glam, but seems appropriate for, say…NYE? Yes, please.

If you’re stumped on how to make your mark this new year, this tutorial should solve all your problems. Follow along as we direct you to your inner glitter girl!


First, prep the face. Here’s what we used:

Foundation: MAC Studio Sculpt + Face & Body

Concealer: Bye Bye Under Eye

Powder: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish

Bronzer: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish

Blush: MAC Warm Soul

For the Brows

Brow pencil: MAC Stud

Glue: Duo latex glue

Glue Alternative (not used in this tutorial): Snazaroo Face Paint Glitter gel

Glitter: MAC pigment, or any glitter you like! 

Fixative: Fix +

Step 1Apply brow pencil lightly to the brow for definition in the area you’re working.


Step 2: Use a flat synthetic brush to apply latex glue to the brow, working in sections. Note: it’s important not to use a natural hair brush because the glue will damage the bristles; this glue dries fast so be sure to work in small sections to avoid clumps.


Step 3Pat glitter onto glue in thin layers.


Step 4: Once finished, line brows with concealer to clean up.


For The Lips

Lip Liner: Whirl

Lipstick: MAC Blankety

Glitter (We used an iridescent one from the local craft store.)

Step 1: Apply lip moisturizer and blot with a tissue.

Step 2Apply lip liner on and around the lip, then apply lipstick of choice.

Step 3: Clean up around the lip with an angled brush and concealer/foundation.


Step 4Apply a lipgloss (preferably one with a thick texture).


Step 5: Pat glitter on lips with a synthetic brush.


Get creative with your glitter colors. We even added a few tiny stars for more fun!


Step 6: Clean up excess glitter around the lips with an angled brush and some concealer.


Voila! For a bold look, the glitter brows and lips can be worn  together. To keep it more simple, wear separately. Up to you!

Model is wearing the Something To Talk About Romper

A big thanks to Sasha for helping us out with this tutorial! For inquiries, be sure to contact her at: alexz81@gmail.comCheers 2 U Events.

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8 years ago

That brow styling is very special, although brows and lips would be too much for me. Thanks for sharing!