Photo Diary: Holiday In The Sun

A Florida photo diary of a sun-kissed holiday.

Our family bond is tight — I can’t imagine it ever broken. But it’s now only once a year that I make it back to the place where I grew up, so being back in the family’s company feels really good. The trip to Florida is one I especially look forward to, since it usually means leaving the cold north for a sun-drenched holiday. Clearwater Beach, sunset boat rides, childhood friends…those are what my days consist of down here. My favorite part, though, are the laughs I share with my family. That’s the greatest gift I could ever ask for.

No matter the holiday you’re celebrating, there’s always a feeling of home to cherish along with it. So wherever you may be, in the sun or in the snow, enjoy it. Happy Holidays.





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Processed with VSCOcam with q1 preset



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8 years ago

Wonderful photos, I can really feel the warmth!

8 years ago

What an amazing idea of sharing valuable pictures and memories from your trip to Florida :)