Style Resolutions for 2016 From Our FP Me Stylists

Celebrate the new year with a few of our fave FP Me stylists

New year, new you. The eve of a new year has finally arrived… have you drafted your new year’s resolutions yet? If you need a little jumpstart, five of our fave FP Me stylists are here to help, offering up their own stylish resolutions for 2016. Whether it’s taking new risks, breaking out of comfort zones, or discovering more about themselves, there’s a little something for everyone. Read on for their goals, and be sure to add your own in the comments!





Get the look: Sunshine Daydream Top, Modern Femme Denim Mini

Jessica of RusticBonesTuck It In

1. In the new year, I plan on including more statement pieces into my wardrobe. Whether it’s neat hair accessories or a cool vintage bag, I love the way certain pieces can transform an ordinary outfit. That means I’ll definitely be doing more thrift store hunts!

2. I’ve always gravitated towards black & white because they’re easy colors that go with everything. Although it will be challenging for me, I really want to include more colors in my outfits!

MelDenisse5 copy

MelDenisse6 copy

Get the look: Mercer Dress

Melissa of MelDenisseBare a Bit More

1. Step into adventure. This year I plan to travel a lot so I’m embracing the basics and comfort, opposed to my usual flowy and ethereal look. I love having a great pair of black pants on repeat with a lightweight top and a moto jacket to throw over. I’ve been experimenting with other ways to show that ‘dressy femininity’ with different cuts, fits in tops, and layering some delicate chokers and necklaces over it.

2. Be fearless. Each year I get to step deeper into who I am and what that looks like, and this year I want no limits. Try new things and take risks. I want to be surprised by my style this year and try unexpected things fashion-wise. Having just moved to LA, my inspiration has already grown drastically.




Get the look: Say You Love Me Dress, Bri Bri Leather Belt

Alyssa of SparksflyyKeep Things Fem

1. Dress up more! I have a more casual style, but lots of pretty items that I tend not to wear often enough. This year I want to make an effort to wear high heels, fancy dresses, and sparkly accessories more frequently and to make them my own.

2. Take more risks! I want to experiment more with trends as well as expand my wardrobe by styling things I already own in creative ways, mixed in with new pieces.





Get the look: Miss Stella Set

Chandler of Chandler_KimTo Get Set

1. Resolutions can be daunting. That’s why for 2016 I am going to make it my mission to keep my resolutions light-hearted and fun, such as vowing to be more playful with my wardrobe and taking more fashion risks. Why fit in when you could stick out?!

2. I spent the better part of 2015 getting in shape, so naturally I am excited to continue working on myself and my nutrition into and throughout the New Year. That being said, I am definitely going to be throwing more health-conscious dinner parties at my little apartment in Denver. What am I training for? Life.




Get the look: Wild Wind Sweater, Ashton Mid-Rise Flare

Ashley of AnpierReinvent

1. For 2016, I am investing in timeless wardrobe pieces that I can trust will never lose their style for years to come.

2. With so many well established bloggers, I want to not only surround myself with the names and brands I’ve been influenced by, but to influence them with my own self-expression.


+ Be sure to share your own 2016 style resolutions in the comments!


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6 years ago

This article made me smile. Yesterday i was yearning for what used to be called “poor boy” shirts, and today i see one being modeled in the very first photo in this article. I’m just in love with 60’s and 70’s clothing, both vintage and inspired!

6 years ago

For the new year, I want to figure out how to dress for warm weather. My current style is too much for the heat.

6 years ago

I want to get to a point where I can look “fashionable” every day. Right now I can look at least put together, but a lot of the time the outfits are very unimaginative. By the end of 2016 I want to be putting thought into what I’m wearing every day.

Non style wise I want to get more into music, and start promoting myself more.

6 years ago

Simply fascinating !

6 years ago

Hi i love the clothes i just seen i would like 2 get a few more tips plz.