Sunday Spotlight

Get to know the things we’re loving this week!

Sunday Spotlight is a series where we choose and discuss our most favorited things. Maybe it’s that new catalog item that just hit the site, or something else we just can’t live without. Here’s what’s in our spotlight this week:



Bainbridge Backpack

At the moment, I have no form of “life keeper”. I mean, that’s pretty much what any sort of purse translates to for girls. It’s that little place where all our very important things stay safe on the day to day. You know, like… a cell phone, cell phone charger, wallet, bronzer, mirror, sunglasses, sharpie, camera, deodorant, a book, dry shampoo, mints and/or gum, perfume, keys, lip balm, tampons, brush, headphones, Hershey Kisses, other snacks like pita chips or a KIND bar, a more than likely used tissue, maybe a few bobby pins floating about, pepper spray, the disposable 3D glasses from the last movie you just went to see, a receipt your cute waiter at brunch left his number on, a glow stick, Advil, a portable wine opener… all the necessary things, right? I’m not much of a purse girl, but I loveee backpacks. After the stitching wore away from the zippers on the one I used for the last 3 years, I finally dubbed it unusable. So for the past couple months, I’ve been finding homes for my wallet, keys and cell phone in different pockets of my outfit, or just holding everything in my hand, and it’s really just the worst. It’s absolutely about that time that I get it together and buy a new damn sack of some sort. First on my list? The Bainbridge Backpack .



Yesterday’s Muse Jacket

So, I was going to talk about berets, and why I think I need one, but after brief experimentation I just don’t think I’m a beret girl. So, let’s talk about jackets. And velvet. And velvet jackets. I’m all about velvet this time of year. In fact, I’d wear it all year round if I could get away with it (alas, velvet just doesn’t seem as appealing in the middle of July). For the holidays though, there’s no better fabric. Luxe and deeply hued, I love the Yesterday’s Muse Jacket in Balsam paired with the Mockneck Lace Tunic, with the flared sleeves on full display of course.



Silk Velvet Pullover 

Have you ever been online shopping and think to yourself: oh. my. god. (insert company) has 10000% been spying on me because I am absolutely positive they made this piece of clothing exclusively with me in mind.
Well, that’s how I felt about this top. I know that last week I explained how much I LOVE technical fabrics but, if we’re being specific, my actual favorite technical fabric is velvet. Literally if it didn’t get so hot in Philly during the summer, I would wear velvet all year long. Also, my favorite color of 2015 is light pink and I’ve bought a lot of stock in this whole lace up trend. Plus, the versatility on this top is insane. I’ve worn it to a dinner party, to bed and to the office — no questions asked. So essentially Free People made this top for me and, if you’re anything like me (really fun), then they potentially had you in mind as well… ;)

+What are you loving this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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8 years ago

I’m in love with that backpack, it’s so practical yet looks super elegant!

Megan b.
8 years ago

Soft and cozy cardigans!! Always and forever. I actually do wear them all year round. I just roll up the sleeves and act like its normal.

8 years ago

Y’all are the cutest!!!!!!

8 years ago

This silk velvet pullover looks pretty cool! My favorites in this winter the long cardigans and sneakers shoes. I never wore sneakers shoes at winter, but in this season they are my fav.