Your Ultimate Holiday Checklist

Read our list, check it twice, then grab a few friends and make your holiday season extra nice!

Could there be a better way to approach winter than with the holiday season? Glittering, happy, extravagant, the days leading up to Hanukkah, Yuletide and New Year’s Eve — among the many — are filled with anticipation and love, sparkling lights strewn across windowpanes, and city sidewalks overflowing with pine trees and wreaths. It’s an exciting time and one that should be made the most of so, to help you get in the spirit of December, we’ve created your ultimate holiday checklist. There’s a little something for everyone on it, so be sure to print it out and keep it handy when you’re looking for something exciting to do on a weekend afternoon or when the mood strikes you throughout the week.

Click here to save printable version to your desktop


+ How are you celebrating this weekend?

List image by FP Natalie!


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6 years ago

Great post! Very useful :) Thanks for sharing!
Victoria | Chronicles of a Mermaid

6 years ago

Oh I love this post! I love all kinds of lists and I’m definitely gonna save this for later. I actually already sent some christmas cards :DD

6 years ago

That list is wonderful! I am celebrating this weekend by staying inside and focusing on relaxing before another busy week starts!

6 years ago

Great list! Would love to try, but in our home there are still renovations goin on, but hope it will be ready till Christmas! Besides that still painting and getting ready for Christmas Art fair!

I wish for all of You great holiday spirit , creative and sweet Christmas!