Weekend Do: Host an At-Home Yoga Class

Last week in Byron Bay, Australia, we gathered a group of women for an at-home yoga class…

This post comes from our Australian contributor, Miann Scanlan!

Before traveling to Bali I’d only ever practiced yoga either alone at home or in a studio. Then I went to a yoga retreat and practiced three times a day, for seven days with a group of complete strangers who, by the end, became great friends. We all still keep in touch, in fact. One of the girls at the retreat actually lived in Bali and invited me to stay with her at her villa.

Nestled in the mainly ex-pat area of Canggu, her local community of Australian friends regularly held yoga classes in their homes. I’d never been to a private yoga class at a friend’s house; the idea, which had previously seemed extravagant was adopted as the norm and was actually a very casual experience.



The enjoyment for me came from the gathering, rather than just the yoga. Back home I was familiar with trying to convince a friend or two to join me for a class, then battling traffic to race to a studio only to arrive late and have to awkwardly find a space to roll out my mat. But when we practiced at my friend’s home, we hung out in her lounge room, waited for the instructor (another friend) to arrive, put on whatever music we wanted and chatted our way through a relaxed class. Then we shared breakfast and peeled away for a surf… the high vibration continued long after the class, and there was no rushing away to let the next group in.






Last week at our Cali Christmas Party in Byron Bay, Australia, we gathered a group of women for an at-home yoga class lead by the incredible Tahl Rinsky. Bleary eyed and pre-coffee, we slowly woke up in the morning sun that gently beamed onto the deck with the help of organic Sol Cleanse cold pressed juices. The chatter was soft and warm, everyone was well rested and relaxed. Tahl took us through a gorgeous breathing exercise and then into the asanas. Being a small and intimate class, she was able to work closely with each of us on alignment and adjustments.

After class, Kate Dalton of Mayde Tea popped into the kitchen and prepared a pot of her organic Rooibos Turmeric Chai blend served in ceramics by Sit Still Lauren. We sat in a circle on the deck, sipped tea, ate Naked Treaties chia puddings, and Monday Food Co granola with the most delicious local cold pressed coconut milk by The Broken Head.








Photography by Amelia Fullarton

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8 years ago

So wonderful, I’d love to do this with my friends like a grown up slumber party.


8 years ago

Adorable , who would not want to do this with her friends , which are aliased beautiful. Thanks.

7 years ago

I really like you work. You have done a great job here. I’m glad that someone has dared to show the true picture of life rather than sharing abstract ideas.

7 years ago

i love yoga, I really like you work. I’m glad that someone has dared to show the true picture of life

I will make sure to bookmark it and come back to learn extra of your helpful info. Thank you for the post. I will definitely comeback.

6 years ago

Cool idea