Ayurvedic Eye Care

Try this simple recipe for a soothing, wonder-working eye cream.

This post comes to us from Meredith Baird

Buying luxuriously packaged cosmetics is one of the perks of being a girl. Whether a product actually works or not is almost secondary to the feeling you get from purchasing a new cream or serum that promises the world in beauty. After all, a beautiful package must deliver on its promises — right?

I’ve had an aversion to DIY skincare most of my life. Despite being highly conscious about what was going in my body, I wanted what went on my body to have a certain cache. I lived with a grandmother who was famous for her home remedies —  eggs and mayonnaise went on the hair, avocados on the face, apple cider in the bath. You name it. Regardless of whether or not your skin looked good, you ended up smelling like salad dressing. Not what I was going for.

Inevitably, a focus on clean living starts leading you down the path of clean cosmetics. So much of what is on the market is incredibly toxic for women. We spend our grooming hours literally dousing ourselves in chemicals that disrupt our hormones, and deplete our skin of its natural resilience.

I believe Ayurvedic tradition offers some of the most profound insight into natural skincare.  The belief that we should eliminate our use of toxins to nourish our beauty, and elevate our individual radiance is an ancient and resurfacing wisdom. Natural beauty DIY skincare is becoming less fringe, and more appreciated.

All of that sounds great…and then ask yourself how you feel about putting clarified butter on your eyes?

Ghee eye cream as prescribed in Ayurvedic tradition is one of the most powerful natural eye care remedies. The skin around our eyes is delicate and the most susceptible to wrinkles, drying, puffiness and overall aging. Taking care of this delicate skin is one of the best ways to maintain a youthful appearance.

Using ghee externally is a trick I was hesitant to try. While true that butter on your eyes might feel and smell a little strange, ghee softens, strengthens and protects more effectively than almost any other oil. Ghee has potent penetrating and soothing qualities that allows it to be absorbed quickly and effectively — reducing wrinkles, puffiness and smoothing out the skin around your eyes.

Once I got past my initial hesitation, I was a believer. It works wonders!

The recipe itself is simple. Gently message a small amount of ghee onto clean eyelids, under eyes and all areas surrounding. If you have dry skin you can apply it to your entire face.

Add a few drops of essential oils to 1-2 tablespoons of ghee to improve the smell and enhance the benefits.

My favorites are:

Sandalwood oil — softens and soothes dry skin. It can be used as a moisturizing agent to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes. It also promotes the development of fresh skin cells. It also helps improve circulation and can reduce puffiness.

Carrot seed oil – nourishes, tightens and rejuvenates skin. It also has powerful antioxidant properties.

Simply mix ghee with essential oils, apply generously — and experience elevated beauty at its finest!

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Just curious if you make your own ghee, or if there is a brand you have used? Thanks!

Never worked with ghee, or any of the essential oils you mention, I wonder what they smell like!


just tried it. It’s awesome!

Pernille Jørgensen


I leve in Denmark , we got the butter Lurpak . It is from the cow . Is it okay to use it whitout the salt . . .



You shouldn’t be putting essential oils on the skin around your eyes :( It causes irritation within the skin that you can’t see or feel, but it can cause wrinkles to form more rapidly and skin to droop. Especially since the skin around the eye is the most delicate and thin. If you really want to lessen the stank of ghee, you can infuse it with dried herbs such as Ginkgo biloba which stimulates circulation, reduces irritation, relieves puffiness, and reduces damage caused by environmental stressors (sun, pollution). I know you guys mean well, but you really need to do… Read more »