New Beauty Obsession: Konjac Sponges by One Love Skincare

The latest beauty tool in our arsenal? Not what you might expect…

There’s a new, game-changing beauty product chilling in my shower these days. It’s not a serum (though that’s a whole new post for a whole new day), it’s not a lotion or wash…it’s a root. Shaped like a heart. At the end of a string. If you’re unfamiliar with the konjac sponge, now is the time to get acquainted.

A little backstory here: About a month ago, my skin went haywire. After a few months of general calm, the stress of the holiday season and inevitable rush of sugar that came with it sent my complexion into a tailspin. It wasn’t pretty and I felt even less-so, with a crop of blemishes marring my chin and forehead. Besides cleaning up my diet and getting my stress under control, I knew it was time to take a good, hard look at the cleansing products I was (and wasn’t) using. After hearing positive things about exfoliating konjac sponges — and knowing how beneficial charcoal is for detoxing inside and out — I figured it couldn’t hurt to pick up a charcoal-infused sponge for myself. And now I can say, I’ll never go without one.

Konjac 3

What, exactly, is a konjac sponge? Derived from the root of the Konnyaku plant, the all-natural, fibrous material is naturally alkaline with a neutral PH. Once made into a sponge, the material can be infused with beneficial compounds and minerals for even more beautifying effects. The two hanging in my shower are the two you see above, the Bamboo Charcoal Heart and the Rose Clay heart from One Love Organics, now available through Free People. Infused with detoxifying bamboo charcoal, the clarifying charcoal heart will buff away dirt and makeup, revealing smooth, radiant skin. If calm is what your skin seeks, choose the rose clay heart, infused with kaolin clay. Perfect for those with mature or sensitive skin. My personal recommendation? Keep both handy — you never know what you skin might crave form day to day.

Hard as a rock when dry (see pic above), the sponges are activated when wet and puff up into the sweet hearts you see below and in the lead image of this post. Use day, night, or both, with or without cleanser to gently scrub away imperfections. With proper care — rinse and press out any excess water, hang to dry in a well-ventilated place or store in your fridge — each sponge should last a couple of months.

After a couple of weeks of using mine, my skin has drastically improved. I’ve fallen in love with these little hearts, and I think you will too.


+ What’s your go-to beauty product? 

PS — three more ways to detox for health

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Those look very cute, and seem to promise some wodnerful benefits for the skin. I need to try them!

These are adorable. My skin hasn’t been the best and a good exfoliation is probably what it needs. Definitely going to look into these!


Just bought one, so excited for it to come in so I can try it out!!

Oh how cute these are!!! My skin has been awful since the winter started! I’ll try anything to help! =)


How does it compare to the Clarisonic? Thanks!

I love konjac sponges, they are so good for your skin! I recommended konjac sponges to all my friends, because since I use one every morning and evening (i use it with aleppo soap) my skin is getting better and better. No dry patches, no blackheads and glowing skin. So good.


How long do you use it for before replacing it?


Is it safe for daily use? I’m plagued with sensitive skin, hearing it described as an exfoliant makes me hesitant