Beauty Palette: La Dolce Vita

Get inspired by the sweet life…creamy nudes, nutty browns, dusty roses and mod grey.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — my palette is always evolving.

It can change depending on where I am, my mood, or my inspiration. When it comes to my makeup, I’m pretty minimal. — a clean face, with soft colors enhancing my features. Lately, the idea of La Dolce Vita has been inspiring me. The sweet life, to me, is effortless… just like my current makeup palette. Creamy nudes, nutty browns, dusty roses and mod grey.

I typically begin with a face or lip scrub. Lately, I’ve been using a morning coffee scrub to energize me and “caffeinated” my face. The dead skin is gently washed off, and my canvas is ready to be worked.

A creamy concealer is sponged in beneath my eyes, hiding my late-night, I. Need. To. Read. Just. One. More. Chapter. blemishes. My tinted moisturizer is extremely lightweight, almost barely there. I always use one containing SPF 30, to ensure that my face keeps that dewy glow. A teeny tiny touch of floral blush is added if I’m really feeling sassy. When it comes to my eyes, I tend to stick to a simple retro cat eye, and fluff up my lashes. My brows have a mind of their own, so sometimes I fill them in here and there, and between any gaps.

I’ve fallen in love with lips. The more I pucker up,  the more I want to try new colors and looks. The effortless trend is still number one in my book, but I like to keep the colors modern and current. The top color is called Honolulu Honey. It is the perfect nude. It’s matte, but still pulls through moisture. It’s my everyday color — one that I can wear day to day with any outfit and feel put together but still au naturale. Below is a spicier color called Musk. I like to mix it into my nighttime looks, keeping the colors neutral but still bold. The last color I have been using is Hazelnut. I line my lips in that spicy musk color, and blend it into the Hazelnut for a deeper nude lip. These three colors have become my lip essentials.

I was raised with an older brother that expected me to throw the football, dig for worms in the mud and play hard. So, to this day, my inner (and outer) tomboy comes out pretty easily. I’m a Lou, through and through. My nails can go weeks without a drop of color, but lately, I’ve been wearing two colors that are so clean and fresh-feeling that I’m gonna let them hang around a bit. The first one is a sandy nude color with a bit of pinky peeking through. It adds shine and a little pop to my manicure — helpful when I am meeting clients. The next color is a modern grey with cream tones to it keep it more brown than blue. It’s got a menswear feel that makes me feel more structured and cool.

I have a feeling the La Dolce Vita palette is going to stick with me for awhile. It’s nice and sweet. I’ve been feeling put together, yet effortless, all in one.

+ What colors are in your everyday makeup palette? Have any makeup tips that I need to try? Let me know in the comments!

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5 years ago

Red has been my color all throughout the holidays, it’s time for a change! Love these shades <3

5 years ago

Love this palette; but wish you’d actually mention the brands of the makeup so one could try it out..

5 years ago

I love how artistically beautiful all of your posts are, but I’ve noticed that you don’t refer to the actual products that you use… Like in this post… I do see some of the contributors refer to the products that they are using (which is great for the people you inspire–like me!) but maybe that’s not a requirement for all of the posts. Utilize these posts as a way to share artistic qualities along with productive qualities.

5 years ago

colours wonderful,, ballet like,, yet though who painted the nails,, polish all over, uneven le de da

5 years ago

Tried finding the lip colors, at least…Honolulu Honey (Nars) was easy due to the unique name. The other two, though…guessing Musk is Beauty Bite…and hazelnut is Revlon? Or also Beauty Bite. Wild guess. Thinking the concealer is also Nars, but that’s a fairly common dispenser design. No idea on the other products. ..really want to know what that eyeliner is, and if the coffee scrub is homemade or not.

fp madisyn
5 years ago

Hi ladies! I am so sorry about not putting the names of the products that I used, and will make sure to do that for my future posts :) Thank you for the feedback!

The lip colors (from top to bottom) are:
Honolulu Honey – NARS

The coffee scrub is by Simple Sugars, but we also have a really awesome DIY scrub that Brigette made on the blog here:

The concealer is NARS, eyeliner is TARTE, mascara is TARTE.
Nailpolish is BUTTER – the two colors are shop girl, and over the moon.

Hope this helps!

5 years ago

Hooray! Thanks for the product update! <3

5 years ago

Beautyful and sensual color palette <3

xoxo, Biene

5 years ago

What type of tinted moisturizer was used? I’ve been searching for a new one!