What’s Your Beauty Secret? (+ A New One To Try!)

Do you have a beauty secret? We’ll share ours, if you share yours! 

Dear Blog Readers,

There’s one thing I always do, every morning. It’s become such an essential part of my daily beauty regimen, that, if I don’t do it, I feel like my entire day is thrown off.

Use eye drops.

Yup, that’s the thing. A drop or two in each eye, every morning. I don’t wear contacts, and my eyes aren’t overly dry, so one might question why I use them so much. Then answer is rather simple — they instantly wake me up. I’m convinced that they erase all signs of puffiness.  They’re like the cream to my coffee…the filter to my Instagram photo…I just have to have them. There’s always a bottle in my makeup bag, and probably one floating around my car somewhere. This little bottle of saline-based liquid has the same importance as the pocket Tamagotchi I used to carry around in 5th grade — ALWAYS on hand, never not.

So I guess you could say eyedrops are my beauty secret. I 100% vouch for this bottle of magic. I feel like everyone has one little thing they do to help them look and feel beautiful, no matter how weird or uncommon. Your secret may not work wonders for your best friend, or anyone else in this case, but it doesn’t matter because all that’s important is that it works for you.

So now I ask, what’s your beauty secret? What’s the one product, or one thing that helps you feel better, brighter and more beautiful, no matter what? Please share in the comments below!

– Jana


I wanted to share a new remedy that I’ve been trying — a few days a week — to rid myself of puffy eyes, naturally. (If you didn’t already guess, I hate when I have puffy eyes, hence the repetitive eye drop use I just explained above.) If you don’t have a beauty secret, or want a new one to try, your first step is to go out and get yourself some milk.

Beauty Benefits of Milk:


How To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes With Milk

You’ll need:

Cold whole milk (the fattier, the better, so try and use organic whole milk)


Cotton ball

I like to do this as soon as I wake up. Pour some cold whole milk into a bowl, and dip 2 cotton balls into the bowl until they are fully saturated. Ring out a little of the excess milk so that the cotton balls don’t drip before placing them underneath your eyes. I like to lay down while I do this so the cotton balls stay in place. Leave on for 10 minutes, then wash your face with cool water.


The milk’s vitamins and enzymes rejuvenate the skin around the eyes while the coldness helps reduce swelling. Give it a go the next time you need a morning pick-me-up!

(And don’t forget to share your beauty secret below!)

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i read ur post on ghee for under the eyes and ever since, I’ve applied it to my whole face and my skin has never been softer and clearer! Plus it cleared up my eczema!!!

Megan b

after I put Olay night cream on my face after a shower, I use the rest as lotion for my hands and chest.

My beauty secret? Good sleep (I know it’s sometimes hard) and always remove your makeup and cleanse your face before going to bed!


Tea Tree Oil and Witch Hazel – for everything. I swear by those two. My skin got so much better and it helps with all sorts of irritation, esp. in combination with aloe vera.


Coco oil in the bath!


Mountain Rose Herbs Facial Oil, Wild Rose. It smells amazing, doesn’t clog my pores and keeps my skin happy and hydrated. I also use their Facial Wash, Rose and Facial Toner, Wild Rose. Simple and natural ingredients.

Good sleep and exercise are my go to’s that may seem obvious but with the business of life are harder said than done. Also – starting the day and ending the day with hot water with lemon does the trick :)

My main beauty secret is water! Lots & lots of water! It helps keep a clear complexion & reduces puffiness throughout the whole body.

Immediately following a shower I use a roller ball filled with Doterra’s fractionated coconut oil and melaleuca oil on my face.

My newest love has been rosehip seed oil! Mix with a dab of coconut oil, a drop of lavender and witch hazel and its the best night eye cream!
With Love,


My first tip: Melt a little bit of coconut oil in your hand and mix it with your conditioner before applying it. (Let it sink in)
My second tip: Before exfoliating and applying a facial mask, I recommend doing a steam facial. Boil some water and grab a bowl. Add in 3 drops lavender, and 4 drops melaleuca oil and then pour in the water. Then you put your face over the bowl (don’t touch the water) and drape a towel over your head. Stay like this for ten minutes.

Apple Cider Vinegar! One part ACV & one part water makes an incredible toner to use after you’ve washed your face. It completely cleared up the problem areas I had with my skin. Or you can use it as a hair rinse for super shiny hair!


Out of curiosity, what eye drops do you use? i have super dry eyes in the winter.

As for my beauty secret, after washing my face a night, i lather my face with an oil concoction I made with jojoba oil, jasmine oil, cedar wood oil and neroli oil. It not only calms me and make me feel pampered but it’s kept breakouts at bay since I started using it!


Eye drops are my favorite too! I LOVE the Rohto Cooling eye drops – they reduce all signs of yellow/redness, even if I haven’t had enough sleep, and make me feel and look alert and refreshed!

Epsom salt baths! I discovered them when I was dealing with eczema, but was really surprised how much they helped clear my skin overall. They are powerful dexotifiers that reduce puffiness, reduce spots and give my skin more radiance!



Using eye drops daily do long term damage to your eyes. Especially if they are eye drops for redness, your eyes build up a tolerance and you begin to develop a habit. Your essentially making a life long commitment to eye drops.


Glad someone else already commented on this. Using eye drops every day is terrible for your eyes. Worst advice ever.


I’ve also read that redness-reducing eye drops aren’t good for daily use, but I don’t think artificial tears are bad to use daily. I have dry eyes, use them daily, and I’ve never had my eye doctor warn me against using them so often. Someone let me know if you’ve heard different! :)


This might sound gross, but I used to wash my face only with cold water every morning and almost every other night.I had a nearly perfect complexion, but due to the changes of environment (mainly climate and food – I moved from the tropics to cold Europe as a teen, then from the south of Europe back north), I started using creams when I turned 25 (I also began using make up) and that began a weird cycle – I guess being half Asian is great in the skin dept. but it only helped until then! After five years of… Read more »

As I live in Brazil , my most important beauty tip is : to reduce the pores of my skin , use ice and step on it.
I wash my face three times a day , since it is very oily, at night retreat all the makeup , wash with a soap for my own skin type and tonic step .
Seeking well moisturize my body , since here is very hot and leaves very dry skin!

Way back during Egypt times, milk and honey one of the many beauty products back then.


Extra virgin olive oil does miracle too, both on face and body, internally and externally. often uses it as a base for everything (e.g. scrubs) and it totally works. Just remember to apply it thin on the face area and never allow contact on your eyes, it’ll sting!