Cali Tomboy

This girl knows how balance both style and comfort while on the road….

This post comes to us from our FP Me contributor, Tiffany Mitchell!

5:13PM, Wednesday. 1/13/16

I’m driving through the desert, headed for California. I’ve spent the last week truck-camping and couch-surfing with K. It’s been a good balance of working, adventuring and visiting friends across the country. We’ve got another 3 weeks on the road, and it’s made me think a LOT about how to make my home habits mobile…from meal prep to makeup and skin care, to fashion and even planning a proper date. It’s rough when you’ve been wearing the same outfit for 3 days straight, with you only bathroom options a port-o-potty or a truck stop, and cooking on a propane-fueled camp stove in 20 degree temps.

Basically, I’m craving a little glam…but not TOO much. Comfort and function are non-negotiables. I hope all you tomboys and adventurers out there read on!

11:00 AM, Sunday. 1/17/16 – Point Lobos

There are 2 things I do to make majestic, billowing dresses suitable for frolicking over fields and ocean cliffs. First, I go barefoot. Always barefoot. Second, I pull the top down to convert the dress into a maxi skirt, throwing on a cozy top to make up the difference. Exploring Point Lobos was absolutely magnificent, and OH MY WORD, this dress matched the scene perfectly.

FP Tomboy California-12
FP Tomboy California-22
FP Tomboy California-9

Maxi Dress

1:24 PM, Monday. 1/18/16 – Coast Road, Big Sur

Hiking the beaten path through a redwood grove allowed me to tick another bucket list item from this trip. Sneakers and a pullover make minis super wearable for almost any occasion. Those redwoods though. Gah.

FP Tomboy California-29
FP Tomboy California-25

 4:35 PM, Monday. 1/18/16 – Bixby Bridge

Date night! What’s more perfect than sunset over the Pacific?! One of my favorite new traditions for these adventures is making really good French press coffee absolutely anywhere we can park the truck. So we pulled off at this little spot, and made it happen. Super comfy ankle boots and an earthy cardigan complemented the Ruthie Printed Mini Dress so beautifully, and it’s always fun to play twinsies with sunset and mountains.

 FP Tomboy California-42

FP Tomboy California-34

FP Tomboy California-35
 FP Tomboy California-48
10:11 AM, Tuesday. 1/19/16
Currently, I’m near Big Sur Bakery finishing up this post. Signing off for a rainy day by the ocean! Happy adventuring!! <3
 Follow more of Tiffany’s adventures via her blog!
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5 years ago

Absolutely love it!

5 years ago

Beautiful photos! I was married in Big Sur last fall and had my reception at the Big Sur Bakery – such a dreamy little space!

5 years ago

Mini skirts and big sweaters with sneakers? So California and I love it.

5 years ago

I’m not that sure about her style, but I’m mesmerised by the landscapes in the pictures! Looks magical!

4 years ago

This is totally inspiring me for my next post. I’m going to the coast and love this.

Meghan |