Denver, Let’s Move!

Meet Claire and Kathryn, two inspiring ladies of CorePower Yoga, Denver…home to our next #FPLETSMOVE event!


I found my yoga mat 5 years ago, searching for a better sense of self and deeper connection to my body and mind. I stepped into a CorePower Yoga class and began to peel away the layers with the intensely physical workout rooted in the mindfulness of yoga. Yoga connected me deeper to myself as well to those around me.

Yoga has made me a better partner in life – a more empathetic friend and co-worker, more patient wife and loving sister.  CorePower Yoga connects minds, bodies and people.

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Kathryn and I met at the first CorePower Yoga studio on Denver’s Grant Street. I was a fairly new yoga teacher, looking for a mentor to evolve my teaching and understanding of the practice. Kathryn and I instantly bonded. The many hours we’ve spent in the yoga room together has created an unwavering partnership.

Now, as part of CorePower Yoga’s marketing team, I get to share the spirit of yoga with Kathryn in more ways. Through events, co-teaching classes and constantly pushing each other to do our best, we are true partners in sharing the powerful physical and mental benefits of yoga with the Denver community.

— Claire Ewing

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I found CorePower Yoga in 2005, amidst a challenging college experience regarding self-image distortions. CorePower Yoga was my medicine. Not only did it help me wipe away my mind’s fabrications, it strengthened my body, soul and ability to communicate better with myself and the world. I was forever changed by the ability to balance both an intense workout and mental therapy.

I joined the CPY team as the studio manager of the flagship studio in Denver in 2013, and one of the first people I met was the bright and beautiful Claire. We connected as yoga students first and our bond developed organically from there. Through honest feedback and encouragement, we have had the opportunity to strengthen one another not only as professionals in the company, but as humans in life.

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Partnership in yoga can seem ironic since the mat and the practice encourages so much on an individual level. For me, partnership in yoga means: accountability, support, community and the ability to recognize a ‘me too’ mentality. Though circumstances may be different, we experience life and its ups and downs – together.

The #FPLetsMove campaign is a perfect partnership for CorePower Yoga. Not only does it encourage the importance to move, but the community-driven ambassador program ignites connection and collaboration. This is what yoga’s original design has always been – to unify.

Photography by Luke Gottlieb

+ Thank you Kathryn Smith and Claire Ewing!! Visit them on January 27th at Blanc Denver for a candlelit yoga class. Go here for all the deets and to find out about our other #FPLetsMove events taking place in Vancouver, Puerto Rico, London and New York!


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