A photo diary of a snow-covered Colorado…

Cold is a term left to interpretation. It’s a temperature, a mood, color, space…a feeling. Have you ever been so cold where, in that moment,  almost anything seems like it would feel better? It was 20 degrees and snowing when I landed in Colorado on Christmas. I boarded the plane in Florida wearing ripped jeans…mistake number 1. I know I’m a horrible packer, but I did a really a poor job this vacation. I was cold for its duration. At one point, I looked down and the little strands of hair that frame my face were frozen. The air is so thin at such a high elevation that, at times, it was hard to breathe. We took a drive up the flat irons in Boulder on the last day and pulled off to hike around a bit. We climbed over rocks and stomped through snow covered ground. I was wearing gloves, but my fingers still burned from the chill, and my toes had become numb 10 minutes into the hike. I was in pain, to the point that I was about to turn back for the car. But then I looked up and saw where I was. My 360 view was white-capped mountains, pressing against the blue sky beyond. Views like that, you don’t see them everyday.

And in that moment, there was no kind of cold to exist.









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