How To Find A Hobby & Make It Stick When You’re In Your 20s

How to find the perfect hobby

1. an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.

So, you have some free time. Or, you don’t. If you do, great. If you don’t, make some.

Hobbies help me make it through the days. If I didn’t have them, well, quite frankly I would go a bit nuts. My hobbies are the “me time” that helps my brain relax, and as a result, recharge. It’s easy to find yourself getting caught up in routine: work, come home, eat, bed. I have been there and done that for many, many years. But, I’ve learned that nurturing the inner craving for hobbies and interests has rewarded me in so many ways.

My list of hobbies goes on and on and continues to grow. Sometimes I have a full list of things that I want to try, that I never end up actually doing. That’s where I feel many people get stuck. So let’s talk hobbies. How to choose them, why they are important, and how to actually do.


Take a seat and jot down four hobbies that you’re interested in taking up this year. Don’t think too hard about it. The first four that pop into your head are the ones worth trying.

Here’s mine:

Make handmade cards

Assemble the perfect record collection

Read. As much as possible.

Color (yes… like, as in those cool new coloring books we’re seeing everywhere)

Once you have your four written down, choose one. Try it out a couple of times a week. you shouldn’t feel pressure from it. Once you get into the rhythm of it, the easier and more rewarding it will become.


First and foremost my hobbies are stress relievers. They help me unwind at the end of each day. I find myself getting easily overwhelmed at times with daily jobs and when I step away and do something for me, I’m able to refocus and see things more clearly.

My self-esteem is higher when I am involved with hobbies. I feel good about myself. That I am trying new things, setting time aside time for myself, and also developing a more interesting me by not limiting myself.



Just Go

The best way to start is to put yourself out there and do. As much as I could over think the steps to get yourself involved with hobbies, my best advice is to go for it. Make time for yourself, get into a rhythm of your hobby and try new things. When you begin to include them in your everyday life without any hesitation, a refreshing balance will develop. You will feel it and all of its rewards.

Happy new year, y’all. I challenge you to focus on your time this year. Make each minute a minute well spent, and don’t forget to give yourself time each day to do something for you.

+ What’s your hobby?

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Pernilla Abrahamsson
5 years ago

My 4 hobbies that I´m interested in taking up this year are:

* Calligraphy
* Bird watching
* Coloring (in coloring books)
* Reading personal growth articles and books.

5 years ago

I must admit that I sometimes think I have too many hobbies at hand, and working creatively is one huge part of it. I just couldn’t live without it!

5 years ago

I totally agree that hobbies are essential in keeping you sane! Mine are blogging, reading, writing, colouring and yoga!

5 years ago

I love this post! I haven’t been very good about relieving stress and I think making time for hobbies will help me do that in the new year. :D


5 years ago

I couldn’t agree more that hobbies keep you sane. I think this year, I want to focus on doing more woodworking project. I also did a few projects with hobby foam. It is easy to look like a 3D project and a lot of fun to work with.

5 years ago

Hobbies are what keep me going too. I don’t understand how anyone can not have hobbies–it’s fun to have something to drive them and relax them.

I personally love to paint (and other art), read + write, and casual videogames.

Peace & Love // Celestralite

Megan B
5 years ago

When I took the Christmas tree down I had actually planned on making a cozy corner for hobbies. So I put a huge floor pillow down and piled a bunch of my yarn into baskets and set them beside it. I couldn’t imagine not having hobbies. It’s what helps keep me sane. Currently my hobbies are • knitting
• reading books
• sewing throw pillows
• drawing.

5 years ago

Hobbies are something I’ve always lacked in creating once I started high school. I’ll do something for a week and it’ll seem like it’ll become a nice hobby but I never stick with it! I’m hoping to make blogging more of a hobby I stick with, I want to read more and I want to jump on the colouring trend too! Also I’d love to fall in love with a fitness/exercise routine!
Kyah /

5 years ago

I just wrote a blog about one of my favorite hobbies ;)


Check it out beautiful people xoxo

5 years ago

I absolutely adore this.

5 years ago

I just wrote my list of hobbies that I want to peruse this year. I’m a lot like jumping into too many hobbies as you said and never ending up getting into any. My list is:
Writing letters and sending them

Thanks for sharing <3

5 years ago

Hmm, all this time I thought hobbies just found people on their own. That’s what seems to happen to me! I have adopted so many hobbies that I’m never at a loss for something to do and television? Are you kidding me?! Who has time for TV? I’m too busy with my hobbies, which are far more fun and creative than sitting on my butt, passively being “entertained”. Knitting, crocheting, weaving, spinning, sewing, and blogging all come immediately to mind, though there are others as well. My main hobbies have all been a very big part of my life for many, many years.

5 years ago

Card Making has been a hobby for several years, I turn on music and get lost in the process. Some attempts are keepers, some are a WOW moment, some are in the re-purpose pile. As I look back at my journey, I see growth. It is fun trying new challenges, sketches and color combinations.

My other love is books – I am a member of a book club that encompasses 3 generations of women. I have learned so much about myself.

Thank you for a great post – I agree hobbies are so important.

5 years ago

Belly dance
Crafting/Drawing (something I want to focus more time on this year)

5 years ago

Love this post! But one thing, why is it specific to when your in your 20’s? I’m 30 & still try out new hobbies all the time! I think it’s so important to keep feeding your soul with new experiences no matter what your age! Giving the title the age limit to me just makes me feel old not relevant!

5 years ago

Reading Books
Dancing and Singing
Go for a walk in the forest
Taking photos☺

5 years ago

I never referred to them as hobbies but I do now-

-collecting records
-studying film
-inspiring others

5 years ago

The new hobbies I want to take up this year are:
-Reading (for pleasure since I read so much for school)
-Taking pictures

I eventually want to start a blog, but right now, I lack direction in what I want to talk about. So probably taking some time to just figure out what exactly it is that I love to do and improving on it would be a good start.

5 years ago

The thing I love about my hobbies is that it keeps my mind and hands busy with something other than housework. You can say I am obsessed with beachcombing so Mother Nature has become my craft store. Shells, driftwood, sea glass and feathers have become my supplies. I love walking the beach and seeing what gifts the ocean has decided to give me that day. I always take a garbage bag to clean up the beach as well. (Please people, no more letting balloons go. I can’t tell u how many I find littering our beaches. I even saw a balloon string wrapped around a seagull’s leg. Maybe plant a tree or flower instead). Anyway, I take my gifts home and put them into my special craft box until one day they become a part of something new that I create.

5 years ago

hobbies can stay with you for life. I hobbies are yoga, jewelry designing and the beach. I have turned them into a nice little business by making a line of beach jewelry and ocean inspired yoga jewelry.
I love learning new techniques and try making different pieces

5 years ago

you can find my latest items on my website at

5 years ago

That’s the good thing about hobbies, all they have is time. Hobbies can stay with you for life.The thing I love about my hobbies is that it keeps my mind and hands busy with something other than work.

5 years ago

Hobbies really help to shape someone. Mine is primarily blogging and I’ve learned so much from it already!

Diana |

4 years ago

I used to have many hobbies, and the ones I enjoyed most were the ones I picked up in (or before) high school: playing the guitar and drums, playing in bands, pen and paper role playing, journalism and later at university organising electronic music events. Since then I’ve moved to another country and I have given up on these hobbies for one reason or another.

My particular problem in finding new hobbies here is that I start them and I sort of enjoy them, but they don’t rock my world, and as such, they never become something I enjoy so much that they make me want to jump out of bed in the morning and hurry home from work so I can spend some time doing them.

I have tried swing dancing, salsa dancing, jiu jitsu, cosplay, boardgaming, 3D printing and robotics as hobbies. I’ve enjoyed all of them and each time I came out a class or finished a session, I was very happy with the accomplishment and I was glad that I decided to go. However, each time before going I felt like it’s a chore to go, and I had to force myself to put in some effort, put on clothes and go. Staying home together with my partner and just reading some books is always about as exciting as the prospect of going out to do some hobby. Needless to stay, the hobbies didn’t stick.

Contrary to the title, the article provides very little in the “how to make it stick” department: why would one keep these hobbies that have been randomly chosen by being written down on a piece of paper around new year? Do you have any ideas about how to keep going?

4 years ago

Great post ! Awesome !

I found on youtube video that helped me a lot:

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Keep it up!!!