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Catherine, aka Austin babe, aka FP Kit-Cat. Enamoring the masses with images of her wanderlust lifestyle via FP Me — I mean, HAVE YOU SEEN THEM? Beaches. Boats. Oceans. It seems she’s forever on a bohemian trek into the sunset. Interested in what else this gal does? Learn more about her below!


Tell us about yourself: where are you from/where are you now/what do you do/how did you get to where you are?

Hi y’all! My name is Catherine (Cat) McFarland, otherwise known as FPKit-Cat. I was born and raised in the hill country of Austin, TX. I began my Free People career in the sunny Neverland of Santa Barbara, CA. Recently I transferred to Free People Lamar in Austin, TX. It is wonderful to be back in the ever-growing ATX. I am a store stylist and love assisting with all things social media. Images and visual really inspire me. They get the wheels turning in my head, similar to fireworks going off with new ideas and creative liberation. I started working at Free People because I love the brand. I was all for the bohemian romance and showcase of individual style. After 3 1/2 years I am still obsessed with all things Free People and look forward to continuing my growth with the company.


Fairytale Crochet Dress

What does a typical day in the life look like for you?

I love the morning. I enjoy waking up early and starting my day with a cup of coffee in my favorite mug. It is honestly THE thing I look forward to every day. I’ll flip through my favorite blogs and websites for new inspiration. Then, it’s time to grab my tennis shoes, tune into my favorite Pandora station and head out for a long run. It clears my thoughts, centers me and allows for ideas and projects to flourish in my mind.

Post-run…I come home, music still going strong, and style my look for the day. I love getting dressed. I love seeing what I can create from my closet, not unlike a blank canvas that I bring to life with my feelings, mood and vibes. My day really begins from there. I am high-energy and always on the go. Each day may yield something completely different, but my morning routine is always the same.

What’s your daily beauty regimen?

Most of my beauty regimen is determined by environment — where I am getting ready and exercising. My room must be clean/organized, candles lit and music playing. I run every day, and that is always the first step. I use an all-natural lavender sea salt scrub with shea butter, followed by a ten-minute facemask by Kate Somerville. I like to take care of my skin, especially because I don’t like wearing heavy makeup. After I treat my face to a dab of Superskin moisturizer, I do a base of BB cream to even out my skin tone. I fill in my eyebrows, followed by bronzer, blush and highlighter powder. I love highlighter everything — I use three different types, as they create the illusion of high cheekbones and well-defined brows. It’s like a magic wand. I finish with multiple coats of mascara and either a hot or mod pink lip color.

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Are there any beauty products that you’ve currently been obsessed with?

I LOVE Tokyomilk lotion. The packaging is beautiful and the scents are incredible. I do not go anywhere without it.

They’re Real mascara by Benefit is incredible. I haven’t used a different brand of mascara in years because it is so good.

They’re Real Push Up Liner by Benefit is a godsend for the perfect Cat-Eye. I was never successful with the “cat-eye” eyeliner until I got this eyeliner.

I mentioned my love for highlighter so the High Brow Glow by Benefit and Girl Meets Pearl by Benefit are a must-have.

Lastly, the Lily of the Valley perfume I purchased in Giverny, France. It is my absolute favorite scent. I purchased three bottles because I never want to run out.


If you could directly relate your personal style to a movie character or TV personality, who would it be and why?

This question was tough for me. I actually had to ask all my closest friends because I had no idea. I draw inspiration from so many people and things that it is hard for me to summarize myself via one person. I’m a combination of multiple muses. I relate to Jane Birkin’s carefree bohemian persona; Brigitte Bardot’s effortlessly sexy, retro, chic beauty; and Jemima Kirke’s simple, vintage-infused glamour. My personal style is very decade, people and place inspired. So I pull from each of these women to encompass my sense of style.


Lovelight Dress

What are some of your favorite Austin hangouts?

Growing up and still living outside downtown Austin, I spend the majority of my time outside. There are amazing spots — Hamilton Pool trail and the Pedernales River hiking trails. I love the little town of Wimberley, TX right outside of Austin. It is probably my favorite place in Texas. Not only is it beautiful but also, it is full of quirky little Texas shops and restaurants; a swimming spot called Blue Hole; and my personal favorite, a vintage boot store. My favorite bar is Whislers, a rustic-chic handcrafted cocktail bar and patio with live music and classic Austin food trucks. Gospel Sundays at Stubbs BBQ is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Rainey St. boasts a strip of unique bars and more food trucks– you cannot go wrong with any of those places. I love to thrift and vintage shop, and Austin is a great place to find hidden gems. My personal favorites are Room Service Vintage, Feathers Boutique, Charmschool Vintage, New Bohemia and Thriftown.


First Kiss Dress

SXSW is one of our favorite music festivals. Are there any other cool festivals happening in Texas that you would recommend?

In spring, there are weekly free concerts called Blues on the Green. I’ve been to Austin City Limits almost every year for eight years. The best way to describe it — the much more casually dressed Coachella of Texas. Market Days in Wimberley, Texas are amazing. It is a big flea market that happens the first Saturday of each month. Fun, Fun, Fun fest is as you guessed, a really fun festival that happens in early November. If you want a true Texas cowboy experience, you cannot miss the Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo in March.


Sammie Jumpsuit

What Instagram accounts do you turn to for inspiration?

Instagram is a great social media platform for me. I like connecting and finding new, inspiring people all over the world. Here are a few of my favorites: AWildAtHeart , TrippyDana , WeAre365 , Zimmermann, Bohochild, LusttforLife, Purienne_, Last.Daze, ChristinaMacpherson, Coryn_Madley, PoppyandCo, WildandFreeJewelry and Phoenixcotner. The list goes on and on.


Any new music you’ve been digging recently?

Music is a big part of my day. I try to keep an open mind and wide variety of what I love. Lately: Chance the Rapper, G-Eazy, First Aid Kit, Alina Baraz & Galimatias, Zach Deputy, Blackbear, Raye and Doja.


Matador Hat


Rosemary Dress

Do you have any travel plans in the works?

Oh man, do I have a travel bug. I am moving to NYC, which reminds me of Alice falling down the rabbit hole and waking up in Wonderland. Once I am settled and working there I will explore around the east coast. If I get a chance to travel anywhere I will take it because, why not?


Wrap Top


Led Zeppelin Tee, Jolene Hip Hugger Striped Flare

What does being “free” mean to you??

To never stop feeling alive. Never limit your creativity. Never stop trying. Never be complacent. Never stop experiencing. Wear what you want; be who you are; surround yourself with people, places and things that inspire you. Always go, try something new and meet new people. Do it for the thrill and never let the fear of the unknown stop you. Be happy. Be kind. Smile. Find beauty in everything. This is what is means to be free.


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