Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of January 18–24

See what the universe has in store for you this week…

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January 20–February 18

Thanks to an opportune meeting between Mars and Neptune this week, if you put aside any thoughts of what’s in it for you, you can accomplish something worthwhile. Acting on your spiritual values will be more effective than following your more mercenary or practical motives. Creative use of your resources can also lead to success. With Mercury retrograde in your subliminal corner fighting off heavyweights Uranus and Pluto, you may want to keep an impulse to say something inflammatory in check if you can. If you do blurt out something that provokes people, smoothing ruffled feathers would be a better approach than fueling the fire by defending your stance. Even if you’re right, they’re not likely to see your point during Mercury retrograde. The full moon in your relationship angle also reminds you to tread softly and consider someone else’s feelings. But with the sun entering Aquarius now, you’re entitled to focus much of your attention on yourself. Venus’s move into your solitude house could make you feel less sociable, and concentrating on personal matters makes sense. The sun lends you extra vitality, so you can make a strong impression when you’re inclined to in the coming weeks. Happy birthday!




February 19–March 20

With Mars in your expansion zone vibing with Neptune in Pisces this week, taking bold action based on your ideals is strongly favored. Empathy for people who are seemingly unconnected to you can lead you to act as though their cause is yours. And doing something that feels like a stretch for you is likely to change you — or change people’s perception of you. Try to avoid a misunderstanding over power or control with friends or another group, and don’t let anxiety over money or other resources escalate a conflict. Retrograde Mercury in your network house is battling both Uranus and Pluto, making communication with pals and colleagues especially challenging. The sun sneaks into your spirit sector, beckoning you to spend time alone, get more rest and reflect on the past year without judgment, regret or guilt. However, Venus is on the move, too; she’s dancing into your group corner and putting you in the mood to circulate. Hang out with your friends, but seek peace and quiet when you feel the need. The full moon could push a bad habit, health issue, job situation or full schedule over the brink, triggering a necessary change, and a work project might come to fruition now.



March 21–April 19

A Mars-Neptune encounter invites you to tune out the world and delve deeply into something this week. Immersing yourself in sex, emotional closeness, research, investigation or a passion project can help you to experience flow and feel content. This planetary configuration favors letting go and not trying to control the outcome. With Mercury retrograde in your ambition angle and squabbling with Uranus and Pluto, be careful how you speak to higher-ups. You could sound impatient, frustrated or domineering, and it won’t be easy to hide how you feel. Miscommunication with authority figures is a possibility, and you’re also apt to make a hasty career-related decision if you don’t stop and think. Reapplying for something or reworking a plan could go well, though. As the sun enters your group zone and Venus ascends to your ambition angle, you’ll have more energy for socializing but will also be able to make a good impression at work. The full moon in your joy sector calls for you to find a balance between pursuing personal pleasure and integrating your needs with those of others. A conflict or more positive turning point in a close relationship is possible, and you need to find a way to let your feelings out.



April 20–May 20

Shared activities should go well this week, thanks to dynamic Mars in your partnership angle jibing with seamless Neptune in your group sector. Doing something together will help you to feel in sync with people, and common interests and goals can create camaraderie. Action that benefits others is particularly likely to succeed. Mercury is retrograde in your beliefs corner and battling Uranus and Pluto, increasing the chances of getting into a disagreement. You could say something out of left field that you don’t fully mean, or come on too strong in defense of your own point of view. Think twice before you speak, and make an effort to listen. This would be an excellent time to rethink a limiting belief and change it. Work on developing a personal philosophy that both frees you and empowers you. Venus arrives in that house, coaxing you to appreciate difference and embrace new experiences and perspectives. And the sun is reaching the peak of your chart, nudging you to shine in your profession or in public. Meanwhile, the full moon draws attention to your home, family or emotional state, and you could need time to yourself if you feel irritable.



May 21–June 20

With murky Neptune lingering at the top of your chart for many years, you may keep coming back to the question of where you’re headed in your career or in your life. Mars in your productivity house is gelling with Neptune this week, so throwing yourself into working hard and accomplishing the tasks at hand will help to give you a sense of purpose. You’ll feel especially useful if you’re acting to serve a higher cause than your own ambition. Mercury is still retrograde, and your ruling planet is contending with Uranus and Pluto now. You might have a misunderstanding with friends or another group, get into a power struggle, pry into other people’s business or go back over and over something to the point where you may drive yourself — or others around you — a bit crazy. Take a step back and try to gain some perspective. The full moon might bring new information to light or cause information overload in your head, and your mood may distract you from getting things done. A development involving a sibling or your community is another possibility. Focus and prioritize as best you can so you don’t get too overwhelmed.



June 21–July 22

A fortuitous meeting between Mars in your joy sector and Neptune in your expansion house this week encourages you to pursue your creative or romantic vision and act on faith for the sake of your happiness. Heartfelt action that serves other people or a cause that you care about should be successful and give you the sense that you’re connected with something beyond yourself. Action rooted in your truth will also be worthwhile. Retrograde Mercury in your partnership angle is dealing with Uranus and Pluto, making communication in a close relationship even more challenging now. Avoid hasty decisions and power plays. With Venus entering that part of your chart, you’ll start to feel more able to get along with someone and perhaps show affection. The sun moves into your sharing corner, nudging you to channel more energy into personal transformation, intimacy or something that you’re passionate about. The full moon in your worth zone implies a shift in your finances or other resources. Splurges based on your mood may miss the mark, failing to deliver the satisfaction that you’re after. Aim for a healthy balance between self-sufficiency and interdependency, and try not to become fixated on what’s yours.



July 23–August 22

Confronting something from the past, working through a family matter and processing your private emotions can all prove cathartic this week when Mars in your foundation angle meshes with Neptune in your transformation sector. A feeling of closeness with a family member or someone you live with is another bonus. Don’t be afraid to delve into memories or a psychological issue, as doing so will help you to heal and change. Mercury is still retrograde and squabbling with Uranus and Pluto now, which could cause you to be overly critical, obsessive or anxious. Unexpected circumstances and scheduling snafus could throw you off if you’re not flexible. With the sun crossing your partnership angle, one-on-one connections will receive more of your energy and focus in the coming month, and you’ll be at your best when interacting with people who are close to you. But this week’s full moon in Leo could bring a “what about me?” moment and perhaps even an outburst. Take note of what is pushing you over the edge and consider what change you could make that would be a relief. If expressing how you feel doesn’t get you anywhere, don’t worry about other people for the moment and tend to your own needs.



August 23–September 22

Asserting yourself, taking a short trip and engaging in lively dialogue can help you feel connected to someone this week, thanks to a Mars-Neptune encounter. Expressing compassion and empathy and speaking up for another person are favored. With Mercury still traveling retrograde and fighting off Uranus and Pluto now, self-expression isn’t as straightforward as you might like. Obsessing over a past love and misinterpreting romantic or sexual signals are dangers to be avoided. You might get frustrated over a matter of trust, sharing or jealousy and say something unintentionally destructive or uncooperative, so remember to press pause before you speak and think about what you want to say. The sun’s arrival in your efficiency house invites you to focus on your work and your health in the coming weeks, while Venus’s entry into your fulfillment sector encourages you to also make time for enjoying life. Love and creativity are emphasized with this Venus transit, and you’ll feel better able to express yourself emotionally and artistically after Mercury goes direct next week. But the full moon pushes you to get enough rest and quiet time and tend to your spiritual needs. Subconscious emotions could trigger a verbal conflict, so tune into what’s going on inside you.



September 23–October 22

This week’s meeting between Mars in your worth house and Neptune in your efficiency zone suggests that dealing with your finances or possessions and making full use of your talents and other resources will somehow serve your health, your work or your overall productivity. Doing something for the benefit of others will be spiritually rewarding, but doing what you can to meet your own needs may be beneficial in its own right. With Mercury retrograde at the bottom of your chart having to fend off Uranus and Pluto now, failing to resolve an inner conflict or come to terms with the past could contribute to relationship unrest. Difficult emotions or memories — and issues involving family or your living situation — can also rock the boat. Try to be mindful of what you’re feeling and saying. Venus is descending to your foundation angle, emphasizing the pleasures of home and peaceful downtime. You may feel like doing some redecorating, but postpone big decisions until at least next week when Mercury goes direct. The full moon in your network sector could spell drama with friends or another group, and you’re reminded to consider the needs of others in addition to your own.



October 23–November 21

Mars in Scorpio is vibing with Neptune in your fulfillment corner this week, enabling you to pursue a dream, a spiritual connection with another person, a romantic fantasy or a creative vision. This planetary configuration encourages you to go after what your heart desires and act on your ideals. Love and happiness shouldn’t feel out of reach now, and doing something in an effort to reach your full potential is advisable. With Mercury retrograde fighting off Uranus and Pluto, unpredictable circumstances, a change in your schedule, erratic work conditions or tension with colleagues could be difficult for you to come to grips with. Keep reminding yourself that you can’t control everything. The sun dips down to the bottom of your chart, drawing your attention to home, family, comfort, memories and your innermost feelings in the coming weeks. But the full moon at the top of your chart might push you into the spotlight or compel you to deal with a career matter. A goal may come to fruition now. Be very careful in your dealings with higher-ups, as you’re easily provoked at this time and won’t be able to hide your feelings if you get frustrated with someone who has authority over you.



November 22–December 21

Mars is collaborating with Neptune this week, enabling you to work quietly behind the scenes or deal with something from the past and get closure. Decluttering your living space or engaging in a spiritual practice such as meditation will help you feel more at ease. You may be reviewing your possessions anyway, with Mercury traveling retrograde in your resources corner. Its current battles with Uranus and Pluto imply that you could follow a whim and make a questionable choice that affects your finances, so guard against impulse spending. You might become a little obsessed with taking a certain risk and should stop to assess your priorities. Venus is dancing into that same house, calling for you to value what you have and distinguish between want and need. The sun’s arrival in your cognition-and-communication zone will energize your thinking and speech in the coming weeks and activate more daily interactions and exchange of ideas. The full moon in the opposite house compels you to open your mind to a broader range of beliefs and shift your perspective. A difference of opinion could be fueled by underlying anger that you’re unaware of, so pay attention to what’s going on inside you.



December 22–January 19

Mars in your network sector is in sync with Neptune in your cognition-and-communication house this week, combining teamwork with a compassionate, spiritual, imaginative or mellow mindset. If you have any metaphysical interests, you might make an effort to meet like-minded people now. Working in tandem with others for a humanitarian cause should go very well. Intuition, empathy and creativity can all enhance your dealings with a group. But with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn having to contend with Uranus and Pluto, you could get stuck in an obsessive loop in your head, lash out when triggered by unruly emotions or experience a misunderstanding with a family member or someone you live with. Be conscious of the fact that your words have a great deal of force now. Inner turbulence could easily cause you to say something regrettable, so self-awareness is essential. Thankfully, Venus is entering your sign, lending you charm, appeal and magnetism and helping you to get along with people. You’ll start to feel more sociable and agreeable under Venus’s influence. The full moon in your sharing corner pushes you to let go of something and get better at give-and-take—and it could also spell a turning point involving trust or intimacy.


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